The Healing Crystals for Slipped Discs

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Today, we’re going to talk about slipped discs, its causes and the best crystals for healing slipped discs.

The spine consists of vertebrae, each of which is separated from its lower and upper neighbor by a thin disc of a ligament, a ring of connective tissue with a jelly-like core and high-water content, and with the purpose of keeping the spine flexible.

The vertebrae themselves can be worn down and the intervening disc can lose fluid from out of this jelly-like tissue and with it, its intended elasticity. Consequently, the vertebrae then become flatter and their flexibility is decreased. As a result, it causes pain and discomfort in the back, although not always necessary.

In extreme cases, the ring of the connective tissue can expand too much or is actually damaged or torn. This makes the jelly-like substance flow partly or totally, into the spinal channel where the spinal nerves are situated and it’s this that we call the slipped disc or disc prolapse.

Compression of the nerves can result in severe pain and discomfort, which then either radiates sideways or into the joints of the body. It is important to consult a qualified doctor as soon as possible in order to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Additionally, some crystals have turned out to help in relieving the pain and discomfort and to be helpful during the renewal and regeneration of the damaged ligaments.

Of course, as with so many physical conditions, there is usually an emotional and psychological factor that causes the problem. Thus, it is always something that you need to take into account. Here are some of the best crystals for healing slipped discs.

Crystals For Healing Slipped Disc


crystals for healing slipped discs

Amazonite is a potent crystal that can help in relieving inflexibility and stiffness as a result of its lead content (“like heals like” as they say). Motion and flexibility are important if the discs are to absorb fluid and maintaining their elasticity.

This way, any further erosion can be prevented. In addition, amazonite can help soothe when sudden pain and discomfort strikes. You can quickly place a crystal on the aching area in order to alleviate the discomfort and pain. Or you can also wear it as a pendant or necklace to benefit from its healing energies.



Aragonite, especially those with signature bands, is a potent crystal for healing slipped discs. Being a calcium carbonate-rich in water crystal, aragonite is probably the number one choice in treating cases of slipped discs.

This stone can enhance the renewed absorption of water in worn ligaments and renewing their elasticity. You can affix or place either a section or slice or a tumbled aragonite stone on the affected spot. In addition, the aragonite-calcite crystal that is sold commercially under the term onyx marble has also been shown to produce good results.

In addition, you can also wear this crystal as a pendant or necklace. Thus, you can benefit from its vibrational energies all day long.


crystals for healing slipped discs

Dioptase is another potent stone that can help with slipped discs. It helps in cleansing the tissues from toxic and waste substances.

You can simply fix a dioptase crystal or a crystal cluster on the liver as discs are energetically connected with the liver’s energy meridian. In addition, a combination of dioptase placed over the liver and upon the discs also has a good effect.

Kunzite + Pyrite


Kunzite can help in relieving the pain of pinched nerves. For a slipped disc, kunzite can be fixed or placed on the affected area together with pyrite, either in the form of a tumbled stone or crystal. Also, you can wear kunzite as a pendant or necklace.

Pyrite, on the other hand, can also help in relieving pain and discomfort from a slipped disc. However, since it contains Sulphur, it should only be applied for a short period. This is because its Sulphur content can react with sweat and may cause irritation of the skin. For any longer-term uses, it should be worn on the tender area contained within a small and thinly woven cotton bag.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystals you can use to heal slipped discs. These stones mainly ease pain and discomfort of slipped disc. However, for the more severe cases of slipped discs, it is important that you consult a qualified doctor in order to make a correct diagnosis, ensure proper treatment and prevent further complications or worsening of the condition.

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