A Complete Guide to The July Birthstone

The July birthstone, which is Ruby is considered one of the most prestigious stones in the world of gemstones. Keep on reading to learn about this beautiful and exceptional stone.

July birthstone

Just like emerald, diamond, and sapphire, the ruby is considered a precious stone. Ruby, on the other hand, has an aesthetic appeal, exotic color, and exquisite appeal. Moreover, is known for its hardness and rarity.

Rubies come in a crystal hexagonal and flat tabular hexagonal shape which makes it ideal for different ornamental cuts.

People born in July can surely benefit from wearing this birthstone, just like the January birthstone which is the red garnet, ruby will represent the wearer’s strength and courage. Furthermore, this stone can bring bout good friends and of course, good luck.

The birthstone of July also used as a token of harmony and peace. That being said, born July born people tend to be level-headed and calm. They’re also determined, vibrant, and confident.

Further, this precious birthstone isn’t simply given as a symbol of affection and love, but also presented to a couple in some traditions when it reaches a particular landmark anniversary in their marriage.

Ruby’s rich red cannot help but invigorate the feelings of affection and passion. Thus, it is a bit unusual that those born within its influence cannot help but feel motivated to form a long-lasting bond of love with one another.

Moreover, the July birthstone is extremely beneficial if you are feeling locked up and inert. With the refreshing and light energy of rubies, it can help you move forward and rise.

Additionally, the July birthstone is said to boost mental strength and stamina. It is also used in eliminating depression, and fatigue.

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What’s the Color of the July Birthstone?

The term ruby was derived from the Latin word “ruber” that translates to red, which is the color of passion and love.

The huge majority of rubies are dark in hue with some variants ranging from purple to pink. The birthstone of July is blessed with its deep red hue from the chromium’s element.

When it comes to determining the value of the ruby, its color actually plays a very important role.

Rubies of highest qualities sport a deep red and have a brilliant color saturation. On the other hand, rubies that possess this color are mainly found in Thailand and Myanmar.

However, in order to maintain the quality, the color of the stone should be neither too light nor too dark. Always remember that as the color changes in tone, the ruby’s value and quality will move down the scale.

Another impressive thing about the ruby is that it has the capability to take up natural light and then re-emit it afterward. This causes a bright fluorescent which will add to the supernatural quality of the birthstone of July.

Legends, however, said that this light is a sign that bad luck or danger is about to come, giving wearers enough time to get ready for eventualities.

Nevertheless, the majority of people wearing ruby ornaments these days see the radiating light from the stone to stand for the essence of life.

July Birthstone: Ruby Etymology, History, and Folklore

Ruby Etymology, History, and Folklore

Rubies have long been conformity to the high part in the order of gemstones by the Ancient Hindus. This birthstone was baptized the “king of gems’, to honor its blood-red intensity. In fact, it is said to protect the wearers from evils.

However, aside from the Hindus, other tribes were fascinated by rubies as well. They even associate its deep color with victory and war.

The meaning of July birthstone seems universal despite the fact that a lot of cultures have many different legends and myths. It looks like rubies stone speaks to people on cardinal levels and arouse the subconscious mind to the fact of its nature. With that in mind, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the July birthstone.

During the periods of Yore, these stones were worn by political rules, kings, and warrior chiefs since they were accepted to strengthen both decision-making and leadership skills. Take note, that thought has developed throughout the ages. At this moment, rubies are believed to help people when it comes to making financial decisions and other crucial life decisions.

In Hindu culture, rubies are usually utilized for power, passion, and protection. It is also said that the stone has curative properties.

Several centuries ago, a lot of people weren’t familiar with the scientific categorization of minerals of today. Thus, the category of rubies had to include other types of minerals such as Red Tourmaline, Spinel, and Garnet.

Further, in the ancient periods, legends said that Rubies were self-radiant stones that have had the essence of life in the sort of a drop of the blood of Mother Earth.  

The Spiritual Meaning of July Birthstone

Rubies are known as protective stones that bring passion and happiness to the wearer’s life. Since it sports a red color, this stone makes an ideal gift for a loved one who is born in July on special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Further, since its color is close to the blood’s color that carries oxygen to all body parts, Rubies represent vigor and vitality as well.

The July birthstone can also protect the wearer from evils and negative entities that take away positive energies, promoting overall wellness and spiritual vitality.

