The Best Crystal Combinations for Moonstone

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In today’s post, we will talk about the best crystal combinations for moonstone. To learn more about these crystal combinations, keep on reading.

Moonstone, in case you didn’t know, is perfect for rediscovering and empowering one’s inner self. What’s more, it is also good for healing. With that in mind, the meaning of this crystal can be connected to the new beginning for a person.

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Over the past hundreds of years, the uses, as well as the meaning of the moonstone, have not seen much of a standard change except only the fact that the value now correspondingly places of the health value and showiness along with the spiritual meaning of the moonstone. This will then lead to the understanding of the contemporary and historical meanings of the crystal.

Nevertheless, pairing moonstone with other crystals may seem a good idea. This is actually true for people looking for ways to take their psychic powers to a more advanced level such as having the gift of the 2nd sight.

So far, the common crystals that have been utilized in this purpose include

Keep on reading to discover some of the best crystal combinations for moonstone.

The 5 Best Crystal Combinations for Moonstone and Their Benefits

Amethyst and Moonstone Combination Benefits

If you are having a hard time sleeping, whether you like it or not, everything in your body may feel out of thump. Perhaps you are tired even though you’re getting enough sleep; Maybe you cannot shut off your mind from making your to-do-lists; Most probably the moon is keeping you up all night, or maybe you have a bad dream or nightmare.

Working with moonstone and amethyst together by the side of your bed is a good pairing to connect you to the sleep energy of the moon. It will also promote restoration and rest when you are slipping to the unconscious.

This crystal pairing for moonstone will also make your dream a good and memorable one. As a matter of fact, it is an indication that your sleeping quality is getting better.

It is very important to let your subconscious sort through these happenings. Take note, the longer the utilize this combination, you will notice that your dreams will begin to taper.

On the other hand, if your dreams are always scary, moonstone and amethyst will help in promoting lucid dream in which you’ll become aware you’re dreaming. You can even take control of the outcomes of your dreams.

If you want to take advantage of this combination, keep moonstone and amethyst together in a small offering ball. Or on your bedtime pillow on the night table.

Sunstone and Moonstone Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Moonstone

Sunstone and moonstone are one of a kind pairing. The moonstone will stimulate the sacred and divine feminine within. Sunstone, on the other hand, will rouse your strength, passion, as well as a sense of direction and order.

When combined, these two crystals will align you and promote a deeper balance within. If you are having a hard time feeling too much of a way, use these two crystals together instead of using separately.

If it is running abundant, for sure, you do not want to lessen your masculine side. Instead, you want to obtain it under control and enhance your femininity as well as intuition to aid you to boost your masculine side. These two crystals are helping one another to come up with a better combination.

We just like to inform you that feminine doesn’t mean female and masculine doesn’t mean male. Keep sunstone and moonstone on your side most especially if you are feeling out of a sort. This one of the best crystal combinations for aquamarine is also beneficial if you want to let go of your domineering side and stimulate your own power.

Rose Quartz and Moonstone Combination Benefits

An ethereal combination of love, as well as synchronicity of chakras, moonstone, and rose quartz, will make you a delightful divine individual.

The adularescence of moonstone will make it a fertile crystal for young brides, whereas the rose quartz will keep the marriage rooted in love.

Another crystal pairing for love, rose quartz as well as moonstone together can awake a deep-seated emotion and at the same time psychic powers.

Merlinite and Moonstone Combination Benefits


Another great stone that you can pair with moonstone is the merlinite. By combining these two crystals you will be able to enjoy a great balance of masculine and feminine energies within people.

If you want to harmonize female as well as male capabilities, consider combining moonstone with golden yellow labradorite.

Final Thoughts

There you have it the five best crystal combinations for moonstone. To make the most out of your moonstone, make sure to pair it with any of the crystal combinations mentioned above. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.

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