The Power of Chlorite Quartz

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Chlorite Quartz is called cleansing stone. This stone can cleanse your chakra and aura. It is also beneficial if you want to eliminate lingering energies on your stones and attachments in your energy field. Chlorite Quartz, on the other hand, can be used in cleansing a sacred space, the environment, office, and home. With this crystal, you will be able to clear negative energies. But aside from being a great cleansing stone, Chlorite Quartz has a lot more to offer. If you want to learn more about the power of chlorite quartz, then read on.

The Power of Chlorite Quartz: Cleansing

  • Chakra Correspondence

As mentioned, Chlorite Quartz will cleanse all the chakras including the earth star, heart, and higher heart chakras.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Much like other crystals, Chlorite Quartz will help in the assimilation and detoxification of minerals and vitamins. What’s more, it will surely boost your immune system, keeping you healthy at all times.

  • Vibration

With its high vibrations, Chlorite Quartz will connect you with the spiritual guides. Its earthy vibrations will bring an increased sense of consciousness so that you will be able to accomplish a more enlightened view of life.

Legendary Power of Chlorite Quartz

Legendary Power of Chlorite Quartz

When its properties are amplified synergistically by Quartz, Chlorite will have great cleansing capabilities.

The complex internal structure of Chlorite will trap and at the same time transmute negativity. This will then purify your energy field and realign the physical and spiritual bodies and even the environment where they are existing.

Chlorite, on the other hand, appears in a Quart point as a ghostlike phantom or a solid form. The phantom stones will hold the memory of all that has been. This formation will the previous into perspective, breaking old patterns so that new development may occur. Since they were laid down in layers, phantoms well help you see how the layers of the soul developed in a physical incarnation.

Furthermore, the chlorite point will help in getting rid of energetic implants, cleansing both the subtle and physical bodies. It will also restore the energetic function.

Chlorite will resonate with the Archangel of purification and healing, Raphael. It is also a great environmental purifier. The points can make a sacred place for healing work as well as meditation. You can even place a large piece of this stone in your therapy room in order to transmute all the negative energies unconfined in the healing work.

Healing Power of Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite will help in clearing built-up stationary energy from your body and get rid of toxins at every level energetically. As the crystal may inspire the proliferation of good bacterial, you can place Chlorite Quartz on your abdomen following the course of antibiotic treatments in order to stimulate good bacteria to repopulate the instinctive.

On the other hand, bathing with water that is Chlorite-infused may get rid of age spots as well as growths.

Chlorite, as a beneficial antidote to panic attacks and anxiety, can be used to stabilize bipolar disorders and other psychiatric conditions, but it should be under the guidance of a professional crystal therapist.

Chlorite Quartz will protect you against harmful radiation that can be helpful when it comes to stabilizing energies.

When you combine this crystal with Pietersite, it can be used in treating skin conditions.

Transformational Power of Chlorite Quartz

Chlorite Quartz

If you have had visual templates, images, as well as other signs inserted into your mind or energy field, Chlorite Quartz will gently and effectively suck them out.

The quartz light of Chlorite will infuse the space without ruining the neural field, reprogramming the cellular memory in order to facilitate your highest potential.

However, if lost spirits have attached themselves to the auric field, Chlorite points will help the entities separate and move to the light so that they will complete their transitions.

Another good thing about the Chlorite is that it will let go of resentment, frustration, and jealousy from the heart. Additionally, by radiating forgiveness as well as compassion, Chlorite Quartz will help you value the uniqueness of everyone. It will promote self-realization in a grounded manner and showing the breadth of your soul along with its place on the Earth plane.

How to Harness the Powers of Chlorite Quartz

To harness the power of this crystal, put a chlorite point down in the tank of your toilet to flush negativity continuously. As a matter of fact, this will also keep your home pure energetically.

Furthermore, if you want to connect with the spirits of nature around you, Chlorite Quartz will give off powerful vibrations when paired with Danburite.


Chlorite Quartz is a very strong cleanser that supports healing. After all, it is known as a regeneration stone.

This will ground all the negativity to the earth and cleanse the aura. Chlorite Quartz will balance and at the same time balance all the chakras. This will improve your creative abilities and thoughts so that you will be able to move forward to the desires of your life. You can even use it to look for solutions to the issues affecting your romantic life.

We hope you have learned a lot from this article.

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