Black Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

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Most people probably misunderstood black crystals most of the time. People assume right away that any crystal or stone that has the color black can only bring endings, pain, darkness, death, misfortunes, and heaviness.

Little do they know that black is a very strong color exuding elegance, mystery, and formality.

In some cultures, the color black represents death or things unknown or unseen. Others see it as right and good since it represents strength and life. Regardless of the views, black is actually a positive and powerful color.

In times of uncertainty, confusion, or fear, it is easy to consider black stones as threatening, dark, or negative. However, they can provide you potential, confidence, mystery, and strong protection. And while most black crystals can look intimidating at first glance, these stones can actually offer healing energies that are beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Not only that, but these crystals also give you a little style. Since they are often amongst the most alluring and striking variety around.

As you explore the real meaning of these stones below, you will see how these crystals are actually a blessing instead of something to be afraid of.

Why Use Black Crystals

Black crystals, despite the biased view of other people, are the ultimate protective stones. They offer you a retreat whenever you need to take a break from all the hassles and stress of your everyday life. Not only that, but these crystals also provide you security and safety by hiding you from people and enemies who wish you only harm.

Since ancient times, the black crystals are made to protective amulets. They are worn or carried around, whenever people need to be secure and safe. Furthermore, most black crystals like the black tourmaline can be used to shield your auric field against harmful and negative energies. This is particularly useful for electromagnetic radiation that is common near electronic devices such as smartphones or computers.

Not only can it shield you, but these black crystals can absorb these negative and harmful energies and transmuting them to positive energies. Meanwhile, some crystals can just deflect them back to their source.  Some black crystals have the power to relieve you of your phobias or fears from danger or physical harm.

Lack of crystals can also help you achieve a healthier sense of wellbeing. They can help you keep your grounded and calm despite the challenges and craziness that life can bring you. In addition, black crystals can also bring you a sense of power.

As a matter of fact, black is the color of authority in most cultures, commanding instantaneous respect towards its wearer. Not only that, but black crystals also carries with it the connotation of elegance and luxury.

Black crystals make you open and vulnerable but exudes an inherent energy that makes you feel safe and secure. They can make you physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually powerful, filling you with daring and bold aura.

Furthermore, black crystals can also help deepen your connection to the natural physical world. They make you courageous and take risks. Not only that, but black crystals can also bring water energy into your life, flowing sensuality into your body and wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort and security.

Also, black crystals are great whenever you need mental fortitude. They can help amplify and concentrate your efforts in order to keep unwanted elements out of your life.

Black Crystals For Healing and Health Benefits

The black crystals can give healers an insight into the root cause of numerous diseases. These dark stones can help with your digestion and are great for detoxification. Furthermore, they can be quite helpful in dissolving blockages and tensions in the body, including hardened arteries.

Their blackness can also help in reducing arthritis pains as well as easing joint problems, cramps, and injuries. They help in warming the extremities and even improving your blood circulation. Some black crystals like the black onyx can help increase vigor, physical strength, self-control, and stamina.

They can help in the treatment of your feet, bone marrow, teeth, bones, and soft tissues. Also, they can help in easing the symptoms of epilepsy. Also, they are quite beneficial for the restoration and reconstruction of damaged cells.

Some black crystals are also suggested for the treatment of kidney or liver disease. They help in the stimulation of reflex points that are associated with the legs, ankles, lower back, and feet. They can even be used in the re-alignment of the spinal column and the treatment of strained muscles.

Being highly protective, black crystals can also help defend your body against some debilitating diseases. It’ll also strengthen your immune systems as well as the adrenals glands and your heart.

Black Crystals For Wealth Benefits

Some black crystals have vibrational energies that promote joy, happiness, wealth, and good fortune. However, in general, black crystals are there to provide physical strength. It will also improve your self-discipline, especially in terms of achieving your goals.

This way, you can change your bad habit or even completely getting rid of them. Black stones also exude confidence and power. Thus, you just can’t help to feel brimming inner confidence within you. That sense of authority also comes into play, so you can gain the respect and trust of your co-workers and help you climb the corporate ladder.

 The vibrational energies of black crystals also help you see the big picture. They even help you communicate with others better so that you can say what you truly think and express your ideas more clearly.

With their protective energy, black crystals can help you in your everyday work. As mentioned before, they act as a shield for your auric field, absorbing or deflecting negative energies that may otherwise drain you and make you feel lethargic. With strong support, these black crystals can keep your stamina high, infusing you with determination and courageous energies.

