The Power of Rhodonite

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The Power of Rhodonite

The power of Rhodonite is not only known in Russia but in many different parts of the world. This stone is known for its ability to bring emotional healing as well as release blocked energies from within your heart chakra. Rhodonite is also an excellent stone for balancing your emotions and offers assistance during a traumatic period. Having a piece of this crystal on your body will stop you from taking actions when you are fearful and feeling angry.

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The Power of Rhodonite: Emotional Balance

Chakra Correspondence

Rhodonite is a good stone for the heart chakra particularly when you are addressing problems surrounding a romantic relationship. This stone is also associated with the solar plexus, heart seed, and high heart chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Rhodonite is helpful to aid the healing of the heart and skin problems. In fact, a tincture of this stone is believed to help the itching caused by insect bites. It is also beneficial for the respiratory system and the nervous system.


Rhodonite holds an earthy vibration. One of the best things about its vibration is that it is capable of encouraging selflessness and stimulating desires to help other people. What’s more, it will help you understand your dreams better.

Legendary Power of Rhodonite


Named after the Greek term for rosy, often, the intense bicolor of Rhodonite comes from white and black manganese. In fact, it was molded into the platter and given a royal wedding present by the czars of Russia that fits its reputation as a crystal that nurtures love.

Moreover, Rhodonite is very popular for its capability to instill emotional balance. It will also heal emotional scars especially those stuck in your heart chakra, letting go of self-destructive tendencies and abuse.

Rhodonite will foster brotherhood and will allow you to see both sides of a problem in order to reach conciliation. Further, it will turn back insults and make you aware that retaliation and revenge are just a waste of energy. Actually, it is very useful in a dangerous situation.

Holding a piece of Rhodonite during trauma can help you in calming yourself. The stone will support you during challenging situations, helping you stay heart-centered no matter what takes place.

Healing Power of Rhodonite

Healing Power of Rhodonite

Rhodonite consists of manganese that serves as a good wound healer, encourages bone development, and relieves the itching.

In fact, you can also use this stone to calm ulcers. It will also help arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Rhodonite will calm your lungs, easing emphysema, and has anti-inflammatory properties for the joints.

When you place Rhodonite behind your ears, it will fine-tune the auditory vibration to relieve tinnitus and assist hearing.

Crystal healers use Rhodonite-infused water or the stone itself as a remedy for shock or trauma at spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental levels.

If you want to heal heartbreak, place rhodonite on your solar plexus chakra, rhodochrosite over your higher heart chakra, rose quartz on the heart chakra, and tugtupite on your heart seed chakra. Doing this will also open the heart seed and higher heart chakras to unconditional love.

If you want to dissolve emotional scars and memories of abuse, lying in a Rhodonite grid can help. In fact, this will also let go of the feeling that might have festered you for several lifetimes, changing them with forgiveness and love not only for yourself and other people as well.

Transformational Power of Rhodonite

Another great thing about Rhodonite is that it will teach you the emotions are answers you create to feelings that are impartial until your mind makes an attitude about them. These judgments in case you didn’t know can create an emotional power, particularly when passed on from one lifetime to another.

Rhodonite will help emotional recalibration, thus you will no longer respond the way you did before. If you’re lacking trust in yourself, this stone will encourage self-confidence and guide you when it comes to fulfilling your highest potential.

By transforming excess sex drive and lust, Rhodonite will help lovers in achieving tantric union.

How to Harness the Powers of Rhodonite

To allow feelings to simply pass over you, consider placing Rhodonite on your heart chakra so that you will be able to acknowledge them allowing them to flow until they move forward.

If you wish to use Rhodonite as a protective crystal, take a page of the traditional Russian book. As a matter of fact, Russian mothers placed this stone on the cradles of their children to protect them from fear, sickness, and danger.

On the other hand, if you are doing a lot of divination and meditation, Rhodonite will offer you grounding energies without taking anything from your psychic power.


Rhodonite is a very beneficial stone that you can introduce to your life for its promotion of emotional balance, healing, joy, and life. Keep in mind that such things are extremely important to human life.

If you are planning to introduce this stone into your life, we suggest that you opt for Rhodonite with a bright pink color.

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