The Power of Tiger’s Eye

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The Power of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful stone that is known for its power of deflection. In fact, it is capable of deflecting unwanted negative energies and attracting good fortune and good luck in your life. But aside from that, the power of Tiger’s Eye also represents the fearlessness, power, and courage of the tiger, worshipped all over the world and throughout history.

In ancient and modern Chinese culture this stone belongs to the group of twelve zodiac animals. The tiger is a monarch of the material world, it means everything physical that you may experience with the senses such as matter, light, and sound.

In Egypt, the attractive bands of gold and orange have shown in the Tiger’s Eye represented the rays of the sun trapped in the eye of this holy beast. The beauty of Tiger’s Eye was considered one of the most valued gemstones of the Nile River Valley.

Nevertheless, keep on reading to learn more about Tiger’s Eye.

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The Power of Tiger’s Eye: Deflection

Chakra Correspondence

According to the philosophy of Hindu, chakras are the seven different points located about your body that influence your mental well-being and health. Every point comes with an equivalent color and a stone in that certain color can be utilized to unblock or help a chakra that is functioning poorly.

Since Tiger’s Eye is generally yellow, golden brown, and orange coloring, usually you can associate it with the solar plexus, root, and sacral chakras. Or the lower three chakra points.

Physiological Correspondence

Tiger’s Eye will strengthen the bones and may aid you to recover more rapidly from fractured or broken bones and spinal or neck injuries.

Moreover, this stone is beneficial for the throat, brain, eyes, liver, and reproductive system.


Tiger’s Eye holds an earthy and high vibration that is favorable to seeking to reach transcendental states of relaxed consciousness.

Legendary Power of Tiger’s Eye

Legendary Power of Tiger's Eye

Roman soldiers are using protective Tiger’s Eye talismans in order to deflect weapons in the battle. As a matter of fact, this stone appears to have been famed as wolf stone and oculus belus that is dedicated to Belus, the Mesopotamian god that would make it utilize ancient indeed.

Considered to be all-seeing, Tiger’s Eye has been viewed as the crystal of fortune for a long period that will protect your resources and defend you from swearwords.

The bands of Tiger’s Eye are made using the needles of asbestos fibers or amphibole that have full-grown synchronously interlayered with quartz. As a result, it will give off chatoyancy, an iridescent rippling reflection of the light on the surface that looks light when regarded from one direction and dark from another, particularly when refined. Keep in mind that the iron or chatoyancy in the stone will deflect negative energy.

Healing Power of Tiger’s Eye

Traditionally, this stone will heal eye ailments and improves night vision. With that in mind, Tiger’s Eye will help you see like cats in the dark. It will also rebalance your body on all levels.

In Chinese medicine, Tiger’s Eye will restore harmony between the yin and yang energies. When you place a piece of Tiger’s Eye on either side of your head, Tiger’s Eye will rebalance the hemispheres of the brain energetically.

Crystal healers, on the other hand, use Tiger’s Eye to lower blood pressure, assist digestion, as well as stimulate the repair of injured or broken bones.

When you place it on your reproductive organs, Tiger’s Eye encourages fertility and resolves ailments occurring from previous experiences.

Also, when you place it over your lower chakras, this stone will stimulate the rise of kundalini. Since it is holding the energy of the sun, Tiger’s Eye may help depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Transformational Power of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye will teach you how to use the right power and integrity. If you abused or misused, or failed to take hold of your power before, it will show you how to allow power to flow over you for the good of all.

If you’re over willful and proud or uncommitted, wearing Tiger’s Eye will develop your personal will assertively yet sensitively. Also, if you’re having a hard time remaining optimistic most especially when things seem to be going alright, carrying this stone will balance your needs with other people and promote creative concession.

Golden Tiger’s Eye will allow you to make a decision from an area of reason instead of emotion. On the other hand, Red Tiger’s Eye will help in overcoming lethargy and get you moving. Moreover, Blue Tiger’s Eye will relieve stress. Red will stimulate the metabolism, whereas the Blue sedates is.

Traditionally, Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection as well as abundance that will facilitate inner vision and insight.

How to Harness the Powers of Tiger’s Eye

If you want to attract health and abundance into your life grid either a Hawk’s Eye or Tiger’s Eye around your home. Doing so will also deflect anything that absorbs and draws off your abundance.


Tiger’s Eye is actually the stone of contradiction. It can make you feel relaxed when you need silence and peace and energize you. Once you have got a bit of experience working with this stone, you will be able to make this duality work in your favor,

Moreover, Tiger’s Eye will bring foresight and clarity into the most chaotic periods of your life. It is a crystal that grounds you and most importantly, makes you understand what exactly matters in life.

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