The Power of Tanzanite

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The Power of Tanzanite

A tanzanite is a strong tool for spiritual transmutation. As a matter of fact, the power of tanzanite is very hard to ignore. If you want to experience a major transformation in your life, this eye-catching stone can help you in getting started in that direction.

Furthermore, tanzanite will transform a negative energy into a positive one. With that in mind, all bad experiences that happen in your life can still be good experiences if you look at them from a different light.

Tanzanite, on the other hand, will make a big difference in you, your relationship, and your life in general.

Read on to learn more facts about Tanzanite.

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The Power of Tanzanite: Spiritual Transmutation

Chakra Correspondence

The range of colors of Tanzanite from blue to purple means that it has a good influence over the three chakras, the crown, throat, and third eye. These chakras in case you didn’t know will emphasize the connection between the metaphysical and physical planes and communication calmness and peace, clairvoyance, and creativity.

Physiological Correspondence

Tanzanite can strengthen your immune system and enhance the vitality of your body. It also stimulates the regeneration of cells.

This stone, on the other hand, can also benefit the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, chest, throat skin, head, hair, and nervous system.


Tanzanite has a relatively high vibration. One good thing about its vibration is that it opens you up to a completely new way of looking at this world. However, if you want to boost its vibration, even more, you can pair it with Danburite, Natrolite, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst Cacoxenite, and other high vibrational stones.

Legendary Power of Tanzanite


In the actual fact, Tanzanite is Zoisite’s lavender-blue form. Zoisite was first determined in 1805 in the Sualpe Mountains, Austria by Baron Sigmund von Edelstein, a geologist. However, it was not until 1967 that Manuel D’Souza, while prospecting in Tanzania was shown what was later called Tanzanite.

Local Masai herders tell that a lightning fire had set fire to the grasses. The moment the fire is out, they discover Tanzanite scattered around the area. In 1970, Henry Platt, a Tiffany jeweler named the stone as a publicizing trick. Tanzanite rapidly becomes a favorite not only for jewelry but healing as well, even though it’s a rare stone and much of it is created artificially.

In keeping with its origins, a Tanzanite is a stone of transmutation. It will bring Christ awareness into the vibrational field of the Earth to help the process of expansion. 

With the assistance of Tanzanite, you will be able to read the Akashic Record for your soul ascertaining your true vocation as well as the real reasons behind all the choices you’ve made on your life direction.

If you are a sensitive person, this stone may be too powerful for you. It can generate a quick psychic download that can overpower the mind. If this happens, get rid of this stone right away and change it with polished hematite or Smoky Quartz to realign your energies.

When you’re working with Tanzanite, make sure to keep your Smoky Quartz at your feet so that you will be able to anchor your body and ground high-dimensional energies to the earth.

If Tanzanite will open your mind towards telepathic influxes, use Apatite or Healer’s Gold to make an interface between you and other minds.

Healing Power of Tanzanite

Healing Power of Tanzanite

One of the best things about Tanzanite is that it will work best at the non-physical level to adjust the vibrations of the subtle body. From there, it will reprogram the neural pathway in cellular memory and brain.

Tanzanite will facilitate multidimensional cellular healing that’s then reflected in physical bodies. It will transform karmic wounds as well as spiritual diseases, raising the well-being of the body, and lifting depression.

On the other hand, this stone motivated stressed-out individuals to take time for themselves. Tanzanite will smooth fluxes and physical energies. For karmic healing, you can pair your Tanzanite with Iolite and Danburite.

Transformational Power of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is pleochroic, it means it will give you a glimpse of the unexpected and open your mind to the spiritual reality beyond consensual realities. Moreover, this stone will teach you to live from an illuminated mind and compassionate heart. This will then keep the balance between the mind and heart so you can live enlightenment and expansion on Earth.

How to Harness the Powers of Tanzanite

During meditation, this stone will connect your aura to a higher dimension as well as the Lightbody. Tanzanite will initiate you to expanded awareness facilitates traveling through multidimensional and improves clairvoyance.

If you want to improve the level of your productivity and lessen work pressures, you can put a piece of Tanzanite in your work area or office. This will make you focus on your job completely. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy a constant stream of amazing and creative ideas.


Without a doubt, Tanzanite is an excellent stone to have since it can help you become more in tune with your spirit, body, and mind. This will help you look at yourself more decently without judgment. Furthermore, it will make you realize that your mistake is also an opportunity to learn.

Keep in mind that nobody is perfect, but every experience that you go through may help you become a better version of yourself.

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