The Power of Blue Moonstone

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The Power of Blue Moonstone

Popularly known for its power to activate, blue moonstone is a very nourishing, sensual, and feminine stone. It has the capability to heal what hurts you and bring you back to wholeness and wellness. On the other hand, it is a crystal that is capable of carrying deep healing as well as sacred feminine energies. If you want to learn more about the power of blue moonstone, then check out this article for more details.

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The Power of Blue Moonstone: Activate

Chakra Correspondence

Blue moonstone is linked with the heart chakra, crown chakra, and third eye chakra. However, this stone can dispel and cleanse all the negative energies in your all chakras, providing the necessary support to overcome obstacles.

Physiological Correspondence

Another good thing about the blue moonstone is that it will powerfully affect the metabolic process, lymphatic system, female reproductive system, and digestive tract. It is also beneficial in the pineal gland, biorhythms, hyperactivity, eyes, hair, and skin.


When it comes to vibrations, every moonstone crystal has a different level. For example, blue moonstone has extremely high vibrations, whereas the rainbow moonstone has a high vibration. White moonstone, on the other hand, is on the low side.

It is also worth mentioning that blue moonstone is capable of attracting good vibrations that can increase your level of prosperity and abundance.

Legendary of Power of Blue Moonstone  

Power of Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone naturally occurs in some parts of India and Sri Lanka. The stone’s legendary power will lie on its relation to the moon. And traditionally, blue moonstone stimulated metaphysical capabilities.

Dedicated the Roman goddess of the moon, Diana, blue moonstone bestowed victory as well as the wisdom of the wearer.

According to Pliny, the stone changes depending on the phases of the moon, and in fact, it becomes even more brilliant during the full moon. On the other hand, its ghostly shining surface is made by the water in the crystal.

Furthermore, moonstone particularly in the Middle Ages was a love amulet during the waxing moon. As a matter of fact, as the moon becomes bigger, love will surely increase as well.

In the weakening period, Moonstone allowed the wearer to perceive the future. Actually, in some cultures that stone was placed under their tongues in order to activate its energies, connecting it to the dominant channel through which kundalini energy and Qi flow.

Moreover, moonstone is considered a sacred Hindu crystal. Actually, the spirit residing in the crystal is said to bring fortune to the wearer. One more thing, blue moonstone is associated with the archangel Gabriel.

Healing Power of Blue Moonstone

Traditionally, the blue moonstone will help in calming the soul and preventing lunacy. It even facilitates in regulating menopause and menstruation. The stone, on the other hand, will bring the reproductive system of females to optimal energetic functioning prior to conception.

Also, if you want to attune your physical body to assimilate the nutrients and minerals needed for light body integration, you can place it over the thymus.

Blue moonstone also has the capability to address fluid retention and balance your hormones. It also acts as a development stone for young children as well as teenagers.

Another healing power of this stone is that it eases the degenerative diseases of the hair, eyes, and skin.

Transformational Power of Blue Moonstone

blue moonstone

White moonstone is commonly known to encourage misunderstandings, but with the help of the blue moonstone, these are transformed into a profound spirit. This will then awaken your spiritual potential and activate expanded consciousness.

If you’re a newbie to crystal working, putting the three kinds of moonstone consecutively on your soma chakra will help with the rise through the vibratory levels.  

Further, the white moonstone will open your metaphysical capabilities and prepare you for a flood of spiritual energy. On the other hand, rainbow moonstone will infuse you with spiritual as well as cosmic light, thus you will be a part of ever-unfolding continuous consciousness and life cycle. Whereas the blue moonstone will bring you to the peak of intelligible multidimensional awareness, allowing you to be there and here at the same time.

Another good thing about the blue moonstone most especially the gentle one will help “macho” men to get in touch with their inner feminine qualities. It will also help overly aggressive women in finding their gentler side.

With blue moonstone, you will be able to balance the polarities of feminine and masculine. What’s more, it will prepare you for the androgynous being and alchemical marriage.

If you are having a hard time assimilating the energies of Blue Moonstone, reground yourself by holding a piece of Hematite.

How to Harness the Powers of Blue Moonstone

One way to harness the power of this crystal is to place a blue moonstone on the back of your neck for 10 minutes. This will help in increasing the flow of blood in the brain and relaxing muscle tension.

Further, if you want to improve your abilities and psychic gifts you can combine blue moonstone with other crystals such as:


Now that you know how beneficial blue moonstone is, make sure that you take care of it properly. Cleansing it regularly and keeping the stone away from potent sunlight will keep the energy constant and strong.

One great way to recharge the stone is by moonlight. Keep in mind that if you take care of your blue moonstone, you’ll definitely have a meaningful and strong connection with the crystal for many years.

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