Not only that, but some black crystals can also even help absorb electromagnetic pollution, making them useful for people who constantly work in front of a computer, smartphone, or any other electronic device that discharges harmful radiation.

Black Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

Black crystals symbolize self-control and resilience. They have protective energies due to the absence of light, therefore making it invincible. When you are not ready to deal with an issue in your relationship, black crystal can help soothe the pressure and help you breathe.

Black crystals, in terms of relationships and love, act as truth enhancers. They can help expose your flaws and encourage you to acknowledge your weaknesses and mistakes.  You can use these crystals to help you identify sources of destructive conditions and showing you that you can grow and learn from them.

They even help bring unpleasant truths and negative feelings to the surface, allowing you to heal your soul and protecting you from further negativity. Furthermore, they absorb negative energies from the environment and other people, and then transmuting it to positive ones, promoting a healthy and peaceful relationship in any home.

These black stones bring clarity of your mind, confidence in your self, strengthening the spirit, and stimulating growth. You can even use them to help manage uncontrollable sexual impulses, creating a more honest and stronger relationship based on love and not lust.

Black crystals also mean loyalty, discipline, and staying true to your partner. Their vibrational energies can help encourage a harmonious and peaceful relationship, deflecting disturbances or negativities between couples.  

Not only that, but you can also use black crystals for healing past hurts. They help support you through the difficult times in your relationship and help you make wise decisions. Black crystals can help you move on or forget about past traumas and pains, so you can stay in tune with your present.

5 Best Black Crystals That You Can Use

Black Tourmaline

Black Crystals

The black tourmaline is probably the most powerful black stone for protection. It is the best stone for repelling negative frequencies and energies while encouraging a more positive towards life.

This stone has the ability to transmute the negative into something positive, acting as a metaphysical force field that keeps negative feelings and thought away from you.

Black tourmaline has a strong connection to the root chakras and to the earth, protecting you against negative attitude and ill-wishers while cleansing the stagnant energy in your environment.

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian is another formidable black stone for protection. This stone is formed via volcanic eruptions, combining powerful and raw elements including water, earth, and fire. Obsidians fractures like flint, with the sharp edges representing the ability to cut through blockages, lies, destructive habits, and unresolved relationships.

A favorite amongst white witches and shamans, you can also use this crystal to protect you from sorcery, curses, and ill-fortune. A great stone for an empath, the back obsidian also shields you gain negative people, bullies, or unwanted emotions from other people.



The jet stone is said to protect against illness or violence. A protective stone, jet helps guard you against dark spirit attachments and entities when you are traveling in the spiritual realm. Thus, you will need to cleanse it regularly as it can absorb too much impure energy.

Not only that, but this crystal also helps protect your business and financial ventures to stabilize your wealth and finances. 



With its metallic luster and high iron content, hematite does not work like most black stones for protection. Rather than just absorbing negative energies and frequencies, this stone creates a protective shield around you that reflects these energies back to the sender.

Thanks to its high iron content, hematite is also one of the strongest crystals for grounding. Being the Stone of the Mind, it is a great crystal to try that helps you focus and reduce impulsive behaviors.

Black Pearl

Black Crystals

Black pearl has long been used to ward off evil spirits. It is mostly made as an amulet in order to shield its wearer against malevolence. This will prevent negative energy from entering your auric field.

Full of gentle healing energies, the black pearl is quite useful in getting rid of your own negative thoughts and ideas, This way, you can have a calmer state of mind.

Using Black Crystals For Best Results

Black crystals not only look really great when worn as pieces of jewelry but they also great at keeping the energies of the black crystals close to your body. If you don’t want to wear them as jewelry. They can also be carried with you for 24 hours of protection against harmful and negative energies.

Black crystals are best scattered around your home or placed on your desk. At home, these black crystals can help stop negative energies from entering your home. In the workplace, these black crystals can absorb harmful radiation as well as negative thought from other people from entering your auric field.

You can also place them near your bedside to help protect you against the dark energies as well as night terrors and nightmares.

Final Thoughts

Black crystals are great tools when you wish to hide from the world. You can use them as a cloak so you can become inconspicuous. They exude energies of leadership, power, and authority. They help you become courageous and prepares you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually against all challenges in this life.

Nevertheless, their highly protective energies will ensure that the negative and ugly world won’t enter your positive and happy life.

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