The Healing Crystals for Shock

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Today, we’re going to talk about shock, the first aid, and the best crystals for healing shock.

Shock, in medical terms, is used to describe 2 different processes.

Firstly, there’s a shock to the circulation— the acute and life-threatening breakdown of the blood circulation. This can occur because of actual loss of bodily fluids or blood, a breakdown or collapse of the heart, kidneys, severe lack of blood sugar, chronic infections, extreme allergic reaction, or severe injuries.

The obvious signs in cases of this type of shock are:

  • Shivering or feelings of cold
  • Fast, weak pulse
  • Nausea
  • Cold sweats
  • Skin pallor
  • Restlessness
  • Fear
  • Confusion

After immediate first aid precautions, the staunching of bleeding, for instance, place the affected person in a supine position with the legs raised. Then call the emergency services as soon as possible. Avoid any panic and try to speak quietly and calmly to the patient.

Secondly, there’s the psychological shock. This results from an emotional disturbance, probably without the severe physical injury, but with symptoms similar to physically induced shock. This is because it too leads to disturbances of the circulation, with a subsequent lack of oxygen to the brain, fainting, shivering, confusion, hot flushes, excitability, disorientation, or rigor.

One should take the same first aid precautions as with physical shock, however, there are extra methods that you can apply in order to relieve the effects of the psychological shock.

The first of these precautions, after first aid, s to bring the patient back to normal consciousness. The fact is that emotional shock can sometimes lead to a situation where the affected person is still stuck in the frame of mind in which the incident of the shock happened.

Therefore, their consciousness has to be disassociated from the incident and be directed towards the present. This can be best done gently but by asking to repeat what you have just said to them.

The procedure can be repeated a couple of ties, until the affected person is usually suddenly able to repeat your last words, indicating a return to normal consciousness and the present and can then be spoken to and coherently answer.

Thus, it is useful to continue with gentle instructions such as “Put your hands down, feel the ground.”. And when this has been completed successfully adding something like “Firmly press the ground!”.

Again, this should be repeated a couple of times, until you can tell that the person has fully come to. By bringing a shocked person back to the present and helping them to be grounded can often dissipate the effects of psychological shock almost completely.

In simpler terms, by restoring the outer order, the inner order can be restored. For instance, by collecting objects that are lying about after the accident. Whatever else, though, you need to always listen attentively when they are talking about the shocking experience.

In addition to the prescribed first aid above, there are potent healing crystals you can try. Here are some of the best crystals for healing shock.

Crystals For Healing Shock


crystals for healing shock

Obsidian can assist in the process of restoring your normal consciousness or the state of mind if a tumbled obsidian stone is placed in your hand. The most effective form, however, is actually the pitch-black or rainbow obsidian.

In addition, if used as described, the temporary state of psychological paralysis can be alleviated and allow a normal conversation to take place.



Rhodonite, the stone of gentle healing, is another excellent stone to use in order to further enhance the recovery of normal consciousness. Not only that, but this crystal also keeps you in the present and easing shock.

You can either hold it in your hand or take 7 – 9 drops of gem essence as needed. Additionally, you can prepare a 100 – 200 ml of rhodonite gem water that you can take in small sips throughout the day.

In addition, it is always worthwhile being ready for cases of shock by having prepared a mixture of rhodonite and obsidian essence together with the Bach rescue remedy. This can be taken as required, at least 7 – 9 drops.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are just some of the best crystals you can try. Applying this crystal can help in alleviating states of shock and improve overall wellbeing. Take note, however, that these crystals are just for supplementary treatment. For the worse shocks, get immediate medical help.

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