Facts About Tree Agate: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Considered to be a Talisman in most of India, the Tree Agate is a crystal of inner peace. The gentle tree agate can help calm your nerves to deepen prayer and meditation. While bringing focus to the oneness of yourself and dissolving arrogance and egoism. Continue reading on facts about tree agate to know the benefits, meanings, and properties of this wonderful stone. 

Meanings and Properties of Tree Agate

Agate is the name that was given to several varieties of banded Chalcedony which is a mineral from the Quartz family. Tree agate, also called as the dendritic agate, however is not banded , so strictly speaking on scientific terms, it is not an agate. Still, it is included in the family of Agate. 

Its name was derived from the Greek word that means tree-like. It is usually white, gray or colorless, displaying dendrites. Dendrites are crystal inclusions which develop in tree branch or foliage-like patterns, creating beautiful green dappling effects on its white base.  

Reasons Why You Should Use Tree Agate

The tree agate is an ideal stone for examining oneself and the self-imposed patterns and limitations that make up your life’s experiences. It is a nice talisman for anyone involved in meditation, therapy, rebirthing or any kind of serious work which requires a daily behavioral change necessary in order to achieve desired results. 

This stone helps promote inner stability, maturity, and composure. The warm and protective properties of the stone help encourage self-confidence and security. It is also an excellent stone to use during pregnancy, helping new mothers avoid “baby blues” which are sometimes experienced after giving birth. 

It is also a protective stone that can be used when traveling, particularly by air and against some traffic accidents. In the workplace, it brings a breath of fresh air to the stagnant air-conditioned environments. 

Tree Agate Benefits That You Need to Know

Here are some of the benefits of the tree agate for health and healing, for wealth and for love and relationship. 

Facts About Tree Agate For Health and Healing

Tree agate helps with health problems that affect the blood capillaries, heart and blood vessels and the as well as aiding in lowering your blood pressure. The stone is particularly beneficial to people suffering from neuralgia while also boosting your immune system and nervous system.

As mentioned before, it is a good stone for pregnant people. Not only it helps in dealing with baby blues but it also encourages lactation. The stone also helps align the vertebra of specific skeletal disorders. It helps alleviate back pain caused by stress and tension. Tree agate is also beneficial to your eyes and helps those who suffer from sleepwalking or insomnia. 

For Wealth

Green is the color of money. And the tree agate’s color and verdant shape have been related to prosperity and wealth for centuries, naming it as the Stone of Plentitude. 

It brings the energies of abundance and fullness in all aspects of your life, particularly in terms of financial matters. It brings luck to your financial endeavors and business, offering you plentiful rewards. 

The stone energies also give you a sense of security about your financials and allow you to be confident even during financial setbacks 

Facts About Tree Agate For Relationship and Love

The tree agate also helps in easing emotional pains and resolve your emotional problems. If you have a difficult and hurting relationship, the energies of tree agate can help heal these out. It helps dissolve conflicts, quarrels, and disagreements and promote more live, forgiveness and kindness. 

It also removes the feelings of pride and arrogance, making more room for gratitude and humility. It brings a sense of security in a solid relationship and helps create emotional harmony. 

Final Thoughts

Having an earthy color, tree agate can encourage peace with your surroundings and be amazed at what the world can give. It gives you all the confidence you need to face the cycle of life, particularly in financial matters, stabilizing your aura and removing any negative energies that can put you down. 

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