The Power of Amber

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While it is considered a crystal most of the time, amber isn’t a crystal but a fossilized resin from the early evergreen trees. In fact, the oldest amber found on Earth is more than 300 million years. Can you imagine the extremely potent energy amber possesses? To learn more about the power of amber make sure to read this article until the end.

The Power of Amber: Screen

  • Chakra Correspondence

Amber will open and at the same time heal the solar plexus chakra. Also, if your base chakra is out of balance you might be aggressive and quarrelsome toward others. But with the help of amber, you will be able to lessen your desire to be excessively protective, manipulative, and craving continuous excitement. Amber can also offer a helping hand if your sacral chakra is out of balance. This will allow you to overcome the mistrust you have about the intentions of other people toward you.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Amber will encourage the healing and balancing of the digestive system, immune system, the stomach, gallbladder, liver, and the adrenals. This will help your body in the adaptation of nutrients. Further, it is connected to the functions of the brain’s left hemisphere. One more thing, a lot of crippling diseases, intestinal problems, psychosomatic diseases, and ulcers can be eased with the help of Amber.

  • Vibration

Amber has an earthy vibration however it will protect the higher dimensions. If you want to increase its vibration consider pairing it with other stones orange calcite, citrine, yellow apatite, and carnelian.

Legendary Power of Amber

Legendary Power of Amber

In the actual fact, amber has long been connected to renewal and protection, since the insects preserve within it look perfectly as though they may spring to life and fly away anytime. These inclusion lead to the reputation of amber as the source of departed souls.

On the other hand, Theophrastus said that it is capable of attracting iron, a reference to amber’s electrostatic properties. If you rubbed it against wool, skin, or silk, it will be charged electrically. Then feathers or paper stick to it.

Undeniably, this appeared magical and legendary leading Aristotle to credit Amber with possessing a soul. Also, Pliny said that this resin was made by moisture from the sun’s rays falling upon the earth. It is even associated with life-giving energies of the sun.

Healing Power of Amber

One of the best things about the amber is that it ignites with ease. The ancients also said that its smoke is capable of driving enchantments and evil spirits away.

Ambers are beneficial when it comes to relieving throat infections, sinus, as well as respiratory diseases. Pliny also associates the powers of healing blindness to Amber.

In Arabia, Europe, and Egypt, ground amber was mixed with either oil or honey was utilized as natural antibiotics for regenerating tissues and healing wounds. Amber is also believed to be a great remedy against heart disease, goiter, jaundice, epilepsy, and rheumatism. The power of amber will also stimulate the natural healing mechanism of your body. As a matter of fact, crystal users usually place a piece of amber over wounds in order to promote healing.

Moreover, no matter how old the piece of crystal you are holding, amber will offer you comfort and remedies to flu symptoms, common colds, and headaches. If you are dealing with chronic pain you can also take advantage of this resin.

Transformational Power of Amber


Another great thing about amber is that you can utilize it to convert negative energy into a positive one. This will surely make an efficient and effective screen against all kinds of negative energies. You can place an amber in your body to energetically cleanse and activate the psychic immune system and the chakra.

If you want to protect the patient from hostile environmental energies and clean its room energetically, place amber in every corner of the room.

Moreover, amber will encourage you to move forward and make decisions in life if you are lacking the determination to succeed. Amber will help you in transmuting your dreams to practical reality. With the help of amber, you will be able to determine your real worth not only for yourself but to other persons too.

How to Harness the Powers of Amber

When harnessing the amber’s power, simply hold a piece above your head. Then imagine the amber is melting bit by bit pouring a protective coating around your aura to in order to seal it

However, do not put your amber to direct heat and it shouldn’t be left under the sun for a long period of time. It is because it will make Amber brittle.

It is also helpful to always bring a piece with you so that its healing powers will become closer to your body. But if you are planning to utilize Amber to cleanse or purify your room you can place pieces in various parts of your space.


Amber is indeed a lovely item and a strong healer that will give you a potent sense of healing. What’s more, it is one of the oldest and most coveted stones since it’s basically made by life and light. Last but not least, it is an amulet of beauty and has been depicted solidified sunlight for a very long time.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article.

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