The 12 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Office Desk

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Do you want to know more about crystals for office desk? If yes, then keep on reading.

As wellness and mindfulness infiltrate more aspects of our lives, it is time to turn to your office and make your workplace more supportive of your overall well-being and health.

For those hectic and busy time at work, your professional life is taking a toll on your physical or mental health. Or that co-worker filling the space with negative energy and draining you. Not to mention the negative effects that all tech devices in the office have on your physical and overall wellbeing.  

To keep your wellbeing in check, your office desk needs to be a sacred space where you can retire from the stress and hardships of your job.  So, to ensure that you spend your days feeling confident and at your best even at stressful situations on the job, make sure to incorporate these 12 crystals for office desk.  

The 12 Crystals For Office Desk

1. Clear Quartz

crystal for office desk

Known as the master healer and can work with all chakras, clear quartz is highly beneficial in any situation or environment, especially in hectic working environments.

Adding a clear quartz on your office desk or workspace will allow it to filter against negative energies. What’s more, it can increase positive vibration in the space. It produces a strong shield of healing ion that protects your overall aura. And even prevents the negativity from reaching your energy fields.

Also, clear quartz will remove any static electricity around you and cancel out the effects of harmful technology waves and radiation, making it particularly helpful in office spaces with computers and other office technology.

In addition, clear quartz is also a master amplifier of other crystals, working with other crystals and amplifying the powerful properties of other crystals nearby, making your collection at work even more effective and powerful.

2. Amethyst

For those stressful and hectic situations in the office, placing an amethyst in your desk can help bring your some bits of relaxation and calmness and guiding away all tense thoughts.

Furthermore, the Amethyst stone works on the Third Eye Chakra, allowing you to see things objectively and from your highest consciousness, helping you see the big picture amidst a stressful situation in the office.

In addition, the stone also releases a good sense of kinship which works really well in a crowded office, promoting better harmony among co-workers.

3. Rose Quartz

This beautiful crystal is a must-have on your work desk since it promotes self-love and reminding you to be compassionate to others.

It can be quite impossible to get any work done when you feel any sense of self-love or compassion with others. So, rose quartz can help your embraces yourself fully and boosting your confidence while encouraging a good relationship with your colleagues.

Whether you found another reason to be disappointed, made a mistake or harsh on someone else rose quartz can give your compassion, understanding, and love, stopping you from being judgmental or critical to yourself or others.

4. Pyrite


With golden shimmers, the pyrite crystal offers abundant energy associated with attracting wealth and money into your life. When placed on your work desk and look at it every time you feel stressed, pyrite will help you focus on bringing opportunities to fruition.

In addition, pyrite can be placed over your business card, a proposal or some other documents that you are working on your desk in order to attract prosperity and money in your way.

Not just for attracting wealth, pyrite also helps block negative energy and emotions and keeping you from being emotionally drained. This should help elevate your outlook and energy, giving you better confidence to find a solution in every office problems.

5. Tourmalinated Quartz

If you are feeling stuck with a piece you are working on, use tourmalinated quartz in order to break through that writer’s block. You can meditate briefly with its protective black tourmaline energy and the clarity that the clear quartz brings, clearing your mind and releasing all negative energies that are holding you back.

6. Black Tourmaline

The ultimate protective stone, the black tourmaline is something you should never forget to place on your workspace or office desk. It as a powerful ability to absorb negative energy from an individual or a space.

As it absorbs the negative energy, it purifies and cleanses it. Then turning the harmful vibrational energy into something positive and beneficial. Think of black tourmaline as an energetic bodyguard that keeps energy vampires and other negative energies at bay.

Additionally, black tourmaline can also absorb electronic smog from technological devices like computers and smartphones. Not only does it absorb negativity, but this black crystal is also one of the best grounding stones you can find. It should help keep your grounded, working to protect and balance all your chakras. It also provides clarity on clouded or confusing situations, especially when dealing with hectic and stressful office situations.

7. Shungite

crystals for office desk

There is no getting away from electromagnetic energies put out by technology devices when you are working on the office.

Shungite, like black tourmaline, makes a powerful crystal for anyone working near or with technology. Crystal experts even recommend this crystal to be placed on an office desk in order to balance technology with nature.

Shungite can be placed by your computer or your desk in order to limit the EMFs that are being emitted from your computer device or smartphone.

