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Crystals with the fiery red color are some of the most loving, beautiful, warmest, and supportive crystals that you may encounter. These red crystals have always been associated with passion, love, romance, heat, sexuality, and warmth.

Not only that, but red crystals are also a strong symbolism of physical vitality and life. They shall bring focus to the essence of your life, inspiring you to live with a purpose.

Why Use Red Crystals

Red crystals are a symbol of energy, passion, and life. They can help motivate you and keep you determined. They have powerful vibrational energies that can emotionally excite you and give you a boost of energy, raising your enthusiasm levels.

You can use red crystals when you are facing a situation that needs energy and passion. They are highly beneficial if you wish to get actively involved and whenever you need the energetic push.

Not only that, but red crystals also have the ability to empower and uplift you, curing you apathy and helping you get things done. And if you are suffering from lack of inspiration or power, then red crystals can get rid of your restlessness.

And if you are currently experiencing low emotional state, then you will need the brighter shades of red, exuding strong passion and power. Meanwhile, the lighter shades of red can help inspire you to be more caring, a bit kinder while still encouraging you to stay committed and determined.

The redness of these crystals also possesses a strong and soothing aura that should calm your resentments and frustrations, while supporting a positive and confident attitude.

Dark red crystals possess durable energy as well as silent passion, holding strong feelings and have masculinity in them. They are great for increasing commitment and devotion, allowing you to see the seriousness and beauty of life.

Red crystals can also help eliminate your indifference towards others and promote a more mature kind of love, boosting relationships. They can help inspire you to share your talent and remain tenacious when life started to become challenging.

Furthermore, red crystals are associated with your practical ability and physical survival skills, resonating with your movement and motivation.

Red Crystals for Healing and Health Benefits

Red crystals with its color that mimics out blood life are mainly used to heal problems with the circulatory system including hypertension, heart attack and so much more.

Not only that, but red crystals are also believed to be beneficial with regards to metabolism as well as replenishing your energies, so you can go on your day without hitch. The vibrational energies of the red crystals also help in maintaining your body’s heat as well as bosting your sexuality.

Red Crystals For Wealth Benefits

Red Crystals For Wealth

Red crystals can help encourage you to take action whenever you need something to do in your life. Thus, you can move towards your career goals to success. Not only that, but red crystals will also offer you the conviction and the courage to change things in your life which are no longer benefiting you.

With their fiery red color, these crystals can help increase your drive and motivation so you can achieve your goals, infusing you with the much-needed energy in order to achieve just that.

These stones should also make your fearless, allowing you to be ready to try out new things and never succumb to failures. They shall offer you the fortitude to overcome obstacles and challenges so you can emerge as a winner.

Red crystals also help encourage you to enjoy the glory of achieving something, reminding you that you also deserve this recognition since you worked hard for it.

During challenging times, the red crystals can give you inner strength so you can keep going. They will remove your frustrations and lethargy and making you realize your worth.

In addition, red crystals signify prosperity, abundance, and success. They also represent bounty, achievements, and rewards as well as joy and prosperity, whether at home or in the workplace.

Red Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

The lighter red crystals can strengthen your commitment to your partner and increasing the love for your family. These crystals should help you heal from heartaches, supporting, and helping you deal with your emotional issues.

The strong energies of these crystals can help open yourself up to new love or even attracting a new lover to you. They enhance your passion, love, romance, and sexuality in your life. They also make you more aware of your sexuality.

Dark and bright red crystals are also used to fire up dull relationships, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasurable relationship with your partner.

5 Best Red Crystals That You Can Use

1. Ruby


When talking about red crystals, the first thing to come in mind might be the ruby. Dubbed as the Stone of Nobility, ruby has adorned the body of royalties all around the world. A prime example is the Queen of England.

This precious stone is a powerful activator of confidence, passion, adventure, and determination. It helps develop courage and facing your fears, allowing you to move through them and helps experience renewed energy and vitality. Not only that, but ruby is also known to increase power and passion into your life— whether it is in your relationship or in the workplace.

