The 12 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Sleep

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Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. A lack of sleep can have a serious consequence for your health and overall wellbeing. However, if lying in bed and waiting for your eyelids to drop seems like an eternity, then you might need some calming and sleep-inducing help from crystals for sleep.

Whether you find yourself having trouble nodding off or having some serious issue of waking up in the middle of night regularly, then you can improve your sleep with the vibrational energies of specific crystals.

These crystals for sleep have their powerful unique characteristics and vibrations that resonate with your sleep cycle, inducing relaxation and calmness, prevent nightmares, and ultimately encourage a good night’s sleep without interruption.

The 12 Crystals For Sleep

1. Amethyst

With the calming and sleep-inducing purple to lavender color, the beautiful amethyst features high vibrational energy that is strongly connected to the subconscious mind. Being one of the best dream crystals out there, the amethyst is a natural protector, preventing the appearance of nightmares and night terrors for a more restful and quality sleep.

Other than giving you pleasant dreams, this crystal is also known for its soothing and calming qualities. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep because of anxiety and stress, it is one of the best stones to place near your bed for relief.

However, the all-powerful amethyst is not only for having a peaceful and restful sleep. Since it is made of quartz, a crystal with strong amplification abilities, amethyst is also a great choice for programming, making it a highly versatile to add to your growing collection.

Take note however that Amethyst energy can be too stimulating to induce sleep. So, if you are a sensitive sleeper, consider avoiding the larger pieces of amethyst or go with other crystals from this list.

2. Angelite

crystals for health

With its soothing blue energy, the Angelite crystal helps bring a sense of inner peace and calmness to its user. Being the stone that imbues love and serenity, this crystal facilitates angelic guidance, connection as well as astral traveling.

Another great thing about this crystal is that it helps in relieving anxieties and worries which are common causes of restless nights particularly after a hassle and stressful day. Not only that, but the crystal is also said to be an excellent problem solver while dreaming, so sleeping near this stone can help you wake up with fresh ideas.

If you ever need to relax in order to get some sleep or want to enhance your angelic communicating abilities while dreaming, then the Angelite is a great stone to use. Just don’t use this crystal near water. Angelite is a soft crystal which can turn into gypsum if it gets wet.

3. Lepidolite

Another great crystal for sleep, Lepidolite came from the Greek term “scales” which is said to bring harmony and balance to its user, providing you a more restful and quality sleep.

Also known as the Xanax of healing crystals, Lepidolite contains lithium, an ingredient in medicines for mood swings and depression. Thus, this stone is extremely suitable for soothing sleep disturbances and reducing emotional stress.

Getting a good night’s sleep is impossible if you are feeling scared, anxious or angry. So use a lepidolite crystal to draw out these negative energies and replace them with a positive and light-hearted attitude to induce sleep.

Additionally, this crystal is deeply associated with the 3rd eye chakra which affects rest. Sleep and dreaming, making it an excellent stone to restore good sleeping patterns. You can also use this crystal to relax your muscles and remove any tensions before going to sleep.

4. Selenite

If you are one who has a noisy mind when lying on bed at night, then you can benefit from the calming vibrational energies of selenite. Selenite is an extremely powerful cleansing crystal that clears the mind of noisy thoughts that prevent you from getting an early sleep.

In addition, its high-frequency vibrational energies help bring a deep sense of relaxation, peace, and calmness while also removing the negative energies. It creates a protective shield around you, sealing only the positive energies.

Selenite got its name from Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. So aside from its calming properties, it also held numerous mystical healing properties from the moon. Plus, it has a beautiful and soothing ethereal appearance, making it an excellent stone to use during meditation.

Like the Angelite crystal, Selenite should never get wet since it may dissolve. Instead, you can place it next to your bed to soak its beneficial positive vibrational energies.

5. Celestite

Celestite is another powerful calming stone that proves useful when you are feeling anxious or stressed out at night. Thanks to its high calming vibration, celestite pushes away chaotic and noisy thoughts, calming and clearing the mind and removing worries and anxiety.

So, if you have trouble dozing off every night, then perform a relaxation meditation with celestite before going to sleep. It connects the heart, third eye and crown chakras inducing extreme serenity.

Not only that, but this stone also helps create a tranquil and balanced environment in the bedroom, to help with a better sleep.

6. Black Tourmaline

If you often find yourself having negative thoughts when trying to sleep, then you know how long it can take to fall asleep. To fight this negative thought use the powers of black tourmaline.