In addition, shungite can help restore all your lost energy by holding it first thing in the morning, making you refreshed and revitalized before working.

8. Chrysocolla

When starting a new project, chrysocolla placed on your office desk can provide you with the necessary motivation and excitement to kick-start your project. This beautiful crystal is believed to bring in fresh ideas and stimulates a better perspective. So you can take a concept and go with it.

Chrysocolla also helps in building a creative workspace, encouraging your mind to think out of the box as well as inspiring better innovations with your co-workers.  

9. Tiger’s Eye

A highly protective stone, the tiger’s eye is a beautiful crystal that helps improve your focus and mind. Whether you are working on a tight deadline or fighting the will to stay productive, a tiger’s eye displayed on your desk can help you concentrate.

Its bright color help clears away any distractions that may have been buzzing around. it will also allow you to keep your eye on the prize, or in this case, the task at hand.

In addition, this crystal is deeply connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra which maintains your sense of self-assuredness and self-confidence. Thus, it should remind you always that you are truly capable of taking on any projects or assignments and performing it to the best of your ability.

10. Lepidolite


Another great crystal for office settings, the Lepidolite helps clear our EMF waves and pollution in your office space. It is commonly placed by computers and other devices. In order to absorb radiations and emanations and shielding you away from the negative effects.

Furthermore, lepidolite is one of the best crystals in stabilizing your mood. It has super anti-anxiety properties, thanks to its high lithium content which is present in most anti-anxiety medications.

So, placing this crystal on your desk can provide you a sense of relaxation and calmness during times of stress and mountains of workload.  It should be able to prevent any social anxiety or panic attacks that come with demanding and fast-paced workspaces. Thus, you can focus more on your tasks efficiently and enjoy a calmer work environment.

11. Hematite

This amazing crystal excels most in fighting negative energies, absorbing them so that they don’t mess up with your spirit.

Deeply connected to your root chakra, hematite is the stone that helps keep your grounded and rooted within your own skills and abilities. Thus, hematite stimulates hidden or underused skills and talents so you can do your best well at work.

In addition, the stone also helps in clearing away electromagnetic smog from computers and smartphones. Thus making it an essential crystal for your work desk.

12. Sodalite

Another helpful and highly effective crystal to have in your office desk is sodalite. This is because it mainly works on your Throat chakra that helps in improving communication.

And effective communication in the workplace is quite important in order to prevent misunderstandings that can lead to mistakes, frustrations, and conflict within your team. The vibrating energies of sodalite placed on your desk can reach out to your co-workers and enhancing understanding and communication. So you can enjoy a peaceful and harmonic environment.

Additionally, the crystal also helps encourage verbalization of feelings and rational thoughts. This actually makes it easier for you to speak the truth. It has a calming effect that encourages logical thinking so that arguments and disagreements between co-workers can be easily resolved.

This can also be helpful when dealing with rude or upset clients, keeping you cool and professional. And if you are one who’s suffering from social anxiety, placing this crystal on your desk should help you work out with your group while enhancing self-trust and confidence to finish your job.

How to Use Crystals for Office Desk

The crystals mentioned above can work from any pint on your desk. However, there are specific areas that can be more useful or effective.

For example, your body’s left side is actually the one that receives vibrational energies from crystals. So, placing the crystal on the left side of your desk can prove more energetic and powerful.

However, if you do not have space, then you can just do what works for you. These crystals should emit powerful energy from any point on your office desk.

In addition to just placing the crystal on your office desk, you can hold onto these crystals, squeeze it. Or even place it in your forehead while at work or in moments of stress in order to give off a calming vibration. You can just also look at the crystal whenever you are getting losing your focus. This is to help you reconnect with your inner state of mind and soak on its positive energies.

When leaving your office desk, you might want to bring the crystal’s energies with you. If so, you can just take the crystal and place it in your pocket to enjoy its powerful beneficial properties wherever you go.

For EMF protective stones like black tourmaline, you need to place a piece in each of the four corners of your office or desk. You can also place it near the front door in order to prevent the negative energies from coming in. You can also place these stones on top or under technological devices in order to absorb the electromagnetic smog.


When decorating your sacred office desk, use your intuition and be creative. Remember, it is your desk. Thus it should be filled with whatever powerful crystals for office desk that you are most attracted to.

The unique properties of each healing crystal listed above serve a benefit and a purpose in your office desk, helping and encouraging you to stay positive, productive and have a happy workday!

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