The 11 Best and Most Powerful Crystals for Protection

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The 11 Best and Most Powerful Crystals for Protection

Crystals for protection have been around for ages due to their various purposes. These crystals can help in providing psychic buffers that will keep you from being overwhelmed by persons who might not be emotionally stable and grounded.

Empaths, on the other hand, are susceptible to selecting the feelings of other people and might find themselves overwhelmed all of a sudden with feelings that they do not possess.

Moreover, crystals can offer psychic protection, psychic connections, and repel negative entities. As a matter of fact, this is very crucial if there are persons in your life who wish you sickness or angry with.

Nevertheless, the list of crystals for protection goes on and on. But keep in mind that not all of them work similarly. The crystals that will work best for you may not work for others and will depend on what is affecting you at the moment. The type of protection will also determine what is the crystal you need to use.

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The 11 Crystals for Protection

Jed Stone

This stone helps in clearing internalized emotional energies, actually, it absorbs energies more than it will emit them.

If you get effective by someone’s emotions, this crystal for protection will draw them away from your system. Jed stone, however, needs to be cleaned on a regular basis when you are utilizing it heavily.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the crystals that you need to keep in your personal auric fields at all times.

If you’re a spiritual worker, you can greatly benefit from stone’s capability to offer psychic protection. Smoky quartz will protect you from any type of negative and transmute this energy.

This crystal for protection will ground bad energies back to the earth. If you’re working on developing or improving your metaphysical and psychic abilities, you surely need this crystal.

Another great thing about Smoky Quartz is that it will absorb a considerable amount of negativity from many different resources making it one the best crystals to utilize for protection.


In the actual fact, Amber is not a crystal rather a tree resin. But since it has a lot of protective qualities, we have included it on our list.

In several cultures, Amber was usually brought around for protection on a long trip or travel. It is such a cheerful and bright color that will brighten up your day. Not only that, Amber has been know to protect people who have it around or wear it, from depressive tendencies and suicidal.

Amber, on the other hand, is ideal for people who are currently recovering from sickness. It helps by absorbing negative energies and pains, letting the body do what it does.


Amethyst is also one of the most popular crystals that possess a plenty of protective properties because of its high vibrational energies.

This is also a calming and lovely crystal that transforms negative energies into a positive one. In fact, this is very useful if you want to stay away from negative people as well as situations.

Amethyst can also help in achieving higher vibrational conditions most especially if you are meditating. As a result, the crystal will help you in clearing your mind, getting rid of any negative thought, and focusing on everything you’re grateful and appreciative in your life.



Similar to other crystals in this list, labradorite will also protect you from psychic attacks, fixations, and ill wishes.

Psychic attacks may take on various forms. When people talk at your back, hate you, utter hurtful words, and wish for your downfall, then you are obviously subject to psychic attacks. Take note you need to have a piece of labradorite as soon as possible.

This crystal for protection will assist you when there are persons who are fixated on you as romantic possibilities but you do not feel the same way.

Labradorite will also protect you from those who want to get something for you but you do not want to get. It even protects you from people trying to suck all your energies just to fill their need, lack, and void.

When this crystal is worn, it will put a protective armor or shield over the heart chakra. This will keep you safe while you are riding out the pains of other people.


This crystal will line your energy signatures in order to keep sorcery, psychic attacks, and curses away.

Whether you believe it or not, some people tend to do black magic to bring down the worst harm possible on someone else.

Truth be told, black magic is not fake. As a matter of fact, it can be utilized even in the best person in the world. Fluorite will cloak your aura and take off the radar. Demoralize arrows being delivered in your way will miss their target when you have a piece of this crystal for protection.

Fire Agate

crystals for protection

It is a protection crystal that possesses powerful energies that will help you in sharpening your desire to bravely act when you are not 100 percent sure what is the best course to take.

Fire Agate will help you feel grounded as well as more physically cautious. It will even arouse the fire within your spirit. Not only that, it possesses energies that are calming and at the same time soothing.

