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Yellow crystals are deeply connected to the solar plexus chakra, boosting your emotions, sexuality, and willpower. With their bright hues that imitate the powerful sun, yellow crystals can bring in more energy so you feel energized throughout the day while also filling you with excitement, exhilaration, and enthusiasm.

With these crystals, your willpower is stronger than ever and you have the ability to stand by your own opinions and ideas. You’re no longer someone who will just follow a leader, but become a leader yourself. It brings emotional balance while enhancing your creative abilities. Not only that, but these crystals can also bring you a huge self-confidence, while also boosting your sexuality.

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Why Use Yellow Crystals

With yellow crystals, you can see things at a different, positive light, adding clarity and purpose to your life. They should help shake things up and adding more zest into your everyday life. This way, you get to wake up every day feeling like a new and better person filled with optimism and excitement.

Yellow crystals, like the bright rays of the rising sun, also signifies new beginnings, new efforts, and new pursuits. When you work with the energies of yellow crystals, you’ll be made aware of crucial things that you tend to forget due to the hustle.

Furthermore, you can use yellow crystals extensively in ensuring a new relationship is off to a good start. They can help establish a bright, honest, and open communication between couples while also giving you a heightened awareness and focus on the need of your partner.

The yellow crystals also let you spend energy by being aware of your surroundings and looking for the subtle nuances that come from other people. Thus, they make a great tool for improving and strengthening the relationship with others, particularly with your family.

In terms of your professional life, yellow crystals are highly effective tools that can make you more persuasive, decisive, or even precise when needed. They shall bring you the most sought-after success, to improve or change your current living situation.

The energies of yellow crystals can also fill your whole being with hope optimism and warmth. With their yellow light your guidance, you can achieve enlightenment, while remaining tight and real, so you can deal with reality with love, hope, and constructive thoughts.

Moreover, these crystals can help you become more aware of things happening around you, increasing your alertness. You also become organized and have the ability to easily and freely express yourself while achieving wisdom and higher consciousness to verbalize your needs.

With their brightness, yellow crystals can show you how to overcome deceit and misconceptions. You also have the positivity to handle people’s thoughtlessness and harshness. Instead, you always get to see the bright side in everything for a better life.

Yellow Crystals Healing and Health Benefits

Crystals with yellow colors can boost and improve the immune system and helping in the treatment of chronic fatigue, lethargy, and depression. Not only that, but these stones also act as an immune stimulator and features anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Furthermore, the yellow crystals are highly beneficial to the skin, working wonders on the mucous membranes and the respiratory system. The crystals are also used by healers to ease the symptoms of flu and cold, sinusitis, dry cough, and bronchitis. They can even help in the treatment of emphysema and pneumonia.

Yellow crystals can also work on staph and strep infections. They also offer relief to nerve-related pain as well as ulcers, shingles, canker sores, and herpes. There are some yellow crystals that can provide bone and teeth strengthening.

Thus, they can help ease painful symptoms of osteoporosis as well as repairing posture damage. Moreover, they help with swelling and pain associated with ailments such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and other bone-related diseases.

Yellow Crystals For Wealth Benefits

With their stimulating and bright vibrational energies, these crystals can help you achieve your financial goals and attracting wealth and abundance into your life. They are great crystals to promote prosperity.

Not only that, but these crystals are also superb in manifesting. Whatever you desire or wish to achieve, yellow crystals can make it a reality. This is due t the energizing empowering vibrational energies of yellow crystals that strengthen your willpower and teaching you to become more assertive and confident in life.

They can help you discover what you want and move forward to achieving it. Therefore, these yellow crystals are great to have when you’re running a new business venture and need to generate creative ideas in order to make you more financially viable.

Then, the vibrations of these crystals can help push you in acting upon those creative ideas to manifest a fruitful and successful outcome.

Yellow Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

Yellow crystals can attract positive vibrations into your life, radiating loving and comforting energy. With their bright and calming hues, yellow crystals can help in neutralizing anger, whether it is your or your partner’s. Instead, yellow crystals will imbue you and your partner with loving and joyful energy while increasing self-confidence and courage to speak your thoughts more honestly.

