The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Jasper Stone

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The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Jasper Stones

In today’s post we will talk about the best crystal combinations for jasper stone. If you want to know more about these combos then read on!

The Jasper Stone is unique artistry of nature by its own right— a nighttime sky, golden sunshine, deep green forest, poppy fields, desert sands, red rock canyons, undulating ocean, or sweeping mountains.

Every stone variety is indeed a masterpiece having primitive and bold style, an earthy and solid form with harmonious and warm energies that deeply resonates with the primal self. Being the elemental Earth stone, the frequency of the Jasper stone is constant and slow and is aligned with the powerful energies of the planet. It provides superb benefits to the mind and body, but it can be further amplified with the best crystal combinations.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Jasper Stone and Their Benefits

Brown Jasper Stone and Tiger’s Eye Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Jasper

Brown Jasper is known to keep you “down to earth” inducing peace and tranquillity as it reduces your stress. Its cleansing effect helps remove the negative energy in your surrounding and stabilizing your auric field.

With its deep connection to Earth, the brown jasper stone is a powerful grounding crystal that can guide your way while dissolving the sudden rush of anger and panic. Dubbed as the Supreme Nurturer, the brown variety of Jasper Stone provides stability, security, comfort, healing, and strength like no other.

Pair that with the Golden Ray of the Tiger’s Eye and you should be able to have a lee of peace and wholeness. Another earth elemental stone, the Tiger’s Eye also uses the powers of the Sun to bring awareness and stability while also integrating your spiritual self to the physical realm.

As the brown Jasper stone teaches balance, the Tiger’s Eye brings sharpness to your inner vision, allowing you to fully understand the world and shielding you from the negativities. Further both earthy-colored stone are powerful for resolving your dilemmas and internal battle, promoting emotional awareness and reducing negative and toxicity in your life, so you have a better positive and stronger auric field that brings happiness and stability into your life.

Red Jasper Stone and Garnet Combination Benefits

If you wish to stimulate your root chakra, then you can benefit from the Red Jasper Stone and Garnet combination. The Red Jasper stone is called the Stone of Endurance. With its bright red hue, the Red Jasper Stone nurtures and stirs life back to your chi as well as boosting your motivation.

Meanwhile, the Garnet, dubbed as the Stone of Health, provides regenerative energies that should help in your metaphysical and physical recovery. So, as Garnet draw in the restorative energies and energizing your blocked root chakra, the Red Jasper Stone should help provide nurturing energies to your body.

The red jasper stone helps in dealing with the challenges and obstacles in your life. Meanwhile, garnet helps in dealing with your emotion while also promoting strength and courage so you can move forward in life. This pairing is powerful when used during your meditation and spiritual practices. Plus, it is effective in awakening and stimulating your resting Kundalini energy which helps in deepening your emotional and spiritual capabilities.

Jasper Stone and Citrine Combination Benefits


The yellow variety of Jasper Stones was historically revered as the talisman of discernment and protection and was used by shamans, priests, and spirit guides to guard physical travels as well as spiritual journeys. The bright yellow hue helps provide mental clarity and inner strength. And with its deep connection to the Earth, this jasper stone is superb for grounding as well as providing insight in spiritual work, deep mediations, or mind travel.

However, perhaps its greatest benefit is stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra, amplifying your courage and self-confidence as well as bringing vibrational energies and enthusiasm to your life and relationships. This makes it a great pairing with Citrine. As the Premier Stone of Imagination, Manifestation, and Personal Will, the citrine crystal carries the power of the sun, providing you with comforting and warm energy that gives back life to your body.

Like the yellow jasper, citrine stimulates your Solar Plexus Chakra, clearing any blockages while stirring the soul to take action.

In addition, as citrine takes and transmutes negative energy, making it an extremely protective stone, the yellow jasper helps you deflect unnecessary thoughts and ideas that can cause an imbalance to your emotion.

As the Yellow Jasper Stone helps you deal and understand everything around you while allowing you to build self-confidence and enthusiasm, helping you channel positive energies and attracting others to you, the citrine works interpersonal relationships, smoothing groups, or familial problems and promoting cohesiveness and better relationships.

Furthermore, both stones are beneficial for revealing false people as well as deflecting spite or jealousy by attracting happiness and love to you as well as guarding you against heartbreak and pain.

Green Jasper Stone and Turquoise Combination Benefits

The combination of green jasper stone and turquoise will bring about a sense of healing and protection. This is the perfect combo for those who are looking to heal from past traumas or need an emotional shield against negative energy.

Yellow Jasper Stone and Amethyst Combination Benefits

The combination of yellow jasper stone and amethyst will help to bring about mental clarity, spiritual insight, and intuition. This is a great combo for those who are looking to open their third eye chakra or foster deeper connections with the divine.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystal combinations for the jasper stone. With different color varieties, the Jasper Stone has over hundreds to thousands of crystal pairings you can try. Just make sure to find the perfect one that deeply resonates with your intentions and desires.

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