2. Spinel

red crystals

The reddish spinel or the Stone of Hope and Revitalization can gives you the wonderful feeling of happiness and the joy of being alive and healthy. The stone also brings a new perspective and appreciation to the world around you.

It helps in realigning your life to one of inspiration and joy, giving you renewed energies and sexuality that is fully backed by the supportive hands of the divine and the universe.

Spinel is also a great stone for the workaholics. It helps in releasing anxiety and stress while replenishing low energy levels. Not only that, but it also helps bring inspiration as well as a new hope, allowing you to find new ways of thinking that can give you the strength and ideas to face new challenges and obstacles.

3. Garnet


 It is another stone you’d usually think of when talking about red crystals. Garnet with is red color ranging from fiery red to the calming dull reds, garnets are believed to turn your visions into reality.

The garnet is categorized into 6 types with the most sought-after is the pyrope garnet. This kind helps you release shame and guilt, opening yourself to offer and take love and moving forward in life.

Being the fieriest of all garnets, the pyrope also helps restore your will to love whenever life is at an all-time low. It relieves general phobias and anxiety, promoting endurance, courage, and composure.

4. Red Jasper

red crystals

Jaspers have long been revered by ancient civilizations and people throughout the world as one of the most powerful stones of protection, for both the spiritual and the physical realm. Dubbed as the rain bringers, red jasper crystals are powerful nurturers and healers of the spirit and physical body.

The red variety of jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance. It is a vital and gentle stimulator of your life force, bringing back physical energy, strength, focus, stamina, and determination. Its vibrational energy helps calm an emotional body to create stable and lasting energy to overcome illnesses and improve health.

5. Red Jade

red crystals

The ultimate chi stone, the red jade provides you with the energy of a warrior. It is the favorite talisman for increasing individual power and will while removing dear, doubt, and worry that might be holding you back to reach your true potential.

Also a powerful stone for enhancing physical vitality, the red jade can help strengthen your kundalini energy as well as increasing your passion for life as well as sexuality.

Using Red Crystals For Best Results

You can carry red crystals on wallets and pouches or simply wear them so you can benefit from their vibrational energies more closely. However, you can also place red crystals in your home or office as decors that can boost the energies present and increase your vitality and physical strength.

If you want to enhance your romance, passion, or intimacy with your partner, then it is best that you wear red crystals on your finger. Make sure to wear it on your left hand to spice up your relationship with your partner.

Wearing red crystals as a pendant or necklace also tells the world that you’re someone bold, dynamic, passionate, and strong. It helps in boosting your confidence whenever you need to get someone’s attention or when you need to speak in front of a crowd. Also, it helps you make more graceful, enhancing your sex appeal and all your physical features.

Carrying red crystals with you also makes you be practical and make wise decisions. If you wish to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, you can place a small piece of red crystal in your wallet or coin purse.

Now, if you want to ignite your passion and sexuality for a better and more pleasurable sex life with your partner, then it is best that you place a red crystal at the foot of your bed or your bedside to increase sensuality.

If you want to dream better, then you can place them under your pillow so you can have vivid dreams and allow you to remember your dreams. Placing a red crystal at the head of your bed, on the other hand, can help ease depression.

During winter, carrying, wearing, or placing red crystals near your workspace can help protect you against the flu and other cold-related diseases.

If you want to concentrate on a certain task, then you can make a red crystal circle or grid. You can also try this when meditating or doing yoga. This should help enhance your intentions and increase positive outcomes.

Placing it around your home can promote good behavior from your kids as well as increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Final Thoughts

Red crystals are among the best color if you want to increase your power, sexuality, and energy on emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual levels.

The strong vibrational energies of red crystal should give you the motivation and much-needed push to follow your dreams and making them to reality. They can even help protect you against fears and help heal the body of common ailments.

With red crystals, you can re-energize your body and reawaken your spirit, so you can better go on with a new day filled with trials and obstacles.

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