Not only that, but these yellow crystals also help increase your feelings of self- worth, inspiring you to love yourself more and have a positive and enthusiastic outlook in love and life.

With their brightness, yellow crystals can also help you overcome your shyness, allowing you to shine brightly and go after the person you love or attracting new love towards you. Working with the vibrational energies of these crystals, you can also release worries, fears, and anxiety.

This way, you can finally let go of built-up tensions, fears, and anxiety, allowing you to accept the reality that happiness and life will come your way.

5 Best Yellow Crystals That You Can Use

1. Amber

Yellow Crystals

Amber is one o the most coveted and oldest treasures in the world. It is dubbed as the Gold of the Sea, it is formed by life and light, preserved by time, and then washed upon shores for mankind to revel in its beauty.

Amber with its creamy yellow to orange color has been portrayed as the tears of the gods, the drops of the sun, sunlight solidified, and hardened honey. They make a great talisman for renewal, protection, and beauty. This stone stores energy from both the sun and the earth, making it a great choice for supporting the sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Amber with its sunny and warm energies help you connect to your conscious self and higher intuition. It is a powerful stone for inspiring creativity and positivity while encouraging better decision making.

2. Sunstone

Yellow Crystals

The sunstone, as its name implies, offers sunny and powerful vibrational energies that help in improving your confidence, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities, for a more empowered you towards success.

With its energizing and light aura, sunstone radiates happiness, restoring enjoyment of life and kindness, bringing balance to personal power and improved intuition. Whenever you are lacking confidence or just struggling to maintain a true personality around other people, then sunstone can help you there.

3. Heliodor


Heliodor, being the Crystal of Golden Light, radiated the power and warmth of the sunshine, illuminating higher thoughts and a more centered and vibrant physical wellbeing. As a matter of fact, heliodor literally translates to the Gift of the Sun in Greek.

This yellow crystal invokes the celestial Golden Ray of learning and knowledge =, stimulating the higher mind and allowing your brain to function more efficiently. It is also the stone of selfless leadership and true nobility.

4. Yellow Sapphire


The alluring Sapphire forms in more hues than just blue. Yellow sapphire offers you the wisdom of prosperity. Not only does it attract financial success, abundance, and wealth into your life, but it also has the ability to manifest your creative energy into action.

The yellow sapphire also stimulates your intellect, helping you formulate better goals and ideas. The stone is also deeply connected to the solar plexus chakra which encourages the exploration while bringing joyful expectation and excitement about the possibilities in your life.

5. Yellow Apatite


A dual-action stone, apatite is known for its positive energies for personal power and achieve goals. Yellow apatite, also known as the Golden Apatite, is among the purest crystals with yellow rays. Thus, it offers strong vibrational energies of mental clarity, manifestation, and strength of will.

It brings spiritual and sunny energy to your auric field, inspiring passion and hope for life and instilling a good sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

Using Yellow Crystals For Best Results

With their uplifting vibrational energies, yellow crystals are wonderful to use during meditation. They are the crystals of insight which allows you to enhance and deepen your whole meditative experience. They can help in clearing mental confusion and help you become more focused and decisive.

In addition, yellow crystals can be kept close to your body all the time by placing them on your purse or pouch or even wearing them as pieces of jewelry such as rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

Carrying or wearing yellow crystals can help you better express yourself. Thus, making them an excellent tool for writers and public speakers since they increase eloquence.

And when you place yellow crystals under your pillow before sleeping, you can enjoy a restful and deep sleep. In the workplace, you can display a yellow crystal on your desk, to enhance creative thoughts and ideas towards a successful project. Not only that, but their bright light should also help keep up a positive attitude with other team members for a peaceful and less stressful day at work.

Final Thoughts

Yellow crystals are indeed full of intelligent and creative energies, symbolizing joy, happiness, and wisdom. They bring in awareness and clarity, clearing your mind and making you more active and alert of your surroundings.

Whenever you need to clear your mind and enhance decision-making, yellow crystals are there to help you out. They can even help prevent exhaustion, burnout, panic, or nervousness. Instead, they fill you with positivity, optimism, happiness, and a bright attitude so you can let your creative side and ability shine like the sun.

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