Facts About Spinel: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Spinel is considered one of the most favorite stones of gem dealers as well as stone collectors. This stone is actually quarried for its own sake on account of its hardness and brightness. Spinel, on the other hand, is a durable and long-lasting stone which is perfect for making jewelry. Often it is faceted in cushion, round, or oval shapes. But because of its scarcity, spinel isn’t found in a standardized size. Read on and find out other essential facts about this stone including the meanings, properties, and spinel benefits.

The Meanings and Properties of Spinel

The term Spinel comes from the Latin word “spina” that means spine. As a matter of fact, this denotes to stone’s formations that look like needles.

Spinel, on the other hand, is common in round aggregates and grains. Additionally, this stone is a magnesium aluminum oxide mineral that is typically black, orange, violet, brown, blue, red, and green in color. But, some spinel stones are colorless.

Usually, these stones can be found in different locations including in Madagascar, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Spinel has healing properties and powerful energies that can greatly help you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Apart from that, it balances and at the same time heals the chakra.

Reasons Why You Should Use Spinel

Similar to other stones, there are also a number of reasons why you might opt to use spinel. First and foremost, it will revitalize all facets of yourself. As a matter of fact, it is known as the stone of revitalization.

Aside from that, spinel stones may help in releasing anxieties and stress and in replenishing low energy levels which is identical to Citrine. Spinel, on the other hand, can bring inspiration and new hope.

Its energies will also help you in finding new approaches to thinking and offer you the strength that you need to overcome the challenges that may happen in your life. With this stone, you will become more determined and persistent.

Spinel will also get rid of the wastes and toxins from your body. Due to its wide color range, spinel is also capable of opening your chakras. As a matter of fact, it stimulates kundalini energy to travel through your spine.

What Are The Different Spinel Benefits?

Here are the spinel benefits for health and healing, love and relationship, and for wealth.

For Heath and Healing

Spinel Benefits

This beautiful stone aids in the treatment of unproductiveness. What’s more, it helps with the detoxification as well as the purification process.

This stone also offers great support most especially when you are recovering from trauma or diseases.

Spinel, on the other hand, alleviates fatigue and replenishes weakening energy levels. Other than that, it dispels anxiety and nervousness and alleviates physical swelling and feelings of discomfort.

Spinel has calming effects that help in the treatment of bones, joints, and muscles. What’s more, it is extremely beneficial to your whole body, gums, teeth, and spine.

It also supports weight loss thru increasing endurance as well as physical power and controlling metabolic functions.

For Wealth

When it comes to financial issues this stone can offer you an insight. Aside from that, it will provide you the physical strength that you need to keep going.

If you want to focus on achieving your goals then you should wear a piece of Spinel. On the other hand, if you have low self-confidence or self-esteem, this is the perfect stone that you can use because you’ll have stronger confidence in everything you do.

For Relationship and Love

This stone of hope can offer you reassurance most especially when you are facing challenges in your current relationship. Spinel will help you remove all your negative feelings as well as thoughts. Instead, it’ll raise the essence of gratefulness and appreciation.

In addition to that, spinel will discharge your uncertainties and more importantly, it’ll make you less resilient to change.  This stone will also vibrate with the energies of beauty and inspiration.

Moreover, it acts as a substance so that you’ll have greater gratitude for the beauty of life and love. With this stone, you will also realize that having somebody to love you and somebody to love is a big gift.

This will motivate you to treasure the gifts and make them grown strong and beautiful.

Spinel may release your anger, resentments, and pains, particularly if you work with this stone on emotional levels. 

Final Thoughts

Spinel isn’t just a stunning stone that can be used to make elegant and lovely jewelry, but it is also a potent healing stone. It will also revitalize as well as keep energy levels high. This stone can save you from depression, stress, and tension. Spinel will make you feel revitalized and your body will be rejuvenated each time you feel spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted.

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