Lingam: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Are you looking for a stone that may intensify the vitality and the pranic level within your body? Then the lingam or Shiva lingam is what you are looking for. In order to improve the overall health, you can use these stones as they are powerful enough in stimulating the energy system of the whole body, and may assist in the overall enhancement in the well-being and health. This particular stone also holds in it the feelings of duality and unity. In this article, we will discuss some more necessary facts about the lingam including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

In various temples, there are gorgeous Shiva lingam stones, which have naturally appeared in this shape, and they’re specifically sacred to a lot of devotees. Though some lingam stones occur in a natural way, this is rare. In fact, most of the stones are shaped and hand polished by some people who are living in the area where the stone is seen.

What are the meanings of the shape of the lingam stone?

  • In the Hindu tradition, they speak to their goddess Parvati. They believe that she was the one who once shaped a Shiva lingam out of the sand and then worshipped the lord, Shiva.
  • The stone encompasses both male and female, as well as their union, within just only one sacred object.
  • Within this stone’s form, there’s also the cosmic egg shape, which all creation has arisen.
  • The shape of the lingam is actually symbolic of Hindu God Shiva’s phallus, and of the union of the god with his own consort, Kali.
  • The stones are purposefully made into a well-known phallic shape since this shape has a certain meaning.
  • It is a symbol of the universe’s endless power, sense of acceptance, creation, uniqueness, and creativity, just as the benitoite stone.
  • The stone is specifically important in Buddhism and Hinduism where it’s a symbol of worshipping the Lord Shiva –one of the Great Trinity gods.

The lingam or Shiva lingam is a cylindrical, brown colored gemstone. It actually represents the divine generative energy that is where it acquires its name from, as the term linga means phallus that is a symbol of the potency of the Lord Shiva.

Mainly, the stone is found in a lot of archaeological sites in the subcontinents of Asia, specifically in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

Reasons to Use Lingam

Lingam is a beautiful stone that is made out of cryptocrystalline quartz, which has an equally powerful and distinctive property that makes the crystal so popular. The lingam also has the capacity to charge the chakra system entirely unlike some other stones, as it is linked with all the chakras, not on one point in it.

Through this way, the lingam may help in conversing with them all in a way that gives the spirit new value and energy. The stone may also give the possessor the power of innovation as well as a creation that may help in bringing better paths, fresh beginnings, and new relations in life.

With the property of the stone in enhancing vitality, the stone brings vibrancy and strength to you and allowing you to keep having an expressive existence. The lingam is a greatly popular stone for its own capacity in developing a certain sense of uniqueness and acceptance in life of the possessor, by way of allowing him or her to see themselves in an optimistic manner.

It’s also extensively used in catering to physical needs by way of bringing balance and power, in order to help you in maintaining an important connection in between the body, mind, and the soul. One best property of the stone are its inner transformation, which enables you to achieving satisfaction and peace with you. Keep on reading to learn some more lingam benefits below!

Lingam Essential Benefits

It’ll be a basis of the utmost form of worship to the Lord Shiva and make you develop much deeper gratitude for the Lord’s ultimate authority and supremacy. The lingam might take you to success in your own professional and personal life, by way of leading you to better paths and opening some new doors, especially for you.

Furthermore, one of the best lingam benefits is –it’ll get rid of impotence and infertility from the body, thus enabling you to living a full life where you may enjoy your femininity and masculinity. Also, it’ll transform your whole life by way of making you more efficient in maintaining an amazing balance between your home and work life. Also, the stone might make you an optimistic person who may cancel out all negativities in life effectively, in order to focus on relations, people, and things who really matter more. If you’ve been suffering from back pains, it may actually help you in aligning your own spinal cord, as well as relieve you of back pains, thus making you healthier and stronger with its own healing powers.

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