Top Crystals for Men’s Masculinity and Energy

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Crystals have been used for spiritual purposes for thousands of years. Most people associate the use of crystals with women; however, an increasing number of men are starting to use them, too. It’s well known that crystals can be used to make love magic easier to perform, but it’s not as well known that they can be used to make a man more masculine.

If you are a man and are doubting your masculinity, then crystals could help. However, you need to find the right crystals. This post will help you to do that.

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Medicinal Treatments

While crystals are without a doubt a very effective way of increasing one’s masculinity, sometimes medicinal treatments are also required. One very common reason that men begin feeling less masculine is that they have low testosterone levels. A lack of testosterone can lead to men feeling tired, anxious, and unmotivated. If you suspect that your testosterone levels might be low, then the people from recommend taking supplements or trying out TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Some other ways that you can increase your testosterone levels are exercise, healthy eating, and stress reduction.  However, you should never go out and begin treatment for testosterone until you have had your levels tested. Your doctor can do this for you. If your levels are normal, then your problems could be rooted in anxiety, or perhaps another medical condition. You may want to work with your physician to get to the bottom of them.


Malachite is a crystal that’s sometimes used to create masculine energy. Users say that the crystal helps them to identify negative patterns of behavior, bring balance into their lives, and improve their masculinity. The crystal is widely available and very affordable, so you should be able to get hold of it. It is a beautiful, rich green. Many people find that wearing the crystal around their neck or on a piece of jewelry when they are exercising helps them to improve their masculinity even more. It’s definitely a crystal you need to check out if you aren’t feeling masculine. Some people also hold it over their heart, to open up their heart chakra.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is another crystal that is used by men to increase their masculinity, because it is a very masculine stone, with intense, masculine energy. In fact, it is the stone that most men choose to be their first. It does not look overly showy, colorful, or feminine, which is perhaps what draws a lot of men to it. It can also help to boost your courage, and confidence, and improve your self-image. Courage, confidence, and a positive self-image are all essential components of true masculinity. Tiger’s eye is commonly worn as a piece of jewelry.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a popular choice of crystal for many men, not just because of its intense beauty, and how affordable it is. It is used to absorb negative energy. A lot of men who feel that they aren’t masculine spend their lives in a state of perpetual depression and anxiety, which creates negativity. Wearing this crystal could help you to absorb all of the negativity that you have created, helping you to feel more positive, and giving you the motivation to get out, exercise, and change your life for the better. People tend to just carry this crystal around with them in their pockets.

Top Crystals for Men's Masculinity and Energy
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Shungite is a crystal believed to bring balance to people’s lives. A lot of people today spend far too much time on their computers or mobile devices. An addiction to these things can be detrimental to a person’s masculinity. After all, people often associate masculinity with things like exercise, courage, and strength. Sitting in front of your computer all day will never give you these qualities, not to mention it can be highly addictive. Putting shungite on top of your computer or just carrying it with you can help you to find balance, reduce your screentime, and start exercising more.

Green Jade

Green jade is a crystal that is commonly associated with women; however, it also has a very deep, masculine energy, too. It should also be noted that jade can help to attract wealth. Wealth will make you more attractive to women and will make it easier for you to afford the best food, the best healthcare, and access to the best gyms. Having money can help to make you more masculine. However, you can still be very masculine without money—it just helps.

If you want to improve your masculinity and your masculine energy, then the stones outlined here can help you. They are all very affordable, widely available, and can be purchased as jewelry. Carrying them all around with you will help to restore your masculine energies and make you feel more confident.

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