The Power of Petrified Wood

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The Power of petrified wood

Petrified wood can assist those who are experiencing being frozen in time or feeling stuck. It will help in making balance and provides an excellent foundation where you can undertake a different direction or launch your new goals. What’s more, petrified wood is a great grounding stone that can help in calming your scattered energies. Keep on reading to learn more about the power of petrified wood.

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The Power of Petrified Wood: Ages

Chakra Correspondence

Petrified wood supports the root and third eye chakras to offer you great healing energies not only to your physical problems but emotional as well. What’s more, since works with these two chakras, petrified wood will make you experience an amplified sense of determination and awareness.

By the way, you can also connect this stone with the earth star, solar plexus, higher heart or thymus, and sacral chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Petrified wood is good for the nervous and immune systems. It is also helpful when it comes to muscle tissues, sleep patterns, motility, feet, bones, back, disintegration, calcification, and 12-strand DNA. It is also worth mentioning that it helps in the aging process.


Petrified wood holds a high and earthy vibration of the ancient times and past and shows you how to connect to the third dimension and physicality of the Earth.

Aside from holding high vibrations, this stone will also infuse you with vibrations of wisdom and calmness so that you will stay strong in body, heart, and mind all the time.

Legendary Power of Petrified Wood

petrified wood

A petrified forest is a place of fascination where gods and witches had transformed into wood magically into a crystal. Part of the cosmic battle between evil and good, in India, fossilized trees are said to be the bones of a whizz slain by Lord Vishnu.

On the other hand, is a Dutch legend, millions of good fairies came from the sun in order to take up residence in the Earth and metamorphosed to trees. As a matter of fact, such trees had the power to cure. Unfortunately, the trees are cut down and driven into the soil in order to stabilize the land.

Legends prosper about the healing properties of the trees. What’s more, the stone will help you in exploring past incarnations.

Healing Power of Petrified Wood

healing power of petrified wood

Petrified wood can make core stability and adjust the energetic flow to optimal. Crystal healers utilize it when life or locomotion is a big challenge.

When you place it over your thymus or higher heart chakra it will energetically open up the lungs, bring new energy to the physical and subtle bodies and, increase oxygen intake. The stone will also assist chronic fatigue syndrome, exhaustion, and convalescence.

One more thing, it will offer you emotional comfort during healing challenges, and when burdens seem too much to bear.

If your DNA potential is congested by ancestral genetic memory, the petrified wood will unlock the molecular gates that held the cell confined.

Transformational Power of Petrified Wood

Truthfully a symbol of spiritual experimentation, petrified wood started as living trees that lay in water that is rich in mineral afterward.

If the water was infused with volcanic ashes, the wood’s molecules were changed with brilliant silica to get rid of all the traces of organic materials. The knots and rings remained visible whereas the mineral impurities made attractive crystals. In fact, when you polish these stones you will be able to reveal such colors, just as incarnation will polish the soul.

Petrified wood will offer support during the tribulations and trials of spiritual transformation, showing you the soul gift that challenges offer. It will allow you to peel back the layers covering your core being, letting go of all that no longer serves you keeping what does.

In fact, by helping you feel at home in the Earth, petrified wood will remind you that you’re more than the spirit that is trapped in the material world. And one you will rise again to take on another form.

In the meantime, offer service to your earthly home. Petrified wood will show how to walk upon on the Earth with grace worshipping the wisdom of ages.

How to Harness the Powers of Petrified Wood

By holding a piece of petrified wood, you will be able to keep your feet on the ground firmly while exploring the multidimensions of reality and transmutes you into the light’s soul being.


Petrified wood is great for working with wood and earth energies because this crystal combined together in this same natural formation.  As mentioned, it will work on the third eye and root chakras.

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