Known as a highly protective crystal, the black tourmaline is best known for its neutralizing abilities, removing negative energies and thoughts and transforming it to positive energies while providing you with a strong connection between your soul and the earth.

Other than making it easier for you to sleep, the black tourmaline can also make you more energized and rejuvenated. This is because your subconscious mind will not be pondering on negative feelings throughout the night.

In addition, this powerful crystal also features an energetic frequency that promotes the feeling of deep relaxation and calmness in the body. So if you are one who’s usually stressed out before sleep, then black tourmaline makes an excellent choice.

7. Howlite

Another excellent crystal for sleep, howlite features calming and peaceful energy that resonates with your sleeping pattern. Used to calming angry people, howlite can benefit those people with negative and chaotic thoughts during nighttime.

You can keep this stone to teach patience and help control anger, blocking out negative emotions so you a better relaxed at the end of the day. In addition, this stone is helpful in relieving stress so you can attain a restful and quality sleep at night.

Howlite also has high vibrational energies that soothes rocky relationships and are quite helpful in good communication and preventing misunderstandings that you might overthink every night.

It is also useful in making a crystal grid that helps end insomnia as well as nightmares and night terrors that prevent quality sleep.

8. Hematite

Dubbed as the Stone For the Mind, hematite is an excellent grounding stone you can use when you have problems that you overthink every night. It is a powerful tone that quiets chaotic and noisy mental chatter, to induce quality and peaceful sleeping pattern.

The stone is also great at promoting a calming atmosphere that balances the spirit, mind, and body as well as healing emotional pains. As a matter of fact,, the Ancient Egyptians used this beneficial stone to suppress anxiety and hysteria that can cause sleep disturbances.

9. Moonstone

Taking the calming and soothing attributes of the moon, the peace-inducing moonstone has been used for years as a powerful sleep crystal. It is believed to help with lucid dreaming an also increasing quality and restful sleep.

Deeply connected to the moon, this crystal with its feminine energy works beautifully for stabilizing and calming chaotic and negative emotions, encouraging gentleness and promoting more restful sleep.

Dubbed as the stone of new beginnings, this crystal is believed to help in changing life patterns including bad sleeping patterns. Meanwhile, a moonstone elixir is said to help with insomnia and night terrors while also preventing sleepwalking.

10. Cookeite

Like lepidolite, cookeite also contains lithium, making it a powerful crystal for insomnia. Although uncommon, you might want to search for this amazing stone since it is one of the most powerful crystals for sleep available.

The crystal helps in creating a relaxed and tranquil sleeping space. Its energy is soothing and calming that aids in reaching a deep and relaxed sleeping state. In addition, the stone is also known for its strong psychic protection.

It creates a strong protective barrier that prevents negative energies or entities from attacking you when sleeping. Also, it helps heal muscle pain as well as allergies that may be keeping you awake during the night.

11. Smokey Quartz

Being the stone of cooperation, smoky quartz is a strong grounding crystal that is great at reducing stress and encouraging a good night’s sleep. Also, the stone is great at making you stay in the moment instead of worrying about what happened in the past or earlier I the day.

In addition, the crystal helps clear out emotional blockages and negative energies that may have been keeping you awake at night. It allows you to let go of your worries for the day, clam the body and mind and promote a deep peaceful sleep.

12. Scolecite


Another uncommon crystal, scolecite is an excellent crystal for sleep. It as powerful soothing and calming energy that helps in relieving stress and helping with insomnia. The stone also encourages lucid dreaming and prevent nightmares and night terrors.

Furthermore, the crystal also works great with other crystals for sleep for a more effective result and a restful sleep.

How to Use Crystals for Sleep

Other than looking lovely as decorative materials in your room, a crystal for sleep has vibrational energies that help you get some much-needed rest. To maximize the benefits you get from the crystal above, here are some ways on how you can use crystals for sleep:

  • Make sure to only use 1 – 2 crystals at the same time. This is because combining too many energies can keep you awake.
  • Most crystals for sleep are recommended to be placed beside your bed or under your pillow. However, if you are a sensitive or light sleeper, then you might want to consider placing the crystal further from your bed.
  • Try making a crystal grid with several crystals in order to induce sleep.
  • Children, toddlers, and babies can also benefit from crystals for sleep. You can place it near their bed or cot to induce restful and quality sleep.


If you have trouble snoozing off or waking up too early, then utilize the calming energies of the crystals mentioned above.

Not getting enough sleep can make you feel demotivated, tired and unhappy throughout the day. So make sure to improve your sleep quality with crystal to clear and calm your mind, promote relaxation, and having a refreshing and deep sleep. 

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