The Complete Guide on How to Charge Crystals and Stones

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Did you know how to charge crystals and stones? In today’s post, we will walk you through the many different methods of charging crystals and stones. Keep on reading to learn more.

Stones and crystals have been very popular since ancient periods. Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians used such things to encourage enlightenment and healing. Aside from that, they will open people to the cosmos as well as soothe and heal the emotions.

When it comes to the ways on how to use crystals and stones, there are many options where you can choose from. However, if you pay attention, crystals and stones will guide you more than what you are expecting.

Knowing how to care and charge crystals and stones while they are in your possession is crucial so that you will be able to make the most out of them.

Crystals and Stones: Why Should You Charge Them?

For many years, crystals and stones have been utilized for healing purposes. As mentioned, if you take care of them, crystals and stones can be very advantageous in improving and enhancing various aspects of life.

Despite the fact that these things can only thrive in physically for a particular period of time. When you are using crystals and stones for magic, energy work, healing, and among others keep in mind that their energies will be used up.

With that in mind, harmful, negative, and stagnant energies may replace them whether you like it or not. One great way to prevent this is to charge your stones and crystals. By doing this, you can guarantee that they’re working properly and in good condition.

Charging crystals and stones will help in preventing the development of negative energies. What’s more, it will dispel the lingering negativity that will not only affect you but others as well who are around your stones and crystals.

Another reason why you should charge your stones and crystals is that they are only carrying limited energies. That said, they will weaken and begin to dwindle.

However, stones and crystals that are inside the earth won’t need to be charged. The main reason for this is that they are drawing energies from the earth naturally.

But the moment they dug up, such crystals and stones will lose their capability to charge on their own using the energies of the earth.

How to Charge Crystals and Stones: The 12 Methods That You Need to Know

The following are some of the common methods that you can use to charge stones and crystals.

1. Cast Spells

One of the best ways to charge crystals and stones is magic spells. Today, there are many different types of magical techniques and in fact, most of them can give rituals and spells fitted toward these purposes.

When creating a spell, you can think about what you want them to be able to do. For instance, if you want your crystals and stones to possess the prowess to cure, then write it down. After that, think of what you may say to present the goal for the crystals and stones. Since you want to use them for healing, you can say “full of light, strong, and clear, may these crystals and stones boost my might”.

Once you have created a spell, perform it. To do this, simply speak the spell out loud while you’re holding the crystals and stones. In addition to that, you can perform the spell with a small ceremony like lighting candles and putting them on an altar or other special surfaces.

2. Use the Solar Power

Another way on how to charge crystals and stones is to use solar power. The color of the energy of the sun is yellow.

For this method, all you need to do is to leave your crystals and stones under the sun for a maximum of 7 hours. However, you need to bring them inside your place when the sun is about to set. The main reason for this is that when you exposed them to too much sunlight their energy will change. Not only that, but it will also have an impact on how the energies of the stones and crystals will affect you the next time you utilize them.

3. Charge Using Other Stones and Crystals

How to Charge Crystals and Stones

Quartz and Selenite can charge stones and crystals naturally. You can put other crystals and stones on top of such cleansing crystals for one day or ‘til their energies are purified.

On the other hand, you can make use of a small piece of quartz and then use them to surround the crystals and stones you wish to recharge in circles. Nevertheless, this method is beneficial for white, grey, red, orange, and yellow crystals and stones.

4. By Fire

by fire

A lot of people were surprised when they found out that they can charge their crystals and stones using fire.

Typically, fire is perceived as one of the most destructive forces. That is why, people tend to overlook their nurturing, energizing, and inspiring energy.

Fire, on the other hand, is dominant to much of how the human race has advanced through the year. Likewise, flames and smoke may evoke spiritual feelings that can be a great help in charging crystals and stones. Bloodstone, Agate, Boji Stone, Jasper, Mahogany Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye – these are some of the stones and crystals that may benefit from this method.

