The Healing Crystals for Sexual Problems

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Looking for the best crystals for healing sexual problems? Check out this article for more details.

Sexuality is one of the basic human needs and a sexual relationship that is satisfying and harmonious contributes substantially to a happy and loving relationship. If the desires and needs of both partners can be lived openly and with sensitivity, there’s hardly anything that creates more joy in life.

Unfortunately, for most reasons, sex is usually burdened with more problems than actually creating happiness. And there are a host of phenomena that are involved in causing such a contradictory situation.

These include:

  • Hostile upbringing towards the body and desire
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Unpleasant experience
  • Fears (including those of an unwanted pregnancy)
  • Conflicts between couples
  • Communication problems
  • Inhibitions
  • Fear of sexual failures
  • The pressure to perform well
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Withholding wishes and fantasies

These all impede the joy of sex and turn it into an arena of conflict or battleground.

Thus, the real solution to overcoming sexual problems is the need for clarification of the causes that can be achieved through having an open dialogue with your partner or with the assistance of a therapist.

The crystals below, however, serve in raising the desire for or the delight in sex. Not only do these crystals help improve sexual activity, increasing enjoyment and pleasure, but they also improve your emotional and physical preconditions for a truly fulfilled sexual life.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing sexual problems.

Crystals For Healing Sexual Problems


crystals for healing sexual problems

As its fiery name indicates, this potent crystal can improve erotic attraction. It encourages the unrestrained acting out of your desires and brings pleasure during sex. Fire opal makes you impulsive and spontaneous ad quickly dispels bad moods, disturbing thoughts, feelings of guilt, and other inhibitions.

Not only that, but this crystal is also helpful with a lack of orgasm or impotence. However, it should not be used if there’s a tendency towards premature ejaculation.

Garnet Pyrope

Another crystal with fiery vibrational energies, garnet pyrope, helps you to overcome taboos and inhibitions. Particularly, when obsolete or seemingly meaningless moral views is at the root of the problem.

It furthers harmonious and active sexuality and is helpful with frigidity, potency problems, or any sense of disgust and antipathy towards sex.


crystals for healing sexual problems

This potent stone is helpful with sexual problems that are based on any negative or unfortunate previous experiences.

It will identify any lingering fears and injurious images, bringing them to the light and helping you talk about them. This way, malachite can support the therapeutic processes and eliminate the feelings of bashfulness and shyness, allowing you to express and act out sexual needs and wishes.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

A premier stone of the heart chakra, the rose quartz improves your sexuality, tenderness, and romance. It can help you overcome sexual problems by enhancing openness and empathy with a partner.

Not only that, but it also helps you relieve the negative experiences of the past. Physically, rose quartz helps in improving circulation in the genitals, thus, increasing the sense of sexual desire.


Ruby is a potent one in bringing a new passion into the greyness of your everyday life. This makes it easier to let go of the pressure to perform and alleviating false expectations and your fear of failure.

Not only that, but its strong vibrational energies can also stimulate active sexuality and bringing about comfortable sexual well-being and pleasurable feeling about sex.

Serpentine + Rutile Quartz

crystals for healing sexual problems

Serpentine can improve gentle, tender sexual activity and relieving stress, nervousness, and fear. Not only that, but it also helps women who could not previously achieve orgasm because of their feelings of tension during sex.

Rutile quartz, on the other hand, can encourage a fulfilled sexuality where feelings of guilt and fear create problems. It particularly helps with sexual problems that are a consequence of extreme tension, for instance, problems with premature ejaculation or potency.



Thulite can improve your sensuality, desire, and sexuality. It encourages you to act out your wishes and fantasies and helping you overcome any deeply-rooted blockages resulting from previous negative experiences, feelings of guilt, an upbringing that is hostile towards sex, the pressure to perform, outright fear, and the effects of bad moods.

It assists in attaining a more natural and relaxed attitude towards sex and making it possible for men, in particular, to let go for once.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re having trouble with your sexuality or in bed, these crystals can help in healing sexual problems. For all of these crystals, you can wear them as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant. Or you can place a tumbled stone under the pillow.

Other than that, a famous and much-appreciated ploy is to spend time in a circle of chosen crystals, raw or tumbled arranged around your bed.

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