Pietersite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Have you ever head of the pietersite before? Pietersite is also called the tempest stone since it is a stone, which may carry a charge, a bit like a storm that ranges within it. It also brings cleansing energy, in order to assist you in creating change. Pietersite is a crystal that’s so stimulating to the energy field, as well as help you in letting go of any unwanted conducts, as well as negative ways of living life. It also has a strong vibration, which makes an energetic link to the deeper spiritual inner self and it may help in accessing spiritual guidance. In this article, we will discuss some more facts about pietersite including its benefits. Read on to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

If you look at the pietersite, you can’t help but think of an oscillating thunderstorm due to its amazing beauty and a lot of captivating colors. With the brilliant flashes of bold and gold patterns, the stone is certainly one of the prettiest stones you’ll ever see.

The pietersite is also a part of the quartz family. The gold traces of this stone are the best contrasts to the common brown, blue-black and brown colors. The stone was initially discovered in the year 1962 in certain farmland in Windhoek, Namibia by Sid Pieter. The stone, however, was named after the father of Sid –Loius Pieters.

The pietersite is also called the tempest stone and the eagle’s eye, and may just be found in Namibia, and various parts of China. The stone has a very unique appearance, just like the other distinctly-looking picasso marble.

Reasons to Use Pietersite

The pietersite is well known as the tempest stone due to the fact that it has hurricanes of energies, which may bring positive changes to those who possess it. It symbolizes the wild storm, which may rage inside of you, as well as cleansing and the renewal that it may bring after the storm has already passed.

It’s also filled with the cleansing energies, which may get rid of the toxic energies you have in you. Life may not always be good to you. Sometimes it’ll be a challenging period and then another. These particular experiences may carry both positive and negative energies.

You must cleanse your aura intermittently so the negative energies may not accrue and dull your own aura. The pietersite is a protection kind of stone, which may guard you of anything bad. It’ll also protect you from any negative psychic attacks, and attacks of the emotional and physical kind.

Moreover, pietersite may also inspire change in an optimistic way as it may stimulate the transformation and the inner sight. It’ll also start a period of self-realization, transformation, and spiritual awakening. The healing energies of the stone might make you let go of beliefs, worries, fears, and thoughts, which causes you sorrow and pain.

It’ll also make you strong in handling the truth, give you the determination to change things that you are capable of changing, and accept things that you cannot change. This will also give you inner guidance since you will journey through life, and it’ll make you even more aware of the quality of the emotions and thoughts. It is also a strengthening stone, which may be so essential to those who are battling addictions or trailing their own confidence.

Pietersite Essential Benefits

Here are some of the most surprising pietersite benefits that you need to know:

For Health and Healing

The energies that the pietersite has may stimulate the healing in the body. It possesses health benefits that may help you with your blood pressure and the overall function of the heart. It may also heal the nervous system by way of invigorating the brain and the nerves. This is what makes it a greatly effective treatment for headaches and lightheadedness.

For Wealth

The pietersite is a great stone if you wish to attract good fortune and good luck. It’ll also bring happiness, prosperity, wealth, and enthusiasm to any office or home. When you possess pietersite, you may achieve your own intentions much faster and you may receive results much quicker. This is one of the greatest pietersite benefits.

For Love and Relationship

The pietersite may work delightfully in terms of the heart, more especially when you combine it with the March birthstone. The stone may energize you, as well as assist you in overcoming your fears when it comes to love. It’ll also bring back the desire to loving with a whole heart. As well as to be loved in a way that you wish. The pietersite may also help in discharging your own negative energies, so you may only focus on good things. It’ll also make you appreciate the blessings, which you have in life and not stress regarding bad things.

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