The Power of Shiva Lingam

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The Power of Shiva Lingam

The Shiva Lingam is a holy stone of both the modern and ancient worlds. This stone is found in one of the holy sites in India, the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata. When it comes to the shape it looks like an egg that is made from cryotocrystalline quartz. In fact, the shape represents masculine or male energy whereas the pattern signifies the feminine or female energy. One common power of Shiva Lingam is that it represents the alchemical marriage that combines inner male and female energies into androgynous power. And this makes it a great stone for sexual healing.

Shiva Lingam has three different parts. The top part is round which is worshipped. The center part that is eight-side remains on a pedestal. Whereas the bottom part which remains underground is four-sided. Keep in mind that the round part is 1/3 of its circumference. The pedestal, however, is provided with a passage for draining away the way that’s poured on the top.

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The Power of Shiva Lingam: Alchemical Marriage

Chakra Correspondence

Shiva Lingam is the perfect stone that will ignite and activate all the chakras. However, it is mainly associated with the sacral chakra and base chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Much like other stones and crystals, Shiva Lingam is also good for the electrical system as well as reproductive systems.


One of the best things about Shiva Lingam is that it is holding high and at the same time high vibration.

Legendary Power of Shiva Lingam

The phallic shape and Agate and Quartz particles of the Shiva Lingam has a potent energetic charge. What’s more, it represents the combination of opposites, a nonduality that spreads beyond the physical realm.

An artificial lingam is molded from sandstone because according to lore, the Goddess Parvati fashioned the first Shiva Lingam from sand in order to worship Lord Shiva.

In case you didn’t know, sand signifies the Earth’s primal element, the soft texture the prudent female goddess energy, the phallus the primitive power of male gods. Shiva Lingam signifies the wisdom of the deity brought to Earth.

Furthermore, this stone signifies the cosmic egg from where creation takes place. Indian lore tells that Shiva fought a corresponding god over who had the highest power. When Shiva wins the battle, a lingam appeared in the sky. That is why Lingam signifies supreme power.

Both renewer and destroyers, Shiva symbolize the cycle of rebirth, life, and death. A lingam, on the other hand, teaches “THIS TOO WILL PASS” and will help you in moving on. In addition to that, Shiva is the god of compassion and mercy. If you want to attract love and protection into your home, add a Shiva Lingam to a home altar.

Sometimes, Shiva is depicted as “the lord who is half female” representing that the power of the universe has feminine and masculine energy in equal measure.

Moreover, the bicolored Shiva Lingam represents female and male union as well as the alchemical marriage. This balance will bring your body to a refined level of physical functioning, a superior energetic resonance making a more potent flow of Qi. A lingam will facilitate the kundalini boost that will bring soul and body into unified enlightenment.

Healing Power of Shiva Lingam

Healing Power of Shiva Lingam

The healing power of lingam works with the reproductive organs to stimulate fertility and potency energetically. Shiva Lingam will overcome memories of abuse as well as the underlying psychological causes of inorgasmia. When you place a piece of Shiva Lingam over your uterus, it will help in relieving menstrual cramps.

Shiva Lingam has been utilized to balance the fluids of your body. It also helps in alleviating back pain and with the alignment of the spine. You can also use this for treating disorders of the prostate. It even stimulates the flow of energy all throughout the meridians and body systems.

Shiva Lingam, on the other hand, will facilitate releasing all that you’ve outgrown. As a matter of fact, it is particularly beneficial for the emotional pain that will arise from early childhood particularly from sexual abuse.

Transformation Power of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam will release you from the past and psychological patterns you’ve outgrown, most especially around sexual patterns. This stone will help in opening your creativity at any level.

How to Harness the Powers of Shiva Lingam

Harnessing the powers of this powerful stone is pretty easy. All you need to do is place a piece of Shiva Lingam over your sacral and base chakras. This will help in stimulating the integration of feminine and masculine energy currents. In addition to that, it will awaken the creative kundalini energy.

You can also use this stone during meditation. One more thing, you can also use Shiva Lingam in rituals as well as healing ceremonies.


Shiva Lingam signifies both the destructive and creative power of Lord Shiva as well as superior sanctity is connected to it by the devotees. But this doesn’t mean others should provide false meaning to the picture of Shiva Lingam.

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