Fire Agate, on the other hand, will bring feelings of safety and security. What’s more, it is known to make powerful shields around your body. It will also give you protection on a psychic level.

This crystal is distinct since it is capable of sending back negative energies to where they came from. It will reduce your fear so that you do not feel halted by it.

Last but not least, Fire Agate possesses calming energies that will make you feel protected at all times, that is why it is highly recommended that you have a piece of this crystal always.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is popularly known for its capability to transform and cleanse negative energies. In fact, it is also considered one of the most powerful crystals for protection as it will repel negative energies from the receivers and return it to the senders.

Black tourmaline can also get rid of energy stagnancies and blocks such as stress, anxiety, and fear. It will correspond to the root chakra or base chakra, thus it is best that you wear this stone near to the lower part of your so that your energy will be grounded. You can also Black Tourmaline near electronics that can fool energy.

When it comes to the transmutative energies of this stone they are actually intense that makes Black Tourmaline one of the most sought-after varieties of Tourmaline.


Hematite is known to make protective environments around the body. It is like a type of reflective protection around the people who wear it. This crystal is perfect to use during meditation as it can block distractions as well as other focusing disruptors.

Hematite, a crystal for negative thoughts can make protection that will reflect negative feelings, thoughts, and energies back to their main source.

What’s more, Hematite is extremely beneficial for problems that surround the base or root chakra. It is also worth mentioning that this stone eases feelings of unsafety, irrational fears, and worry.

Spirit Quartz

This crystal will help in reducing your fear, strengthening your attachments with land and house spirits, and boosting your natural defense.

Spirit quart’s main strength is that is will dampen the effects of fears on you. Though it doesn’t make it totally go away, it will alleviate the consequence of your fears. This is actually important since as soon as you release your power to your fears, you are offering power to the cause as well.

Keep in mind, that fears have weakening effects on your defenses and psyche. If you allow your fears to affect you, you’re also opening the doors to whatever wants to hurt or harm you.

Wearing a piece of Spirit Quartz will help you hold on the power and shut down the doors.

Blue Kyanite

If you are experiencing lying, coercion, manipulation, or bullying, Blue Kyanite can greatly help you. This crystal will keep your head clear of anxious thinking, second-guessing, worried, and self-doubt. It will also help you understand better and be cautious about what is being communicated. Blue Kyanite is extremely useful in cases of cult influences and brainwashing. Lastly, this crystal will help in clearing the direction of your financial success and will aid you to have the correct frame of mind at all times.

How to Use Crystals for Protection

Each one of use has needs for protection. What’s more, you need to accept the fact negative influences are always present around you that may bring dangers to your home, loved ones, happiness, business, personal sense of safety, and quality of life. Because of the world, you are living in, you really need shields from negative influences or energies such as physical dangers, diseases, over sensitivity, emotional distress, psychic attacks and among others.

Fortunately, crystals for protection come into existence. However, if you are wondering how to use such crystals, check out the different ways below.

  • Use for small pieces of quartz crystals to protect your house make sure they have the same size. Put them in the 4 corners of your home with the faceted point facing up. Make sure to place them in a place where they won’t be disturbed and removed accidentally.
  • Wear these crystals as a piece of jewelry in your body or as a tumbled stone to protect yourself.
  • Place a protection crystal inside your vehicle to protect yourself while traveling. If possible place in your car’s console securely to prevent it from rolling.
  • If you want to protect yourself from the electromagnetic waves of your gadget or your computer, place a crystal for protection on your workspace or office desk.

As a piece of advice, it is highly recommended that you wear any of the above-mentioned crystals for protection wherever and whenever. Because, you never know when someone else or something is damaging your spirit, body, and mind.


We hope that you now feel confident in determining which crystals are the best for protecting your loved ones and yourself.

In fact, nothing will feel as great as peace of mind when you have eliminated all negative energies and influences and set crystal grids for protection around your personal space, home, and bedroom.

Nevertheless, follow the ways mentioned above to start using crystals for protection and reap all the benefits associated with them.

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