The Power of Moldavite

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The Power of Moldavite

Moldavite is an attractive crystal that possesses supreme mysticism as well as cosmic powers. From the formation of this crystal to its advantages, it will reflect a distinct celestial existence in its core. Moreover, it can stimulate one’s energies for spiritual awakening and life transformation. Get to know more about the power of moldavite below.

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The Power of Moldavite: Cosmos

Chakra Correspondence

Moldavite is a stone that is capable of activating all the chakras. In case you didn’t know, it is the stone of the heart. It will work with the heart chakra that can be seen right in the center of your breastbone. Moldavite will keep the heart chakra so that you’ll only have happiness and love to give to the most crucial persons in your life.

Physiological Correspondence

Aside from activating all the chakras, Moldavite is also beneficial for underlying psychosomatic causes and Lightbody.


Moldavite holds a high vibration that can get rid of blockages in the body and let it function as it should.

When you keep this stone close to you, you will surely benefit from the vibrational energies that Moldavite gives. This ensures that you will have good nourishment and health every day.

Legendary Power of Moldavite


In the actual fact, 11 million years ago, the stone bursts on Earth with huge force as a huge meteor strike metamorphosed rock to a substance that looks like glass combining the powers of Mother Earth with that of the sky.

Moldavite as a metaphor for cosmic transmutation was one of the highest vibration stones for expanding awareness, but now it has been surpassed.

If you are working with a high vibration, you might have moved beyond moldavite. But recently, its vibrations have been raised and if it is your first time to use a stone, it’s a beneficial first step to a high-dimensional crystal working.

A lot of legends tell a stone falling to Earth. In the Parzival of Eschenbach, the Holy Grail was a green crystal that tells from the sky and various stone authorities associate Moldavite with the Grail.

According to another legend, a green stone was dropped into the crown of Satan as he tumbled from heaven, a sign of heavenly light dwindling to earth.

In the inventive legend, the favorite angel of God wasn’t evil, he is the bringer of light, as is moldavite. On the other hand, Moldavite is a highly valued carrier of cosmic wisdom. As a matter of fact, it will put you in touch with the higher guidance, star beings and planetary, cosmic messengers, and ascended masters.

Over 25 years ago, the persons of Eastern Europe utilized moldavite as an amulet to improve good fortune and fertility.

However, it is worth mentioning that moldavite is becoming rare.

Healing Power of Moldavite

Healing power of moldavite

When holding a piece of moldavite, the majority of people feel the rush of energies through their physical bodies. Instead of dealing with the disease itself, the stone will focus your attention on the causes. It will help in rectifying the underlying imbalances that make disease as well as impeded spiritual transformation. However, a grounding stone is necessary since moldavite may cause dizziness,

Furthermore, if you’re a star child who sees the vibration of earth inert and at the same time heavy, this stone will adjust your vibration to carry more cosmic energy down through your body, thus you’ll feel more at home at earth while transforming the Earth energy simultaneously to the cosmic light.

When you combine moldavite with October birthstone, it can help with memory retention. What’s more, it will protect you from mental degeneration.

Transformational Power of Moldavite

Since it is the stone of the soul and karmic transformation, moldavite will download information from the Akashic Record and instill cosmic awareness.

The stone takes you back into your past in order to reconnect to your past purpose of your soul and wisdom and into the future to access what is necessary for the evolution of your soul. Then moldavite will allow you to put that knowledge to practice in the present.

How to Harness the Powers of Moldavite

If you want to connect to the highest plane of awareness and become one with the cosmos, then meditate with moldavite.

What’s more, you can harness its powers by putting moldavite to energy tools such as headbands, grids, wands, and templates. By doing this you will be able to magnify the effects of this stone.

Another great approach is to keep moldavite stationery on a single place where its vibrations and energies may work their best.


If you are the type of person who is not sensitive to the energy of this stone and crystal, then you can greatly benefit from Moldavite.

We cannot deny the fact that moldavite is a very potent stone. By simply wearing it on your body or holding it in the hands, you will experience different vibrational energies and reactions.

As mentioned, its vibration is extremely high and if you are not used to being exposed to the energy like the energy you can obtain from moldavite, it’ll leave you feeling drained.

Nevertheless, moldavite is a stone of transmutation that can change your entire life for the better.

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