The Healing Crystals for Warts

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Today, we’re going to talk about warts, what causes them and the available treatments, both home remedies and medical treatments, as well as the best crystals for healing warts.

Warts are the small growth with a rough texture that may appear anywhere on your body. It looks like a small cauliflower or solid blister on the skin. Warts are mainly caused by viruses in the HPV family. The appearance of a wart can depend on the thickness of the skin and its location on the body.

These warts can be contagious if there’s a tendency towards the formation of warts. The virus can spread to other parts of your body through:

  • Shaving the legs or face
  • Biting fingernails if there are warts on your nails
  • Sucking fingers
  • Biting r scratching a wart

In addition, having damaged or wet skin and coming into contact with rough sources can increase the risk of infection.

They grow within the skin calluses, like an embedded thorn, deep into your tissues and can be very painful if exposed to pressure.

Most warts will clear up without treatment. This can take from several years to a few weeks, depending on the number and location of warts. Also, they typically disappear faster in kids.

However, if you just hate the sight of warts or causing you some concern, there is suitable medical help available. Some of the treatments include OTC gels, creams, and medicated band-aids that contain salicylic acid. Other medical treatment also includes cryotherapy, surgery, cantharidin, and antibiotics, which is suitable for cases of infection.

The popular and home-based remedies for warts include moistening your wart with your urine for several weeks. If that seems unhygienic to you, then you can just use the oil of tea tree and red thyme. You can also fix a clove of garlic directly on the wart with sticking plaster.

In addition, you can rub the wart with the juice of half an onion at the time of the waxing moon in Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.  If you choose this method, then you need to bury the used onion deep into the earth so that it can never germinate. As the onion rots away, your warts will also start to fall off.

Another holistic treatment you can try for warts is crystal therapy. Here are some of the best crystals for healing warts.

Crystals For Healing Warts


crystals for healing warts

Amethyst is one of the best crystals you can use for healing all kinds of skin issues including warts and infections. The vibrational energies of the amethyst crystal can help in relieving inflammation and shrinking warts.

Not only that, but this potent crystal is also helpful when itching and blisters start to appear with warts. It helps in regenerating and cleansing the affected area and relieving discomfort and pain when pressure comes in contact with warts.

The gentle water-based elixir called Hildegard von Bingen’s Amethyst water is the best and most effective way to use amethyst crystal. It can be a potent cleansing agent for the affected skin, and you need to use it without the additional use of skin cleansing agents.



Peridot is a gentle healing crystal that can help in improving the condition of your warts. IT is mainly suitable for those with sensitive skin or in cases of a large number of warts growing in your body. Furthermore, its cooling energies can also help in easing itching and inflammation surrounding warts.

You can simply prepare a water-based elixir from peridot that you can apply to the affected area to heal and moisturize the skin. In addition, you can also wear it as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet to facilitate healing of the skin.

An ointment of peridot essence and tea tree oil (10 drops of each in 10g ointment base, which consists of 4 – 5 parts jojoba oil and 1 part bee’s wax) has also proven to be highly effective.



Heliotrope, also known as the bloodstone, is a potent crystal that can benefit your skin. This potent crystal can help ease better circulation and has detoxifying properties. It cleanses your skin tissues, allowing for better regeneration and healing of the skin. This way, it can help in the shrinking and healing of warts.

To use heliotrope, you only need to place it directly on warts to facilitate healing. Also, you can wear the crystal as a pendant or necklace with direct skin contact. Alternatively, you can also take a few drops of its gem essence or drinking gem water as necessary for internal cleaning.


crystals for healing warts

Amber is another potent mineral proven to help in shrinking and removing warts. Its vibrational energies can also help in the prevention of infecting other parts of the body or other person.

To use this crystal, you can place the amber crystal on the wart in the form of a polished stone. In addition, you can also apply it on your skin in the form of gem essence for moistening and shrinking of warts.

Final Thoughts

If you unsightly or uncomfortable warts on any part of your body, you can try the above-mentioned medical treatments for proper removal. However, most of the time, warts fall off on their own. And using home remedies may help in quickening the removal of warts.

In addition, applying the best crystal for healing warts can also prove useful in shrinking and removing unsightly warts in your body.  

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