Lepidolite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Lepidolite –a stone that assists stress and provides emotional healing. This is also an amazing stress relief gemstone, since it contains lithium. This is also a soothing calming stone, which may help you when you’re feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious. Further, this is what brings an emotional healing, as well as help you in getting deeper through meditation and possesses an optimistic vibration, which stimulates positive synchronicity or coincidence. This stone’s vibration may work in all the chakras, yet greatly effective in the uppermost chakras. This is the birthstone of Libra so it might be found prepared in crystal jewelry. In this article, we will discuss interesting and amazing facts about lepidolite including its benefits. Read on to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

The meaning of the name of the stone came from the Greek term lepidos, which means scale. With the soft lilac color and soothing energy of this stone, the lepidolite is a distressingly beautiful stone. This appears in different shades, varying on the mineral concentration in it, yet lilac and pink shades are way the most powerful and notable -just like the purple sapphire. The lepidolite, while it is often found in minute pieces in larger quartz pieces is in fact, a form of mica.

Mica is a stone that is powered in making a lot of astoundingly colorful eye shadows and some other cosmetic products. The lepidolite is soft. In fact, it only has a 2.5-3.5 hardness result on the Mohs hardness scale.

The stone is found all around the world, including USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Africa, Madagascar, Greenland, and Czech Republic. However, the lilac variety is mostly found in Zimbabwe. Just like with all the other stones obtained in a certain area, the lepidolite may be somewhat difficult to find, and there are so many fake ones on the market.

We will discuss some essential lepidolite benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

The soothing energy that this stone has is something that a lot of people may benefit from. The pace of the modern life is so stressful and occasionally, there’s really nothing better than a calming, classic stone. This is an amazing stone for the promotion of gratitude, self-love, and joy, but all in a greatly serene and calm way.

This isn’t significantly a stone, which may have you jumping out of joy, yet it’s a stone that may put a smile on the face while you’re going through your day-to-day business, and if you come right through it, that might even be more powerful. The silent serenity that is afforded by the lepidolite crystal might ,make it so easy to associate better with the higher self, or generally the spiritual side.

This particular side of you may come automatically to make you a more grateful and positive individual, so the energies that are amplified by the stone will give you a bit head start. Nevertheless, the modern life hasn’t been more packed and full on with unforeseen interruptions as it’s at this very moment in the history.

If you find that it’s so hard to say no to people, to put yourself in a position first when a certain need arises and in order to get yourself in touch without the feeling guilty or there’s something you have to be doing, this is the ideal stone for you. Let us now discuss the lepidolite benefits!

Lepidolite Essential Benefits

The lepidolite may help you the most in dealing with various issues, which are either limiting or paining you psychically. This might include the issues of mourning or grief, depression, or just a feeling of being out of place or apathy in a cosmic order. Various upsetting traumas or experiences throw your own emotions into confusion and make them so hard to even just understand what we’re feeling, much fewer deal with the feelings constructively.

The lepidolite may help in the prevention of becoming caught up in a tornado of emotions that isn’t a great place for you to stay in for a long time. This might help you in making sense of your own emotions and healthily approach them to make some changes, which are important in improving your life.

Similarly, the lepidolite may also help you in making contact with the higher cosmic powers or divine, thus leading through an enhanced sense of your own place in the universe. The presence of the stone in life may remind you that things really happen for a reason, and keep you well focused on happiness and ensuing positive outcomes of life, instead of dwelling on negativities that it’s so easy to get drown in.

The power of the stone may affirm your own worth, and this may remind you that you are deserving of love, emotional comfort, success, and happiness. When we’re suffering, it is so hard to keep the said things in mind. This is the reason why the stone’s vibration on this particular wavelength is priceless in times of difficulty.

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