The Power of Beryl

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Have you ever heard about the power of Beryl? If no and you want to learn more, then check out this article.

Beryl is an often-colorless beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate crystal. This crystal consists of aluminum metals and beryllium and rings of silicate rings. It can also be colored by impurities including white, yellow, blue, and red.

The beryl stone also has translucent, vitreous r transparent luster and is prismatic which can be transparent or pyramidal.

The meaning of Beryl in Italian and Sanskrit is “blue-green from the sea”, and “light green semi-precious gemstone”, respectively. You can see it in both igneous and metamorphic rocks from all over the world and is well-known for its transparency, high hardness, and dazzling colors.

The Power of Beryl: Remembrance

  • Chakra Correspondence

Although beryl varieties have their own properties, previous beryl tends to be affiliated by its color: colorless to the crown chakra, blue-green to the throat chakra, pink to the heart chakra, and golden-yellow to the solar plexus chakra.

For the pink varieties, they clear and open the heart chakra, promoting the healing of resentment, fear, and anger. Using beryl for your solar plexus chakra can bring empathy to your life while also enhancing your psychic abilities.

Beryl can also open your throat and crown chakra, expanding our mind so you can work with your higher self as well as accepting and remembering your Divine purpose and understanding the Divine realm.

  • Physiological Correspondences

In terms of healing and physiological correspondences, Beryl can help the organs of elimination to having better functioning while also strengthening the pulmonary and circulatory systems. This crystal is also known to help increase your resistance to toxins and pollutants.

It is even believed to help treat your stomach, spine, liver, and heart. It can ease the symptoms and effects of concussions as well as cranial damage. Not only that, but this stone is also highly sedative. If used as an elixir, this crystal can help in healing asthma and throat problems.

The crystal can also be used to treat problems with the bladder and kidney stones. It helps in strengthening your cardiovascular system as well as the intestinal tract. Furthermore, it helps strengthen your pituitary gland, treats emphysema, tuberculosis, and other respiratory problems.

  • Vibration

Beryl’s vibration will vary slightly from each other depending on the variety and colors. But, regardless f the color, all beryl crystals have a dynamic vibration that makes it a powerful healer and protector, blending the energies of earth and drawing Life Force from it.

Legendary Power of Beryl

Legendary Power of Beryl

Pliny said that the ancient Indian craftsmen has faceted Beryl into an elongated hexagon which enhances its beautiful color, with sea-green being the most prized variety. They strung this on elephant’s bristles.

Before Pliny’s time, it was believed that a spirit inhabited the stone. When summoned, this spirit can reveal secrets. In addition, the beryl crystal was also used in rain magic and said to protect against the wrath of the storm gods.

During the Middle Ages, this crystal was a famous oracular crystal. Dr. John Dee, the astrologer and seer of Queen Elizabeth I, used polished Beryl balls for scrying. In today’s world, is it still have the power to stimulate the 3rd eye.

Meanwhile, Reginald Scot, a 16th-century writer, reported that while paying to St. Helen, the finest beryl would manifest the image of the saint in a divine angelic form and that she would answer any questions asked of her.

Beryl also symbolizes everlasting youth and happiness. It had a long connection with the remembrance of the dead, however, opinions varied on how this manifested.

Albertus Magnus, a 12th-century magician, reported that Beryl had some horror of death. It has potent attributes against demons and evil spirits but loses its power when touched a corpse.  Still, it was a popular crystal for necromancy and is used for calling up the spirits of the dead.

Also, beryl crystals are known to be the Stone of Archangels Zadkiel and Auriel and have the power to rule the angelic dominion.

Healing Power of Beryl

The ancient authorities believed that Beryl can heal eye problems. When rubbed on swollen throat, they can heal quinsy or ease pain when placed over the liver. It can also cure hiccups, soothe throat infections, and can encourage detoxification when applied over the lymphatic and liver system.

Transformational Power of Beryl


A great crystal for the beginners, the gentleness of Beryl can help clarify your thoughts and relieve deeply ingrained beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you good. This crystal can transmute toxic emotions and leaving only the purity of being.

It is also the perfect stone for spiritual constipation since it gets you moving on your path. Plus, its high and positive vibrational energies help raise your self-confidence and transforms your life.

Harnessing the Powers of Beryl

Whenever you are feeling down, you can hold a Beryl crystal and remember the times when you were totally upbeat and happy. The memory will stay and see you through those dark times.


Beryl is a powerful stone of overcoming challenges and obstacles and allows you to remember your goals. It holds uplifting and light energies that can help relieve anxiety and stress that you are feeling.

Beryl will give you the balance and strength, opening and remembering your mind to all the possibilities.

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