The Healing Crystals for Acidification

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Would you like to learn more about the crystals for healing acidification? The check out this article for more details.

Acidification, or more popularly known as acidosis is a universal process that is caused by excess acid in your body. It is a result of an unbalanced diet or metabolic upset.

The process of metabolic processes and digesting food leads to the formation of alkalis and acids in the body fluids. And as long as this continues in a natural and normal way, there’s an overall chemical balance where the alkalis neutralize the acids.

But, if the acid to alkali ratio significantly veers in either direction, there will be a chemical imbalance. And this is when the body employs its automatic and natural buffer mechanisms, typically in the form of phosphate compounds and other mineral salts which combine with the superfluous bases and acids in order to re-harmonize your system.

The chemically neutral situation is crucial for the circulation, although only approximately since the blood operates far optimally when it’s slightly alkaline.

Now, if there’s a constant surplus of acid, then the body starts to use the mineral salts from its deposits in the teeth and bones to neutralize this acid. As a result, the teeth and bones start to become damaged over time.

Also, the resulting compounds of mineral salts and acids are, in effect, waste products and toxins that can’t always be excreted enough through the kidneys. The body’s solution now will be to shift the waste on some part where the least damage happens— the connective tissue.

However, this is a situation or condition which should never carry on for long without significant consequences. Initially, the connective tissue will be affected, but the unwanted accumulations of toxins and acids cause other parts of the body to show signs.

These impurities affect the skin like eczema, dandruff, and other skin diseases; the intestines resulting from constipation and diarrhea; the blood vessels holding deposits and exhibiting dangerous situations of bursting and disturbance in blood circulation; the airways making you more prone to infection; and other organs.

Depression, stress, and emotional downs can also make acidification worse. In addition, the process of acidification occurs more often within those living in urban and industrialized societies. And those with a diet high in animal products, along with the heavy consumption of alcohol, coffee, sweets, and nicotine.

Then aspects of living such as a disrupted lifestyle, a hectic activity, lack of sleep, environmental pollution, irritation, and stress all contribute to acidification— physically as well as emotionally.

Meditation, tranquility, de-acidifying diet, and lifestyle should be taken in order to fight acidification. To help you even further, you can use powerful crystals to fight acidification.

Crystals For Healing Acidification


Crystals For Healing Acidification

Turquoise is probably the oldest crystal in man’s history. It is a powerful stone of protection, opaque and strong, yet healing to the eye and soothing to the touch with its heavenly azure shine.

Turquoise is a powerful strengthening stone, good for depression and panic attacks. It supports the assimilation of nutrients and reducing viral infection and pollution. With its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in reducing excess acidity and benefiting the stomach.

You can wear Turquoise as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet with direct body contact for a lengthy period. Or you can take a gem essence taking 5 – 7 drops, thrice a day, or go with 100ml – 200ml gem water taken in small sips throughout the day.



Diaspore is another powerful healing crystal with its pink, yellow, red, or green color. It is an excellent crystal to stimulate the mind, resonating deeply with the higher chakras. Although known for its powerful properties in healing the mind, diaspore is also known to help encourage de-acidification.

The crystal stimulates the reduction of acid within your body and the body tissues. It also helps in enhancing the acid to alkaline balance in the body, removing free radicals, and promoting the cleansing process. Emotionally speaking, it also helps in reducing stress and have a harmonizing effect.

Consider carrying or placing a Diaspore crystal on your stomach to relieve stomach acid caused by an acid imbalance.



Citrine with its warm and comforting yellow to orange color carries the power of the sun. This will stimulate your chakra, clear the mind, and stir your soul to action.

It is the most powerful stone for your Solar Plexus chakra; thus, it is powerful in easing digestive problems and easing stomach pain as well as relieving heartburn or acid reflux while stimulating digestion.

Not only that, with its sunny vibrational energies, but these crystals will also always keep you in a bright mood. It helps keep stress and anxiety away, helping you battle acidification on an emotional level.

You can just carry with you or place it on your stomach to facilitate acidification healing.

These are just some of the most powerful crystals to help you fight acidification. However, any form of crystal therapy and applying crystal would be totally meaningless without the support of healthy diet and restorative meditation and sleep.

Final Thoughts

It is important to adapt a healthy diet, cutting down your nicotine, alcohol, sweets, and coffee consumption while also taking the time to de-stress. And as you do your meditation, these powerful crystals for healing acidification can help you heal faster.

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