Moreover, a direct fire will burn away all negative and dangerous energies. The good thing about this method is that it is very easy to do. All you need to do is simply pass the stone or crystal over a candle flame or smoke for thirty seconds. This will cleanse and at the same time charge your crystals and stones.

5. Take Advantage of the Air

Clear quartz, Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz are some of the stones and crystals that can benefit from this charging method.

Aside from the stones or crystals, you want to charge you will need colorless detergent, baby oil (unscented), a tiny spray bottle, an essential oil, and a 100-ml bottle. In the 100ml bottle, add seven drops of essential oil of any type, detergent, and crystals and stones. Then add the baby oil.

Hold the bottle and say your charging intentions aloud. After that leave the bottle in a peaceful and safe place for seven hours. Then, transfer the oil to your spray bottle. After transferring the oil add boiled, distilled, and filtered water. You can use it to cleanse as well as charge your other stones and crystals.

6. Bury Them in the Soil or Surround Them with Crystals

How to Charge Crystals and Stones

If you want to take advantage of the earth’s energy when charging your crystals and stones, you can bury them in the soil or place them in the garden. Surrounding your stones and crystals with dirt and plants can be great.

If you choose to bury them make sure to put a marker so that you’ll remember where you bury them.

7. Use Energy

When people are using energy to charge stones and crystals, what they usually mean may not be always exactly the same. Directing a person’s own energy to the object can denote to act of picturing your spirit, qi, chi, prana, and aura entering the crystals and stones.

A lot of people claim to be able to feel this happen. Since it’s an intuitive process, you might wish to depend on your own instincts and those of mentors to identify if you’re doing it correctly.

8. Use Water

use water

When it comes to water energy for your stones and crystals can be accessed by placing them in the seawater that has lots of sea salt for about seven hours.

Here are the stones and crystals that can benefit from this method:

However, if you do not have access to natural water, no worries because you can always use tap water. Then add a small amount of salt to create a saltwater solution.

When using this method, you need to be careful since salt is coarse and may possibly damage crystals and stones that consist of softer properties.

9. Moonlight

By placing your stones and crystals under the light of a crescent moon or a full moon, you will be able to charge them. However, make sure to place them there for seven hours. Like when charging your crystals and stones with solar power, ensure that they’re only exposed to moonlight.

10. Direct your thoughts into them

Prayers, focused meditation, chanting, and visualizing your ideas are the best things that you can do to direct intentions and thoughts on a stone or crystal. When directing your intents and thoughts, take your time, don’t rush. Most of the time, the more work or time you invest when directing thoughts, the more powerful the charge is apparent to be.

As a piece of advice, close your eyes and imagine that the crystals or stones are filling with light. Visualize them becoming full of light and so bright that you can’t look at it.

You can also pray for the stones and crystals to become charged with the power to cure. You can pray to earth, God, and whatever you have faith in is the controlling force in your life.

11. Charge your crystals and stones with sound

Bells, singing bowls, humming, chanting, and other sounds have been said to cleanse and charge objects, places, and even people. By doing any of these things like putting a crystal or stone in a singing bowl when it’s rung, it’s believed you can charge the crystal.

However, if you don’t have such a bowl, you can simply hold the crystal or stone in front of your mouth and sing loudly or hum. Your voice’s sound should penetrate the stones and crystals and help to charge them.

12. Seek Help from the Universe

This charging method works best for Citrine, Ametrine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Clear crystals. When using this method, you will need to use a piece of gold cloth. Make sure that the cloth is big to accommodate all the stones and crystals you want to charge.

Place all the stones and crystals on top of the cloth and concentrate on connecting with the positive and powerful energies of the universe.


There you have it the 12 methods on how to charge crystals and stones. Whichever method you choose to charge your crystals and stones remember to set your intents. And then open your heart as well as mind to fully receive their healing vibrations. In addition to that, remember to say thank you and gratitude towards your stones and crystals. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.

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