The Power of Amphibole Quartz

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In today’s post, we will talk about the power of amphibole quartz. So, if you want to learn more about this stone, check out this article.

A crystal with high vibrations, the Amphibole Quartz is mainly used for meditations. With its power of angelic presence allowing its user to create close contact with the higher realms and allow you to seek enlightenment to the spiritual world.

It is a type of quartz found only in Brazil, making it a very rare crystal. Its name comes from the group of minerals called Amphibole. These crystals are usually very lightly colored and sometimes even colorless. It is mainly found in white color with a touch of orange, yellow, red, peach, brown, red, pink, or gold in it.

This beautiful crystal is also called the Angel Phantom Quartz due to the “phantoms” appearing in the crystal because of the amalgamation of different kinds of minerals. Another name for it is “Angel Wing Phantom” referring to the white marking withing its crystalline structure that looks like angel wings.

The Power of Amphibole Quartz: Angelic Presence

  • Chakra Correspondence

The Amphobile Quartz or more commonly called the Angel Phantom Quartz is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation, helping you establish a connection with your guardian angel and other divine presence and being in the angelic realms.

This crystal features a beautiful sweet energy that resonates deeply with your higher chakras. This high energy at the higher chakras makes the Amphibole Quartz a great stone for meditating and in assisting to connect with your higher self and to the Divine realm.

This crystal resonates deeply with the crown chakra, third eye chakra, stellar gateway, higher heart chakra or thymus, soul star chakra as well as the higher transpersonal chakras, leading you to a greater sense of higher purpose.

This will allow you to perceive yourself, your personal power, and your inner strength in a new light where you’ll convince of the greatness that you’re capable of.

  • Physiological Correspondences

The amphibole quartz also has certain physical benefits  which are the result of the power of the crystal to reduce and eradicate stress from all aspects of your life and preventing you from taking any unnecessary tensions.

Also, the Amphibole Quartz corresponds mainly with the immune system, strengthening and improving its functioning to protect you against infections and common diseases.

Take note, however, that this crystal corresponds best at the spiritual and subtle levels instead of physical aspects.

  • Vibration

The vibration of the amphibole quartz can vary slightly from each other depending on the mixture of colors. However, regardless of its color, there’s a strong flow of calm and exceptionally high vibrational energies, since they embody highly potent energies and vibrations to contact the divine and angelic realms.

Legendary Power of Amphibole Quartz

Amphibole Quartz

In modern crystal lore, the Amphibole Quartz is fame for having a strong angelic presence. Synonymous with the Archangel Gabriel, this crystal you can use it to call in higher beings and guardian angels.

Angels are vast energetic force fields with extremely rapid oscillating frequencies that allow them to travel and traverse several dimensions. However, they can appear in any guide when interacting with us humans.

In the Apocrypha, Jewish Old Testament, Koran, Christian New Testament, and numerous older writings like the Mesopotamia creation myths and chronicles, tells encounters with angels, Throughout these books and other human cultures, angels and other winged divine beings have intervened in human affairs, offering protection and guidance, and emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 

With the amphibole quartz, you can perceive the presence of these angels and divine beings, attuning yourself to divine emanations. It does so by stimulating your mental body and raising your brain’s central cortex frequencies to prepare it for a rapid influx of universal consciousness.

Healing Power of Amphibole Quartz

The amphibole quartz functions at high levels of vibrations to bring the subtle bodies into complete harmony and activating the intuitive rebalancing of your soul body.

Holding this crystal can act as a first-aid measure when you are feeling weird or displaying symptoms of a disease since it quickly restores your overall well-being.

In addition, the vibrations of the stone also energetically heal any space, infusing it with love and peace and harmonizing it to the higher vibrations possible, ensuring the cooperation within that certain space. The amphibole quartz is also the perfect carrier for etheric-cleansing essences since it features powerful angelic vibrations and radiating it out for several days.

Transformational Power of Amphibole Quartz

Transformational Power of Amphibole Quartz

By holding the amphibole quarts, you are filling your body with utmost joy and protection. It contains other crystalline properties including hematite that helps stabilize and ground higher forces; Kaolinite that opens your inner ear so you can hear the voice of your intuition; and Limonite that guards you against mental influences and psychic attacks.

Not only that, but this crystal also helps in breaking up old patterns and allows you to reconnect new wisdom to your soul. Also the perfect crystal for exploring higher dimensions and spiritual journeys, this crystal can take you into the heart of universal love.

Harnessing The Powers of Amphibole Quartz

In order to petition for angelic guidance or call in your guardian angel, sleep with the Amphobile quartz under your pillow or beside your bed.

You can also keep it near you at all times by wearing it as a piece of jewelry around your wrist or neck. This way, you are always in close contact with your skin, activating its full potential.


Amphibole quartz will give you a deep sense of spirituality, establishing an extremely strong bond between your higher self and the divinity that only exists in the spiritual realm. For those who wish to get in touch with their deepest levels of spirituality, the Amphibole quartz will guide them on their divine journey.

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