The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Tiger’s Eye

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The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Tiger’s Eye

One of the most ancient talismans used with its mysterious and powerful attributes, the Tiger’s Eye is the “all-seeing and all-knowing eye”. This brownish crystal is believed to grant its wearer the ability to observe everything even with closed doors. Portraying integrity, courage, and power, the Tiger’s Eye resonates well with some crystals, amplifying and further enhancing its already beneficial vibrational energies. Check out some of the best crystal combinations for tiger’s eye!

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Tiger’s Eye and Their Benefits

Tiger’s Eye and Brown Jasper Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations For Tiger’s Eye

It is well-known in the crystal healing community that brown crystals ad gemstones are highly grounding. Thinking of the brown hue, you imagine a dirt path in the dark woods, showing you the way while protecting you from being lost on your journey. 

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for the mind, preventing scattered thoughts, balancing emotional extremes, easing negative feelings, and bringing your stability and focus. Meanwhile, the brown jasper has been called the “healer of the spirit” and the “stone of wisdom and courage”. This makes it a powerful stone for protection and security as well as healing and nurturing.

So, as the tiger’s eye heal the mind and increasing focus, the brown jasper helps in healing the spirit while encouraging wisdom as well as protecting you from further negativities.

Both brown stones are also highly beneficial for resolving internal battles and dilemmas caused by pride and jealousy. Both stones promote emotional awareness, alleviating the toxic and negative forms, repairing your aura, and bringing about balance and stability in your emotional life.

Yellow Tiger’s Stone and Sunstone Combination Benefits

For the healing of your solar plexus chakra, a combination of yellow tiger’s stone and sunstone offers awesome benefits and strong vibrational energies.

Known as the Stone of Courage, the yellow variety of Tiger’s eye gemstone resonates deeply with your solar plexus chakra. With its powerful yellow energy, the tiger’s eye helps shield you from any foreign attacks, especially on your solar plexus chakra.  

Now, as the tiger’s eye gives you the courage and protection you need, the sunstone, on the other hand, provides optimism and positive vibrational energies from the sun. This helps instill self—confidence, and self-esteem, allowing you to stay focused and reach your goals in no time.

AS the sunstone exudes energies of light, happiness, hope, and optimism, the yellow tiger’s eye help replenish your low solar plexus energy and strengthening your willpower and motivation. You will need both self-confidence and courage to take a new step forward and combining these two crystals will give it to you.

With these two powerful crystals, you get the self-confidence and courage to take risks, trust your gut feelings, and unleashing your full capability, while reversing any feelings of utter embarrassment from failures!

Tiger’s Eye and Citrine Combination Benefits

If you need luck, wealth, and abundance in your life, then partnering the beautiful tiger’s eye with the luck-attracting citrine is a great idea.

Citrine is a popular stone for attracting wealth and abundance into your life. With its vibrant golden hue, the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone” can bring financial wealth and success.

Meanwhile, featuring a beautiful mixture of golden and brown strands across its crystalline structure, the tiger’s eye is not only a beautiful accessory that elevates your look, but also helps bring good luck and abundance into your life!

As the citrine helps in your manifestation of wealth and carrying the power and might of the sun that brings about abundance, the tiger’s eye brings about the willpower and courage of the tiger, offering you a dynamic combination of earth and solar energy so you stay grounded and be sensible with money as well as protecting you from greed.

In addition, citrine helps in improving your mood, bringing optimism to your life, and encouraging generosity while the tiger’s eye helps you make smart financial decisions and increase your fortune-attracting ability.

Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite Combination Benefits


Tiger’s eye and pyrite are both great birthstones for the Leo zodiac sign. Both stones offer powerful grounding and stabilizing properties. While pyrite resonates with earth and fire energies thanks to its gleaming and fiery beauty. The tiger’s eye can harness the sun and earth energy that grounds you to the earth while giving you’re the courage and positivity of the sun.

With the polarizing attributes of the tiger’s eye, it helps bring balance to an overemotional body, making it a powerful tool for releasing fears and guilt as well as stabilizing your mood swings. Meanwhile, the pyrite with its fire energy helps generate your self-confidence in your own power, giving you the chance to act and tap on your potential and abilities.

 AS talismans, this one of the best crystal combinations for tiger’s eye is unique protectors. They draw energy from the earth through the physical body and into your auric field, creating a powerful defensive shield against all negative influence and energies, emotional attack, physical attacks, and environmental pollutants.

Giving you the courage, willpower, and self-confidence, both stones also support the spirit of boldness and assertive action. They allow you to take the risk and explore your talents and passion while ensuring that you stay humble and grounded.

Clear Quartz and Amethyst Combination Benefits

This combination is perfect for enhancing your intuition and connecting to your higher self. Clear quartz amplifies the energy of amethyst, helping you to access intuitive insights and connect to your spiritual guides. The combination of these two crystals is also great for calming the mind and helping you to relax.

Final Thoughts

With its radiant and warm energies from the Earth and Sun, the Tiger’s Eye brings about awareness and stability, focus, grounding, willpower, and courage. There are several great combinations with this mystic gemstone, but the ones above are the best you can try out.

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