The Power of Serpentine

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The Power of Serpentine (1)

Have you ever heard about the power of serpentine? If not, and you’re interested to learn more about this stone, then you’re in the right place.

Serpentines are found in many different places all over the world like South Africa, the USA, Brazil. Zimbabwe. Britain, Russia, Australia, Norway, and Italy. In fact, this stone was highly respected by the Aztec civilization.

The meaning of Serpentine comes from the Greek term “Serpens” which means snake. It is because of the manner that several pieces of Serpentine look like snakeskin.

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Serpentine, on the other hand, is a common stone. And even though it is predominantly in the shade of green from fairly light to darker green, Serpentine may include white and yellow, brownish-yellow, brownish-red, and greenish-black colors. However, keep in mind that the color of Serpentine will depend on the place where it comes from.

In the actual fact, the name of this stone will give you an idea as to what one of its powerful metaphysical properties may be. Serpentine is one of the safest crystals that you can use if you wish to activate the Kundalini.

Also known as the “Serpent Power”, thee kundalini power/energy is alleged to be present in the base of your spine, wrapped 3 ½ times around the sacrum until stirred.

Since it is a part of the process when it comes to raising kundalini energies, Serpentine is believed to be extremely effective and potent to use.

Read on to learn more details about Serpentine.

The Power of Serpentine: Kundalini Power

Chakra Correspondence

The power of this stone will move up the spine from your base chakra until it will emerge at your crown chakra. But the good thing about this stone is that it will energize and at the same time purify all the chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Serpentine can aid in regulating insulin and balancing magnesium and calcium. It also acts as a pain reliever.

This stone, on the other hand, is good for the pancreas, heart, adrenals, endocrine system, lymphatic and detoxification processes, blood, and cellular memory.


Depending on the type, Serpentine holds an earthy to high vibration. As a matter of fact, its vibration can assist you most especially if you want to heal the earth.

Legendary Power of Serpentine

Legendary Power of Serpentine

Serpentine has a long tradition of protecting against scorpion and snake bites. This stone draws poison from wounds. The medieval Peterborough Lapidary gives a comment on the sweet smell of Serpentine saying “it’s good for venum.”

Utilized for the medicine cup, Serpentine will help in increasing the efficacy of a prescribed remedy. In ancient Egypt, the stone scarabs were put in the ground with the dead to guide passage through the afterlife.

When you place it on your heart you will also need to read this inscription “I am reunited with the earth. I am not dead I am in Amenti. I am now a pure spirit for eternity.”

Moreover, serpents have long been represented divine wisdom as well as power. To amplify your serpent power, you can place it on the base of your spine.

Kundalini, in case you didn’t know, is a tantric and magical combination of feminine and masculine sexual currents, a delicate electromagnetic energy that will potentize chakras and ignite the flames, spiritual love, bringing union that has divine.

When passed upward and awakened through all your chakras, kundalini will curl back to lie above your sacral chakra.

Further, in the Dantien, it mergers carnal desire, a sense of personal power, and expanded awareness into a powerful creative force.

Dark green Serpentine or Picrolite was utilized during the prehistoric periods as a protective talisman and an Earth healer. As a matter of fact, it’s still effective today.

Healing Power of Serpentine

Serpentines were long valued for their healing virtues. Their reputed capability to control the flow of insulin in your body as well as regulate the pancreas made Serpentines beneficial for treating diabetes, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia.

Serpentine can also help in eliminating parasites. The infinite stone will also help with soul healing and between-lives karmic, facilitating reintegration.

Transformational Power of Serpentine


Serpentine, a potent shamanic stone can offer you a cunning serpent when traveling underworld for the retrieval of souls. It will also stimulate the magical skin shedding that will facilitate regeneration and shapeshifting.

The stone will lend verbal calculating when you need to be predominantly persuasive. It helps you in understanding the effects of previous lives on the present transmuting negative qualities to positive ones. It will also recognize the hard-earned wisdom of the soul.

Leopard Serpentines attune you the energies of leopards and help you reclaim the power you have lost. If you abused your spiritual gifts in the past life, the stone will re-empower your soul.  It will assist in breaking a pattern resulting from actions that lacked integrity and unwise decisions.

How to Harness the Powers of Serpentine

To stimulate the kundalini power, you need to place your serpentine over your base chakra. Doing so will cause it to amplify through the dominant channel to the higher chakras.


Serpentine is one of the most efficient stones that you can add to your collection. Since it holds potent complementary powers in bringing positivity and dispelling negativity, it plays a crucial role in your collection that it usually takes several crystals in order to achieve. If you wish to add a new stone to your collection and obtain a wide variety of positive effects, you can never go wrong with Serpentine.

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