Facts About Atlantisite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Atlantisite is the term given to a prevailing stone, which combines serpentine and stichtite. This particular crystal is usually denoted as a tasmanite –because of the very first pieces of it come out of the country of Tasmania. Furthermore, the one that came out of South Africa is known as the stichtite-serpentine. However, this is not different from the atlantisite or tasmanite. Moreover, the color of this stone may range from pale green to dark ivy green that has some purple spots of stichtite all over it. The atlantisite is one of infrequent side of the gems and is actually one of the most prevailing types of serpentine, next to the infinite stone. In this article, we will discuss more facts about this stone, including the best atlantisite essential benefits. Read on to learn more!

Atlantisite Meanings and Properties

Atlantisite is somewhat new discovery in the world of minerals. It’s actually the most beautiful mixture of green. Serpentine and pink-purple stichtite, getting together both of the properties of these minerals. It is commonly a yellowish green stone that has purple or pink inclusions.

Atlantisite actually combines the powers of the serpentine with the compassionate and loving energies of the stichtite. Both the stichtite and serpentine stimulate the kundalini energy and connects the heart and crown chakras together. Furthermore, the serpentine works in emanating healing vibrations from the heart, as well as awaken the dormant energies, which have been at rest for a long period of time.

Moreover, the stichtite, just like the sugilite helps in promoting the energies of protection from whatever negativity, which the possessor might come in contact with. Though the heart and crown chakras become connected together with this stone, you may start to see a more understanding and compassionate side of you that come out.

There are actually lots of atlantisite benefits that you may get, including the creation of a more peaceful and calmer environment, bringing about abundance and prosperity, solution to various interpersonal conflicts, protection against danger and negativity, as well as spiritual and physical healing.

In addition, this stone is also a greatly wonderful stone for meditation, which may bring an alignment to the physical body, relax the mind, and connect the different energies and chakras. Specifically, atlantisite links the heart chakra to the third eye chakra so the intuition will become stronger. And since the atlantisite has a strong connection to the Mother Earth, it is beneficial in clearing the energy imbalances so the positive energy will flow all over the torso.

Reasons to Use Atlantisite

The atlantisite stone may aid in finding your own inner peace. It also helps in stabilizing the moods. This is also a wonderful meditation talisman, which may help you in accessing and retrieving ancient wisdom and information about your life in the past. Further, this stone may also enhance you own sense of security, as well as establish a personal boundaries.

Moreover, atlantisite may also help in promoting a calmer attitude towards life. It is also a powerful tool in opening your own way to the world of spirits. It may also strengthen the feelings of compassion and love for others.

This will also induce a calming vibration in life, and may bring tranquility and peace to the environment. This is also a talisman that removes stationary energies. It may increase your stamina and verve –and might help in maintaining or raising the energy levels. This is a gemstone of prophecy, which possesses a distressing capacity of healing.

Atlantisite Essential Benefits

Here are some of the most essential atlantisite benefits that you need to know.

Atlantisite for Health and Healing

Atlantisite may aid in easing the kidney and stomach issues. Further, it may also help in relaxing menstrual cramps and pains. Further, it may also help in treating heart and lungs conditions. Not just that, it is also essential in hypoglycemia and diabetes, as well as promote the elasticity and regeneration of the skin.

Atlantisite for Wealth

Atlantisite helps in providing a strong wood energy, just as the labradorite. It is connected with prosperity and abundance in all your endeavors and projects. This stone may also aid in strengthening your financial efforts, as well as guide you in making significant decisions financially.

Atlantisite for Love and Relationship

In terms of love and relationship, atlantisite may fill the relationship you have with compassion and love. This will also fill it with all the good things that may help in keeping you inspired, positive, and motivated all the time.

Final Thoughts

Atlantisite may help in promoting a quieter attitude towards life. It may also strengthen the feelings of compassion and love for others. Furthermore, this will also induce a calming vibration in life, and may bring tranquility and peace to the environment. It may increase your stamina and verve –and might help in maintaining or raising the energy levels.

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