Facts About Tiger’s Eye: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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About Tiger’s Eye and Meanings

The vibration of Tiger’s Eye is aligned to the qualities of discernment and understanding. Its name derives from its resemblance to the eye of a cat or tiger, and like the tiger, the stone confers courage, self-confidence and strength. It is partly made up of quartz, and will therefore amplify and enhance the vibrations of other stones if placed next to them. It is believed to be very beneficial if you are a very practical, “down to earth” and wish to open up more to your psychic powers and intuition.  It is believed to bring a lightness of spirit and an optimistic outlook when worn as jewelry and Tiger’s Eye bracelets are popular amongst those who wish to access the protection of this crystal throughout the day.

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Tiger’s Eye is known as the “all knowing, all seeing” stone and has long been revered by humans as a talisman of both protection and good luck.

Tiger’s Eye Properties

Tiger’s Eye has many properties of protection. It carries a powerful, strong vibration that helps you to stay grounded even during times of stress or trouble. It also carries the vibrational frequency of both the Earth and the Sun, meaning that it can help you to get in tune with your feelings on both an emotional and a physical level. This stone has a duality to it, as represented by the bi-colored nature of most specimens. This quality also enhances the ability of Tiger’s Eye to help you to see both sides of an argument or situation, find common ground in disputes or simply to balance your own work and lifestyle to your greatest advantage. 

Tiger’s Eye Properties

The traditional form of Tiger’s Eye is usually found in shades of brown, orange and gold. The crystals are very beautiful as the colors often occur as swirls or stripes that run throughout the stone. It is also possible to find Blue or Red Tiger’s Eye. All varieties of this stone are believed to provide powerful protection to the wearer from both physical dangers and psychic or emotional threats.

The Benefits and Effects

Tiger’s Eye brings many benefits to the wearer, including powerful vibrations for protection on both the physical and the spiritual planes. It is believed to be good luck stone in many areas of your life, attracting towards you the abundance and gifts that your truly wish for.

Tiger’s Eye Benefits and Effects

Carrying a piece of Tiger’s Eye with you through the day, either in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry, can allow you to access the powers of protection this crystal traditionally brings. It is a stone of optimism and lightness of heart and can boost your confidence, calm any fears or anxieties and allow you to make decisions with understanding and compassion.

Many people believe the benefits of Tiger’s Eye include enhanced mental clarity and intellectual performance. It is often used by Chakra and other energy healers to help to integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This can help with co-ordination and with focus if your thoughts are scattered or conflicting. It is a comforting crystal for anyone who wishes to release fear and anxiety and can help you to remain grounded and calm if you are going through a period of change or turmoil.  

Placed near to your computer or other electronic devices it help to disperse harmful electromagnetic waves that can build up and cause you to feel tired and lethargic.

Tiger’s Eye and Chakras

Tiger’s Eye can help to balance and harmonize the energies of the Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras.

Tiger’s Eye and Chakras

Place the stone on the Base or Root chakra when you need to clear negativity in this area. It will help the energy to flow freely, connecting you to the earth and to your own power.

Tiger’s Eye, especially the Golden variety resonates strongly with the energy of the Solar plexus and Sacral Chakras.  Placed in these areas during a chakra cleanse or balance, Tiger’s Eye can help with issues around lack of interest or joy in the world of sensual pleasure. It will also help to relieve tightness in the area of the Solar Plexus on a physical level as well as rebalancing and harmonizing the flow of energy from the Solar Plexus to the Heart and Sacral chakras. It is not usually used as a Third eye Chakra stone but it can be helpful for people who wish to connect their natural practicality with a more spiritual vibration.

Working with Red Tiger’s Eye and Golden examples of the stone can help to balance the energies of the Sacral Chakra. This chakra governs our experiences of sensual pleasure and enjoyment and if it is blocked or out of balance this can often manifest as feelings or depression and a lack of joy in life. Tiger’s Eye can help to gently open up these chakras so that the flow of energy is clear and vibrant.

The Benefits for Health and Healing

Tiger’s Eye is a good rebalancing stone, thought to be beneficial in bringing the hormonal system into regularity and harmony with the body’s needs. It can also help to relive depression and seasonal affective disorder. Traditionally it has been used to treat disorders of the eyes and throat, relieve the symptoms of asthma and angina and to dissolve constrictions in the stomach and gall bladder.

The Benefits for Wealth

Tiger’s Eye promises strong protection, and this includes material protection in the form of wealth. It is stone to bring good fortune to those who are courageous enough to seek it and to work for it. There is nothing passive about this stone so you will need to set firm intentions and have the confidence to get what you want. This stone will lend you courage and strength in all of your endeavors.

Tiger’s Eye Wealth Bracelet

The Benefits for Love and Relationships

To attract love into your life place a piece of Tiger’s Eye near to the front door of your home. The distinctive banding and swirls of gold and black in this crystal reflects its dual nature, so that it acts as a mirror when used as a love stone. Watch your own actions and carefully and only focus on what you want to attract in a partner. This way your own vibrations will be reflected back to you in the form of another’s behavior.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye carries a strong, dynamic vibration that is not suitable for everyone, especially the very sensitive or vulnerable. As it is governed by the Sun, and by the planet Mars many astrologers believe that the zodiac signs of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius would be better to avoid wearing Tiger’s Eye.

If you need protection from psychic or psychological negativity, and you find that this stone is just too unsettling, try wearing black tourmaline or sodalite instead.

Final Thoughts

Tiger’s Eye is a good stone to turn to if you feel the need to connect closely with the earth. As a talisman for protection it can bring feelings of safety and reassurance to the fearful and can help those who may be experiencing bullying to stand up for themselves.

It is not a gentle, nurturing stone so is probably best avoided by anyone who spends a lot of time around children, the sick or the elderly as its frequency can sometimes be overwhelming.

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