The Healing Crystals for Fear

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Fear is a powerful emotion common to all of us and is usually experienced as a state of anxiety, awareness, and alertness in dangerous situations. This article will enumerate some of the best crystals for healing fear.

Fear is a basic and natural reaction that allows you to act quickly. This is all connected with the automatic, instinctive, and natural secretion of adrenaline into the body as a result of which out general readiness for action is boosted.

So, instead of being a negative emotion, fear is an essential and appropriate emotion for survival which sharpens the senses and offering an immediate focus on what’s happening.

A fearful response, however, is not really appropriate when there’s no acute danger. Still, most people live in a permanent state of fear of possible dangers. This condition is based upon a broad range of past experiences. Or it can be fostered by the daily stream of negative information with which the mass media provide us.

In extreme cases, fear can result in disturbing and compulsive behaviors such as anxiety, excitement, difficulties in breathing, palpitations and so much more. For the lesser kinds of fear, however, if you can just determine what you afraid of and confront it, you can eventually overcome this emotion.

For the long-term fear, however, you need to try a complementary therapeutic process in order to overcome such difficulties. The supportive and powerful vibrational energies of healing crystals can be very helpful in this process.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing fear.

Crystals For Healing Fear


crystals for healing fear

Amazonite is named after the legendary brave women warriors, the Amazons. It provides the energy that tempers aggression, taming the irrational fears, and instilling a sense of quietness and balance.

This courageous green crystal helps with the suddenly occurring attack of fears. It is especially good whenever there’s a feeling of being the victim of some overwhelming fate. Not only that, but amazonite also stimulates self-determination and the overall trust in life.

Wear amazonite as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant for long periods. Also, consider carrying amazonite tumbled stone with you wherever you go and hold it close whenever you feel fear creeping in.


crystals for healing fear

Dumortierite with its various hues is a powerful stone that stimulates the third eye chakra. The stone is also famous for easing minor attacks of fear. Its vibrational energies can help communicate the feelings of relaxation and ease, making it possible to see strains and stresses in a less threatening and intimidating light.

You can wear Dumortierite as a bracelet or pendant, so you can always be close to its auric field whenever attacks of fear happen. In addition, make sure to always carry a piece of this crystal with you wherever you go.



Rhodonite with its lovely pinkish rose hue is the premier stone for healing emotional wounds of the past. It focuses on inner self-nurturing and giving you the courage to face forward.

Its gentle pinkish color helps in dealing with fear which arises in connection with personal loss, fatalities, violence, injuries, death, or acute danger. Also, its calming energies help relieves any excessive and irrational attacks of fear.

It is best to ear Rhodonite as a pendant or necklace, close to the heart chakra where it is associated with. Also, always carry a rhodonite crystal in your wallet or pocket and reaching onto it whenever panic attacks and fear are felt.



Sugilite is a powerful and beautiful crystal of Violet ray energy, bringing the spiritual devotion and gifts of wisdom. Not only that, but this crystal also offers a protective shield of light that shields you from negativity.

This stone helps with all kinds of fear, even in its irrational and strong forms. It evokes powerful energies that offer you the courage to confront unpleasant situations and feelings, making it easier for you to recognize the unconscious causes of that fear. In addition, Sugilite also helps in resolving conflicts, but without the feeling of having been unduly compromised so that any insights gained can be translated into positive action.

You can wear sugilite as a pendant or necklace for longer periods. Also, you can use this powerful crystal during meditation. This will allow you to reach your inner consciousness and confront fear from within.

Tiger’s Eye

crystals for healing fear

With its black and brown hues, the tiger’s eye is the premier protector of the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is also very popular as the energy center for regulating fear. By bringing balance into this chakra, the tiger’s eye crystal can replace fear with courage and strength.

It is particularly useful wit fear related to money, success, or some kind of personal achievement or goals. Tiger’s eye can help conquer your fears by harmonizing inner energies and promoting self-belief, willpower, and confidence. It helps trumps any fear that relates to personal or career fulfillment.

Tiger’s eye is best worn as a pendant or a bracelet. Also, you can place a tiger’s eye crystal near your working desk. So you are always within its vibrational energies and shield you against irrational thinking and fear.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. When you’re suffering from diarrhea, try to supplement with the powerful healing crystals for diarrhea. The crystals mentioned above offer a relieving effect on the physical symptoms and discomfort of diarrhea while also soothing the emotional and mental disturbances that may have cause diarrhea.

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