The Healing Crystals for Abrasions, Scrapes, and Grazes

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We’ve all been there as a kid: Running excitedly only to flop to the ground and get scrapes. Or climbing trees or even hurriedly walking up the stairs only to have an accident and end up with grazes, bruises, or abrasions. But even if we already grow up, abrasions, scrapes, and grazes are something we simply can’t get away from time to time. And while there are quick medical tips on how to treat these problems, today we are going to tackle about the crystals for healing abrasions, scrapes, and grazes

But, first let’s talk about abrasions, scrapes, and grazes.

In general, abrasions are injuries of an area of the skin that is caused by scraping or coming in contact with rough surfaces. While they may only bleed a little, they can produce an annoying pain and discomfort where the sensitive nerve endings of the skin have been damaged.

Additionally, there is a real danger of pus formation and infection, especially with an abrasion where dirt and other debris entered the area.

The minimal bleeding is not enough to wash away the germs and dirt that came in contact. Abrasions should always be rapidly treated with medical disinfectants before covering the wound. Also, take note that the larger areas of abrasions may need treatment from a professional medical doctor.

It’s possible to use a repeat process for the faster improvement of the condition and its healing if one becomes fully aware and conscious of the incident that causes abrasion.

Repeat the events that resulted in the abrasion once again— just exactly how it took place as well as the place of the incident and as quickly as possible after the incident. Do so, without hurting yourself again.

Sometimes, it requires you to repeat the whole thing several times, until the pain increases and decreases. This is the stage at which it will stop. The consciousness-raising process focuses your life energy and attention upon the affected spot and helps in quickening the healing process.

Other than that, you can also use some powerful crystals for healing abrasions, scrapes, and grazes.

Crystals For Healing Abrasions, Scrapes, and Grazes



In the world of healing crystals, obsidian is one of the most powerful protective stones. This glass-like rock that forms from volcanic lava that quickly cools, obsidian have soft and mysterious energy that draws you in and makes a huge impact on your life.

Obsidian can speed up the healing of abrasions, cuts, scrapes, and grazes. It can also provide pain relief.

So, how do you use it? You can take a polished piece of obsidian in one hand or placing it close to your wound in order to dissolve the state of shock in your cells. In addition, you can use a diluted gem essence or gem water of Obsidian to rinse your wound before applying a bandage or a plaster.

To make a diluted gem essence of obsidian place 10 drops in 100ml of purified water.


Crystals For Healing Abrasions, Scrapes, and Grazes

Rhodonite is popular in the healing world for its capacity to bring emotional healing properties. It can also release blocked energy within the heart chakra with its pink allure. It is more commonly used for healing the trouble of the hearts with its strong heart-based energy.

However, rhodonite is also a powerful crystal that can help heal scrapes, small cuts, and abrasions faster. You can gently rub a rhodonite crystal over your wound with saline for a few minutes. The redness and pain should disappear a few minutes while speeding the wound healing.

Rhodonite is also a useful supplement in the form of a tumbled stone. Even as a slice on the skin next to the abrasion. Also, you can take it as a gem essence or gem water. You can also wear rhodonite pendants or necklaces in order to support the healing process of your wounds.


Mookaite, which is a multi-colored stone from Australia holds bold and earthy beauty with its fiery fusion of yellow and red energies. It carries the invigorating frequency of vitality and strength while increasing the Life Force of the physical body.

Mookaite like rhodonite can help in healing all kinds of abrasion, grazes, cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. You can place it over the wound and allow its powerful energies to slowly heal and take the pain away.

Also, you can use it with saline when cleaning your cuts and scrapes. Like rhodonite, you can use a mookaite pendant or necklace in order to quicken the healing process.

Final Thoughts

The best thing to prevent abrasions, scrapes, and grazes is to be mindful of your surroundings. Abrasions are quite common, but they can be really painful to bear. But with proper medical treatment and the crystals mentioned above, you can quickly heal and get over abrasions, scrapes, and grazes. 

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