The Power of Merlinite

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The Power of Merlinite

Also known as The Magic Bearer, Psilomelane, and Dendritic Agate, Merlinite is a beautiful stone that can help in reading the akashic record. This stone was named after the wizard Merlin due to the capability of Merlinite to attract magical and mystical experiences to people who wear it. Usually, this stone is white and black, but the latter color may differ in shade. The black color is because of either Psilomelane or Romanechite. Nevertheless, if you want to know more facts about the energy and power of Merlinite, then you should read this article until the end.

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The Power of Merlinite: Akashic Record

Chakra Correspondence

This amazing stone can activate both the third eye chakra and crown chakra. Thus you’ll have contact with your inner being. But aside from that Merlinite is also associated with other chakras like the thymus or higher heart, past life, and soma.

Physiological Correspondence

Merlinite can also stabilize the nervous system. Also, it is particularly beneficial to the respiratory system and the circulatory system.

This stone, on the other hand, is good for the neurotransmitters and etheric bodies. One more thing, it mostly works on a non-physical level.


Merlinite has a high to extremely high vibration that can help in encouraging spiritual growth. What’s more, it will allow you to tap into the spirit world.

Legendary Power of Merlinite

Legendary Power of Merlinite

Consisting of ages of shamanic wisdom, this stone connects into the soul destiny as well as the Akashic Record. The record in Mesopotamia was considered the “Tablets of Destinies”. Whereas in Egypt, Thoth recorded motives, actions, and thoughts that are shown at the pondering of the heart ceremonial after death.

The Christians have a Recording Angel, the Jews own a Book of Life, whereas Greek has the goddess Nemesis who is responsible for ruling fate.

Moreover, in India, the Akasha, a Sanskrit word which means “cosmic sky” was a non-physical plane of existence in which all human history was programmed.

The record, on the other hand, can be displayed as a hologram of everything that might be and that is. People are playing the destinies that they have planned for themselves in the space between lives, even though such plans might be affected by the outdated soul plan and accrued karma.

By accessing the Akashic Record, you will be able to perceive what you might be and you have been, the possible futures based on the choice you make now.

In science, the connectivity hypothesis recommends a subquantum energy field that is existing where everything that takes place is permanently and holographically recommended. In addition to that, Quantum physics shows how the future possibility is programmed in the said field.

Merlinite will also facilitate connection to the journey of the soul and the cosmic memory field.

Healing Power of Merlinite

Crystal workers utilize this stone to balance the spirit, body, and mind. What’s more, this stone can bring feminine as well as masculine energies into balance.

Merlinite is also beneficial when it comes to realigning the neurotransmitters in order to accommodate expanded vibrational energies. As a matter of fact, the greatest gift of Merlinite is karmic healing.

Merlinite is also a great assistance in healing conditions and illnesses related to the intestines and hearts. It can also offer relief to common headaches.

It promotes blood circulation and physical development. Merlinite is a potent cleansing crystal that can enhance the excretion and lymph flow of the body.

If you are a smoker, Merlinite will help in dealing with the effects of cigarette smoke and smoking in your body.

Transformational Power of Merlinite


One of the best things about the Merlinite is that it will help you in releasing the past and access the forthcoming.

When placed on the past life chakra, the stone will allow you to see past conditioning, habitual patterns, and source of karmic wounds.

Merlinite helps you respond again rather than with conditioned reactions. On the record, soul dramas as well as moments of countless emotional trauma make the largest impression. With the guidance of expert past-life workers as well as the Merlinite, you will be able to reframe these scenes into discover outcomes and explore the more profound meaning behind a false scenario, since it’s possible to tune to historical events without having there.

By disclosing the reason why you pick the relationship you do, the stone will attune you the different potential futures existing in every outcome stemming from different options and every moment.

Lastly, the Mystic Merlinite will take you into your soul’s ever-higher dimensions.

How to Harness the Powers of Merlinite

One way to harness the power of this stone is to place Merlinite over the third eye chakra. By doing this, you will be able to see the possible outcomes of the options you need to make in your current life.


Merlinite is actually a powerful energy, thus, we recommend that you go slow and at the same time be careful with it. If you’re working with a crystal like Merlinite for the first time, it is best that you utilize it in a small dose at first.

Merlinite is a very strong crystal that can tell you about your real purpose in this world. You can also use this if you want to have a positive frame of mind.

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