The Power of Petalite

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The Power of Petalite

Petalite is a popular and beautiful stone that can help you become more open to your cosmic consciousness. It will also expand your level of consciousness and improve your psychic capabilities and connection to guardian angels. Moreover, petalite will enhance your capabilities to reach the astral connection to communicate with your spirit guides, animal totems, and ancient ancestors. If you want to know more about the power of petalite, then keep on reading.

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The Power of Petalite: Cosmic Consciousness

Chakra Correspondence

This stone is associated with the stellar gateway, third eye, soma, soul star, and crown chakras. If you want to bring empathy to your life and improve your psychic capabilities, you can place petalite on your solar plexus chakra.

Moreover, if your soul star chakra is out of balance you might feel confused about where you’re going in life. And since petalite is connected to this chakra you will surely overcome this problem with ease.

Physiological Correspondence

The healing energies of petalite can help in improving eyesight and promoting cellular renewal. It can also help in cleansing the intestines and lungs and enhance the function of the endocrine system, respiratory system, and metabolic system.

It is also beneficial to the triple burner meridian and subtle bodies.


Petalite is a high vibration stone that will connect you to the spiritual world. As a matter of fact, because of its exceptionally high vibration, it is considered the stone of the angels.

One more thing, this stone will increase the vibration of your environment and imbue you with a sense of calm.

Legendary Power of Petalite

According to Walt Whitman, cosmic consciousness is an indescribable light, light rare, untellable, light beyond all signs, languages, and description. In fact, it is the definition that suits Petalite.

With this stone, you move beyond the personal “I” of the perception of humans and combine with an all-knowing. Holding a piece of petalite will make a safe haven where to open higher awareness and get deeper metaphysical insights.

Since it is considered the stone of Angels, Petalite will connect you to the ascended masters and angelic world.

By opening the third eye chakra and connecting the crown and throat chakras, Petalite will allow you to share your improved spiritual insight as well as the ultimate truth.

The strong karmic healing effects of this stone will purify all the subtle bodies. In fact, it is as effective as the Petalite-infused water rubbed over the soma and past life chakras.

Petalite will promote family and at the same time ancestral healing. Its effects go back over generations to a time before disfunction was made. Then the stone will take the new energies into the forthcoming. Thus, a primeval functional pattern can be utilized.

Moreover, if you want to cut connections with your loved ones or let go of a past relationship to outgrown expectations and clear karma so that forgiveness and unconditional love flow in, simply hold a piece of pink petalite while visualizing the connections being eliminated. However, you need to call in another person’s and your higher self to explain why you’re cutting ties.

The stone will assure you that the entire process won’t cut off unconditional soul love between you. In fact, your higher self will make sure that the cutting is affected at a higher frequency and the Earth plane.

Healing Power of Petalite


One of the best things about petalite is that it will work beyond the physical level in order to harmonize the metaphysical activities of the pituitary and pineal glands.

The stone will align the metabolic system to the higher frequency, purify the subtle bodies, and adjust cellular memory.

For those who have AIDS or cancer, this stone will facilitate understanding the spiritual reason why the disease takes place.

Crystal healers, on the other hand, use petalite to cure intestines, muscles, eyes, and lungs. Since it consists of lithium, the stone will amend depression energetically.

As a potent emotional healer, petalite will dissolve feelings of alienation and abandonment, and bring you home to your real soul family.

Transformational Power of Petalite

Transformational Power of Petalite

By connecting you to the cosmic consciousness, the stone will make you aware of the breadth of your soul as well as higher realities. Petalite, on the other hand, will accelerate your spiritual transformation more rapidly.

How to Harness the Powers of Petalite

One way to harness the powers of petalites in to meditate with them. By doing thing you will be able to bring cosmic consciousness and divine light into the physical plane. This will then speed up the evolution of humanity as well as the earth itself.


When it comes to petalite, you will have a reservoir of calm and peace at all times. You can tap into its energies when you are undergoing challenging experiences. The stone will offer you inner serenity as well as a sense of calm when this world becomes too chaotic and loud.

Petalite helps you think clearly and process your emotions correctly. Petalite is a supportive crystal that acts like a best friend particularly when you’re experiencing or experienced emotional challenges.

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