The Power of Malachite

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The Power of Malachite

A very powerful metaphysical crystal, Malachite is considered the stone of magical transmutation. This is crystal is utilized for profound energy cleaning, bringing healing as well as positive transmutation to the owners. Malachite can amplify the energy of all types both negative and positive. It can help the owner acknowledge, discharge, and draw out negativity like suppressed feelings, old emotional patterns, and previous traumas.

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The Power of Malachite: Magical Transmutation

Chakra Correspondence

Malachite is dedicated to the heart chakra. If you don’t know where your heart chakra is, it is in the middle of your breastbone.

When your heart chakra is out of balance, there is a feeling there is a sense of being out the balance of your emotions, the way you deal with the people, and the way you think. But with malachite, you will be able to understand and realize your emotions, needs, and wants.

But aside from the heart chakra, this stone of magical transmutation will also work on cleansing and clearing other chakras like the solar plexus, earth, sacral, and base.

Physiological Correspondence

Malachite can also help your liver, urogenital tract, pancreas, bones, parathyroid gland, tissue, and spleen. It will also benefit your circulatory, immune, and lymphatic systems. If you have problems with your cellular structures, this stone can help you as well.


This stone holds a deep and at the same time earthy vibration. With malachite, your auric field will be filled with positive energies that will strengthen your innate energetic field.

Legendary Power of Malachite


Malachite came from the Egyptian copper mine in the Sinai over 6,000 years ago. This stone is also considered sacred to Venus the goddess of Hathor. The enormous Malachite columns in the church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul were recycled using the temple of Diana.

Originally, malachite was utilized as a talisman against enchantment as well as the evil eye. Furthermore, the ancients carved the sun on the malachite because, they believed that sunlight was adversative to demons, black magic, and necromancers.

According to Pliny, Malachite is an innate prophylactic against danger making it beneficial for nursing mothers. It can also help in protecting children.

Throughout the medieval as well as ancient worlds, malachite was utilized for healing eye problems.

Healing Power of Malachite

Malachite is a strong conduit for transmuting the energy into the body as well as for absorbing environmental pollution like radiation, geopathic stress, and electromagnetic smog.

The reputation of this stone includes healing arthritis thanks the to tiny particles of copper it is holding. These particles will be then absorbed into the bloodstream of the wearer.

On the other hand, the Egyptians utilized this stone as a paste to cure infected wounds, the eyes, and cholera. Recently, the copper carbonate hydroxide in this stone has been discovered to have antibacterial effects, stopping staphylococcus and other pathogens. In the actual fact, this effect has been strengthened by the Egyptian tradition of mixing honey with powdered malachite, which serves a natural antibiotic.

Furthermore, the medieval lapidaries suggested malachite for treating seizures and cramps and for easing childbirth.

Today, crystal workers use malachite to draw diseases from the soul and body and to facilitate psychosexual difficulties.

When it comes to the physical level, malachite will clean and at the same time regulate the organs of the body. For the psychosomatic level, it will dissolve the more profound causes of ailments.

Nevertheless, malachite is best utilized under the supervision of experienced crystal workers.

Transformational Power of Malachite

Transformational Power of Malachite

For soul catharsis and strong inner transmutation, malachite is the best stone that you can use. Malachite is merciless when it comes to revealing personality imperfections, ties and blockages that should be removed before you can spiritually evolve, and outgrown patterns.

This stone, on the other hand, will require you to take responsibility for your actions, feelings, and thoughts. In fact, this makes malachite a great soul and karmic cleanser, activating the purpose of yourself.

Furthermore, this stone will scour away the remnants of the trauma from childhood or previous lifetimes. It will also reset ancestral DNA. Malachite will then draw in spiritual energy in order to improve the frequency of the physical body.

How to Harness the Powers of Malachite

One way to harness the powers of the stone of magical transmutation is to meditate with it. When you meditate with malachite, it will allow your half-focused eyes to follow its contours. In fact, this scrying or traveling stone will take you even more profoundly not only to yourself but for the future as well.


Without a doubt, malachite is a powerful and divine stone. It can bring a feeling of playful contradiction as demonstrated by its dark green colorings and green banded light, that will reach its energy of transmutation.

The energies the malachite holds can protect you from the negative energy of any kind. What’s more, it will make a strong barrier around you. It will guide you to take the right actions most especially when you need to make crucial changes in your life.

Malachite is a good crystal to have because it will get rid of anything that causes blockage in your body and mind.

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