The Healing Crystals for Strokes

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Are you looking for the best crystals for healing strokes? If yes, then check out this article for more details.

Stroke or aneurysm, historically known as apoplexy, is a cerebral thrombosis, hemorrhage, or embolism, a sudden malfunction in the blood circulation in a part of the brain. This may cause paralysis, unconsciousness, loss of speech, or sight disturbances.

Sense disturbances, weakness, or paralysis on one side of the body, dizziness, speech disturbances, abrupt onset of very severe headache, and feelings of insecurity when walking are some of the symptoms that can often appear very quickly and suddenly.

Such phenomena can last for a couple of minutes or can be permanent. If the attack is indeed merely a few minutes in duration and its effects last no more than a day with a seemingly full recovery, then the conditions are known as transient ischemic attack or TIA.

Still, in these cases, it is crucial that you call for a doctor or emergency medical services immediately. The faster a stroke is diagnosed and treated, the better. Only a few hours are available for some necessary treatment, for instance, dissolving of blood clots.

Until the ambulance arrives, the patient should be laid down and be freed of any clothing that’s too tight. The sufferer shouldn’t drink or eat anything. It’s because there’s a danger of suffocation in cases where the patient suddenly slips into unconsciousness.

If the cause is a cerebral embolism, then the arteries supplying the brain are blocked by blood clots. Thus, the affected areas of the brain are then undersupplied with blood. With a cerebral hemorrhage, the arteries in the brain burst.

In both cases, the origin is the defective blood vessels that are often caused by arteriosclerosis in connection with diabetes, high blood pressure disturbances in the coagulation or blood-clotting process, or, rarely, diseases in the walls of the blood vessels.

In this context, traditional medicine tends to refer only to causes such as lack of physical exercise, excess weight, too high consumption of alcohol, smoking, or severe emotional burdens.

However, often forgotten is the need for a diet with correct nutritional value, general detoxification, and the damaging effect on the blood vessel because of high amounts of stored protein.

A balanced diet consisting of organic food and without animal protein, stress reduction, physical exercise outdoors, and regular detoxification is thus the most important precautions in connection with strokes.

Additionally, crystal therapy can also act as a support prevention measure for strokes. Here are some of the best crystals for healing strokes.

Crystals For Healing Strokes


crystals for healing strokes

Diamond has proven its worth in prevention and healing stroke. An individual who has had a stroke should put a diamond into some water or wine for the whole day and drink the prepared water or wine. This way, the you can alleviate consequences of stroke.

It has the ability to cleanse the body of waste products and toxins, thus, preventing clogging in the blood vessels and stroke. It also enhances the breakdown of blood clots and at the same time, assist in the reorganization of the brain, where the healthy parts take over the functions of the damaged parts.  

However, wine is not advisable in the 1st weeks after a stroke and diamond water should be taken instead.



Aventurine is a potent crystal that enhances the detoxification process within the body tissue. In addition, it assists in preventing the formation of deposits in the coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart.

On an emotional level, aventurine of all colors can help encourage a sense of relaxations, calm, and peace. This helps in the recuperation and regeneration of the body.


crystals for healing strokes

Heliotrope or Bloodstone is another great healing crystal for matters of the blood and its organs. This potent crystal can help in relieving inflammation. It also prevents the further narrowing and formation of toxic waste and deposits in the blood vessels.

Not only that, but you can also apply this crystal as preventive for coronaries and stroke. It is also a good emergency crystal while waiting for a doctor in an emergency. In such cases, you should use a polished heliotrope section or a tumbled stone over your heart until it feels warm to the touch. After that, exchange it for a new, cool heliotrope crystal.

On an emotional level, the bloodstone can deal with the unforeseen situation. It also helps you maintain the necessary control while also alleviating feelings of panic and fear.

Pink Chalcedony

pink chalcedony

The pink chalcedony is a potent crystal that strengthens the heart and blood vessels. It relieves inflammation in and around the heart and brain. Not only that, being a chalcedony, it also supports the process of detoxification and cleansing. This will help in increasing the flow of blood. This way, it clearly eases the work of the blood vessels and ensuring a fresh supply of blood.

On an emotional level, pink chalcedony can encourage inner peace and kindness. This helps prevents the accumulation of stress and allows you to let go of emotional burdens.

Final Thoughts

Although there are crystals for healing strokes, these are not ideal as a sole treatment for the ailment. Take note, once again, that these crystals are just for supplementary treatment. Thus, make sure to apply them with other preventing treatments for stroke.

You need to include physical activities, a well-balanced diet, detoxification, as well as quitting bad habits in order to prevent strokes. As always, we ask you to immediately consult a doctor. Or get emergency medical help when you suffer from a stroke.

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