The Healing Crystals for Sleeping Problems

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Can’t sleep or feeling tired after waking up? Check out the best crystals for healing sleeping problems.

Sleep disturbance may include the inability to fall asleep, interrupted sleeping, or an uninterrupted sleeping but still waking up feeling unrested. There may also be an increased feeling of tiredness and the need for sleep during the day.

Other than physical diseases such as bad nerves and inflammation, activities such as shift work, negative energy fields near the bed, jet lag, and various kinds of emotional stress can also cause sleep disturbances.

While physical illnesses often cause an increased need for sleep in order for the body to have time for regeneration and relaxation, emotional stress and worries usually have the opposite effect. The result can experience difficulties in falling asleep or having uninterrupted sleep.

As long as sleep disturbances only happen occasionally or because of the clearly identifiable and understandable reasons, you don’t need to worry however, if it occurs more frequently or persists, then some remedy should be tried.

Of course, for the more obvious physical diseases and emotional causes of sleep disturbances, it should be treated at a causal level. IT is recommended to use meditation as an immediate aid in seeking sleep improvement.

Additionally, the use of crystal therapy can also help induce restful and quality sleep. Here are some of the best crystals for healing sleeping problems.

Crystals For Healing Sleeping Problems


Agate is a potent crystal that helps indue a calmer, deeper, and revitalizing sleep. In addition, any dreams that will be experienced will be unthreatening and comfortable. Agate can also assist if there is a tendency towards waking up early and not being able to fall asleep again.


crystals for healing sleeping problems

This beautiful purple stone can help improve your quality of sleep, in cases where unfinished business causes anxious or disturbing dreams. Such dreams are typical of an increased need for sleep and the simultaneous decreasing value and quality of sleep. Anything that you’re unable to tackle directly and put aside during the day will turn up at night and is processed during sleep.

To put it simply sleep is simply “clearing out the junk” of the day, with conflicts, worries and incidents repeated several times and often are variations until digested and dealt with. Since dreams like this are much mental work, the resulting activity of the brain means that the sleep lacks the needed depth for renewal and regeneration.

Fortunately, the clear and bright amethyst crystal under a pillow can stimulate such junk clearing dreams. It effectively deals with these unfinished matters after a couple of nights. From that point on, sleep becomes deeper, more recreation, and your regeneration cycles become shorter.

In addition, wearing amethyst during the day in the form of a pendant or necklace raises your awareness of the fact that most experiences and much information can be dealt with immediately, freeing your sleep for its true purpose of reinvigoration and revitalization.

Aventurine + Chrysoprase + Ocean Jasper


Chrysoprase, as a powerful detoxifier, is helpful when it is difficult to sleep through the night, or when dealing with nightmares. This is particularly true with children, waking up fretful in the middle of the night, freeing the mind from worrying images and unpleasant feelings.

Aventurine, on the other hand, makes it easy to fall asleep since it helps in letting go of the persistent cycles of disturbing images, thoughts, and feelings. It can help bring with it the necessary relaxation and calmness so that you can fall asleep peacefully.

Lastly, the ocean jasper makes it easier for you to fall asleep and get a deeper sleep. Not only that, but it also furthers nighttime renewal, particularly if you place several tumbled or raw stones in a circle around your bed together with chrysoprase and aventurine.

Black Tourmaline

crystals for healing sleeping problems

The black tourmaline is a powerful protector. It helps in improving sleep and bringing about rapid relaxation, making it easier for you to fall asleep and also to sleep through until morning. This stone is also useful when electronic pollution disturbs your sleeping pattern and there’s no other way of neutralization or shielding.

The black tourmaline can absorb all negative entities, from electronic smog to nightmares, and transform it into the soothing, positive energy that helps you sleep better through the night.



The lepidolite is another potent crystal for healing sleep problems. It is named after the Greek term scales, which is said to bring harmony and balance for a restful sleep.

Furthermore, his crystal contains lithium, which is ideal mood swings and depression. Getting an untroubled sleep is almost impossible when you are feeling scared, anxious, or angry. So, it is a crucial stone if you have difficulty sleeping because of such emotions.

Also, lepidolite deeply resonates with the 3rd eye chakra. This allows it to affect rest, sleep, and dreaming, and great for restoring good and calming sleep patterns.



If you have endless chatter in your mind every night that keeps you awake at night, then selenite can help in calming your mind. This pure white to translucent crystal vibrates at a high frequency and help bring a deep sense of peace and calm while removing negative energy.

In addition, with its name taken from the Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite brings a soothing and calming effect, especially at night, inducing quality sleep. It helps in creating a peaceful atmosphere for sleep, allowing you to have quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, or feeling tired after waking up, a lack of sleep will have serious consequences on your health and well-being. Fortunately, the best crystals for easing sleep problems mentioned above can help induce the necessary relaxation, resonate with the sleep cycle, and encourage a good night’s sleep.

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