The Healing Crystals for Scars

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Got ugly scars? This article talks about the best crystals for healing scars!

Scars are formed as a natural process of the skin to substitute for damaged r lost tissues after inflammation or injuries. They consist of coarse, white connective tissues with many fibers, but with few blood vessels and cells.

Scar tissues have much lesser elasticity and overall resilience than the normal connective tissue. In addition, scars often have a very deleterious effect on your blood circulation and the supply of natural energy to its neighboring organs and tissues.

This is particularly true with scars that lie transversely to the basic axis and dour limbs of the body. If the nerve pathways have also been interrupted, then this may cause problems with your sense of touch and numbness may occur.

There are different forms of scars. Most scars will have a pale and flat appearance. However, when the body produces excessive collagen, the scars can be raised, also known as the keloid scars or hypertrophic scars. These scars are coming in dark-skinned and younger people.

Meanwhile, some scars can have a pitted or sunken appearance. This type of scarring occurs when the underlying structures that support the skin (for instance muscle or fat) are lost. Some surgical scars have such appearances as well as acne scars.

Scars can also have a stretched skin appearance. This happens when the skin stretches rapidly (for instance during pregnancy or in growth spurts). It can also occur when the skin is under tension during the healing process.

Scars and the resulting skin malformations are usually accepted as being unchangeable visible features. However, this is not necessarily so. Even with the older scars, the actual scar tissue can be partly changed into a version that’s much more efficiently supplied with nutrients, blood, and the body’s energy.

Some methods of improving scar appearance include:

  • Surgery
  • Topical treatments
  • Radiotherapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Filler injections
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Dermabrasion
  • Cryosurgery
  • Microneedling

In addition, any scar, even if involving severed nerves, can be healed with the help of potent crystals. Here are some of the best crystals for healing scars.

Crystals For Healing Scars


crystals for healing scars

This is a highly effective crystal in cases of the large, lumpy scars or the keloid scars, even if they are relatively old. Being a mineral-rich in silicic acid and copper, chrysocolla can stimulate the regeneration of the tissue and skin, so that they can be transformed into a healthy form.

To use the crystal, you simply need to place a polished slice or section of chrysocolla in the scar and fixing it with a sticking plaster as necessary. Then, take 3 – 5 drops of chrysocolla gem essence for 3 times a day or a prepare a 100 – 200ml of chrysocolla water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.



This lovely pink crystal is known as the stone of gentle healing. It particularly helps in healing and transforming the tissue of deep scars and fresh wounds. Not only that, but this stone also improves the blood circulation. It also encourages the formation of new cells, sometimes to the point that no scars can form at all.

To use rhodonite for healing scars, you simply need to place a polished section or slice on the scar. Then take 3 – 5 drops of its gem essence for 3 times a day or prepare a 100 – 200ml of rhodonite gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day. Alternatively, you can wear it as a pendant or necklace to facilitate continuous healing throughout the day.


crystals for healing scars

Tourmaline is a potent stone that can be particularly applied in deep scars in order to stimulate the flow of energy through the scars that have a blocking effect. Not only that, but it also improves the formation of nerves in the tissue and even healing cut and damaged nerves.

To use tourmaline, you need to always point the tourmaline crystal or rod away from the head and towards your feet or hands in order to stimulate the nerves, especially in cases of numbness.

In cases of a blocked flow of energy, the point should be upwards on the front of the body, but downwards on the back. All kinds of tourmaline can be applied to this kind of treatment. However, the most suitable and recommended ones are the watermelon tourmalines.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. You don’t have to wear long sleeves or pants just to hide those ugly scars anymore. With the above-mentioned crystal, you can now heal any scar and have much flawless skin.

Take note, however, that crystals should be used alongside other proven methods or treatments of scars.

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