The Power of Que Sera

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The Power of Que Sera

Que Sera also called Llanite or Llanoite is a crystal that has amazing and awesome power. It embodies a multiplicity of varying aspects that makes the stone quite unique. The energy and power of Que sera can make an effect on all various planes, spiritual, psychic, emotional, physical, and mental.

Que Sera, on the other hand, is an excellent stone that can help you most especially when you’re stressed since it brings through serenity and calmness.

If you’re wondering where this stone came from, well you can find Que Sera in Brazil. Also, it is a combination of various stones such as Leucozene, Clinozoisite, Feldspar, Magnetite, Calcite, Quartz, Kaolinite, and iron oxides.

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The Power of Que Sera: Awesome Power

Chakra Correspondence

Que Sera strongly resonates within all of your chakras. However, it quite powerful in the higher chakras and in the crown chakra and star chakra in particular.

If you want to stimulate your communication with beings in the higher worlds and psychic capabilities, you can use this stone at your third eye chakra.

If you have personal power problems that you want to resolve then place Que Sera over your solar plexus chakra. But if you’re experiencing fatigue, you can use it at your navel or sacral chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Another great thing about the Que Sera is that it can benefit all the systems and organs of the physical body. What’s more, it is also good for the subtle energy system as well as meridians of the physical and subtle bodies.


When it comes to vibration, Que sera hold an earthy to extremely high vibration. since it has a potent vibration, Que sera can bring spiritual energy and light into your body.

Legendary Power of Que Sera

Legendary Power of Que Sera

Que Sera connects to the power of the mega forces that carried the multiple dimensional universes into being and which still drive the evolution of cosmic.

Much like a battery, this stone will activate your personal power. With que sera, you will be able to make your own reality. Llanoite Granite (Llanite Rhyolite) from Texas is energetically the same, although earthier vibrations with similar pink as well as blue inclusions.  

Healing Power of Que Sera

Que Sera

Since it is a potent carrier of Qi, Que Sera will recharge and at the same time balance the organs and meridians of the physical and subtle bodies. As a matter of fact, you can place it wherever depletion or disease exists.

Que sera will activate neurotransmitters in order to optimize the energetic circuit, you feel as your body has been plugged towards an electric power source.

This stone, on the other hand, will help a healer perceive into the energy matrix of the recipient, highlighting the sites of diseases.

In order to restore the energetic and cellular of the body and dissolve diseases make sure to place Que sera over the site for a couple of minutes. In addition to that, it can serve as a quenching rod, it will twitch as it moves through the places that require healing.

If you want to have protection against electromagnetic smog like a Wi-Fi emanation that can make disease in a sensitive person, consider gridding Que Sera.

Transformational Power of Que Sera

One of the best things about the Que Sera is that it will allow you to stand in your personal power. It will free you from self-imposed responsibilities particularly those you instinctively assumed thus the world will see you as a good individual.

Que sera, on the other hand, will teach that service provided in such a way is indeed self-serving and selfish and doesn’t improve the greater good.

Furthermore, if you take the burden of the world on your shoulders and see it impossible to say when requested to do more, keeping a piece of Que sera in your pocket can be a great help.

Keep in mind that the transformation will free to be of genuine service to people around you. Also, if you dwell on a problem, Que sera can help in finding a constructive solution.

In case you didn’t know, the name of this stone means “what will be”, but with Que Sera, the future is actually yours to co-create. It will attune you to the Akashic Record of the purpose of your soul and show all the possible directions.

Pointing out the direct path and the long way, Que sera will encourage you to take the right one for your transformation.

With this stone, there are mistakes, just learning experiences. When it comes to how quickly you will learn well it is up to you. In fact, it could prompt.

How to Harness the Powers of Que Sera

Harnessing its powers is relatively easy. All you need to do is place the stone at your higher sacral chakra in the dantien. Then, you will need to breathe deeply in order to turn on a justly excellent personal powerhouse.


Que Sera is a stone that can help you in releasing the energy-related to when you feel it is extremely necessary to do what others want.

If you are the kind of person that gets asked for favors all the time that you feel you need to do even though it is to your disadvantage, then you should get Que Sera and then keep it on you.

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