The Health Benefit and Healing Properties of the July Birthstone

The birthstone of July is believed to have several healing energies. The ruby is related to the sun. In fact, it was considered by the ancients to sustain an individual’s mental and physical health.

It is also believed that the ruby stone is good for the memory, heart, and brain. As a matter of fact, a number of research studies revealed that a ruby stone is used in treating problems related to the liver. What’s more, when rubbed on the skin, a ruby can restore vitality and youth as well as get rid of body toxins.

When it comes to the physical aspect, this birthstone of July can energize as well as bring balance to the body. Not only that, it also helps in stimulating the heart chakra.

On the other hand, ruby also helps in regulating menstrual flow and ease pains related to menstruation. The stone is believed to be beneficial for the reproductive organ. It is also used in treating early menopause, impotence, sexual dysfunction, and infertility.

During pregnancy, it is also said the July birthstone can offer a helping hand, particularly for old women.

Rubies may help in stimulating the spleen and adrenals and helps insufficient energy flow both in the legs and feet.

Last but not least, the July birthstone can be also used in assisting in weight regulation particularly when emotional eating is the primary cause.  

The Durability of the July Birthstone

Ruby Hardness

On the Mohs hardness scale, Ruby has a rating of 9. In fact, this makes the July birthstone one the hardest stones.

Ruby Toughness

One of the impressive things about Rubies is that they have great toughness. And not only that, they have no chemical process. This actually makes the stone a perfect choice for rings as well as other mountings that can be worn on a daily basis.  

Ruby Stability

The birthstone of July is stable under a normal wearing condition. Meaning to say, it is resistant to the effects of common chemicals, heat, and light.

It is worth mentioning that boric acid powder may mark the surface of untreated rubies. Whereas dyed, fracture-filled, and cavity filled could be damaged by lemon juice as well as other mild acids.

Caring and Cleaning July Birthstone

How to Clean Ruby?

Rubies are precious and priceless gemstones. With that in mind taking care of them is very important. Fortunately, this task is not as difficult as you think. In fact, you can easily clean your ruby stone at home with ease.

The cleaning process will involve submerging the stone in soapy and warm water. After that, scrub it with a soft brush, a toothbrush for example. As a piece of advice makes sure to scrub the stone gently to avoid damaging it.

However, if your ruby has had a tough life, you may want to give it a spa treatment or used steam or ultrasonic cleaners. The cleaning methods and solutions are safe for lattice diffusion treated, untreated, and heat-treated gemstones.

But when you are cleaning a dyed, fracture-filled, or cavity filled ruby, you are only allowed to use a wet cloth.

Nevertheless, after cleaning your July birthstone make sure to dry it thoroughly because residual water may damage Rubies.

How to Store Ruby?

When storing Rubies, make sure to keep them away from other stones. Since they are considered one of the hardest gemstones, Rubies may shift and scrape others when you close or open the box.

That being said, we highly recommend that you keep your Rub in a separate box, compartment, or pouch in order to protect it from being damaged and scratched by the other stones that you have.

The Cost of July Birthstone

There are different categories of rubies: fracture-filled, heated, and untreated. Keep in mind that, every category differs in terms of the cost.

Among the three, the fracture-filled Ruby is the cheapest, actually you can get it between $20 and $60 for every carat.

Heated rubies, on the other hand, will cost you from $700 to $8000 per carat since the stones are heat treated in traditional ways.

Whereas the price of the last category may range between $7000 to $18000 for every carat. Untreated rubies are actually the most expensive category, that is because there is no treatment applied. What’s more, they are rare stones and usually utilized as collector or investment items.

Ruby Alternative: Secondary July Birthstones

Turquoise and Onyx can be used as secondary July birthstones. Astrologically, emerald, ruby, pearl, and moonstone represent the zodiac sign Cancer (June 22 to July 22), whereas the Onyx is the stone paired with the Leo zodiac sign (July 23 to August 23).


The birthstone of July is one of the world’s 4 precious gemstones. A Ruby is a stone that is powerfully bound to ambition, earthy qualities, and power.

On the other hand, this birthstone is a token of peace and harmony, and it even signifies strength and nobility.

The deep red color of rubies will also embody passion and love and is associated with strength, protection, enthusiasm, success, contentment, and integrity.

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