The Healing Crystals for Sunburn

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Got sunburned? Check out a few crystals for healing sunburn here!

Sunburn is caused by the over-exposure of your unprotected skin to the shortwave (ultraviolet) radiation of the sun. This condition can be even worse if there’s also additional exposure to the same run’s rays reflected from ice and snow surfaces.

In its initial stages, sunburn can cause inflamed, reddened skin that’s painful and has the sensation of tightness. For the later, advanced stages, the appearance of painful blisters occurs and then the skin loosens.

In cases where larger areas of the skin are affected, the phenomena are very similar to those after burns. In such cases, you need to seek professional medical assistance immediately.

Sunburn can be relieved by the application of the fresh, gel-like spa from the leaves of aloe vera or the oil from St. John’s Wort with added lavender and immortelle essences. In addition, you can relieve it by exposure to orange-colored light. It is also crucial that you drink lots of fluids.

In addition, crystals can also provide a relieving, cooling effect. Here are some of the best crystals for healing sunburn.

Crystals For Healing Sunburn


crystals for healing sunburn

This commonly seen purple crystal is one of the best ones for skin matters. Its vibrational energy can help with the healing of sunburn in its initial stage. It eases reddened skin and provides a cooling effect on the affected area.

This potent stone is best applied in the form of the Hildegard von Bingen’s Amethyst water. You can use the water to treat and cleanse the affected areas several times a day. It eases the burning sensation and the feeling of tightness in the skin.



Aventurine is another potent crystal that helps in relieving pain and discomfort that arises from sunburn. Not only that, but this crystal also helps speed up the healing process of the skin. Aventurine, especially the blue varieties also offers a soothing effect on the burning sensation and tightness of the skin.

To use aventurine, it is best to take 5 – 7 drops o aventurine gem essence for 5 – 7 times a day. Or you can prepare up to 1 liter of aventurine water to be taken in small sips throughout the day to facilitate healing from inside.

As an alternative, you can also apply aventurine for the external treatment of sunburn. You simply need to arrange a circle of 8 – 12 tumbled aventurine stone around yourself. Or you can directly place the crystal on the affected area to facilitate healing.


crystals for healing sunburn

Prase is considered as the best choice of crystal in healing sunburn. This potent crystal can help reduce your skin’s sensitivity to sunburn and the sun’s light. For such prevention, you can simply place a prase stone in your mouth like a sweet or much better, just wear it as a pendant or necklace with direct skin contact.

For the actual healing of a sunburn, you can simply place a slice, section, or tumbled stone on the affected area. Alternatively, you can also take 5 – 7 drops of prase essence for 5 – 7 times a day. Also, consider preparing up to 1 liter of prase water to be taken in small sips throughout the day or use it to wash or cleanse the affected area for a cooling effect.



As the stone of gentle healing, rhodonite helps in the healing of the skin while restoring energy. It helps ease the burning sensation of sunburns as well as tightness of the skin.

This pink stone also offers potent, yet gentle healing of later, advanced stages of sunburns where painful blisters appear. Thanks to its manganese content, this crystal can help in healing burns and wounds caused by these blisters while also helping in reducing ugly scars.

Rhodonite is best applied subsequently after initial sunburn in order to help heal the affected area faster. For the later stages of sunburns, however, rhodonite is far more effective than prase.

This stone can be applied both internally and externally. You can simply place it directly on the affected area to facilitate gentle healing or take 5 – 7 drops of its gem essence for every 15 minutes. Later on, you can increase the dosage by 3 – 7 drops per hour up to 3 – 7 drops, 3 times a day.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. The next time you lie out in the sun in the hopes to get a nice, golden tan, but sunburns instead, try these powerful crystals for healing sunburns. These crystals offer cooling energies that can instantly eliminate the uncomfortable burn sensation as well as tightness of the skin.

Take note, however, that these crystals only work best when paired with other proven treatment for sunburns such as aloe vera and other OTC creams for sunburn. In addition, for the more serious sunburns, it is best to consult a qualified doctor for the best treatment.

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