The Power of Ruby Zoisite

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The Power of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite or Ruby Zoisite. It is a crystal that is an excellent combination of color and energy, which makes it one of the magnificent and noblest crystals of all crystals. Zoisite is the clear medium green that you see within the crystal. Also, it perfectly combines with magenta and deep red color of the Ruby crystal. Anyolite, on the other hand, is the best term that can define the natural combination of Ruby crystal with Green Zoisite. Would you like to learn more about the power of Ruby in Zoisite? If yes, then keep on reading.

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The Power of Ruby in Zoisite: Relieve Grief

Chakra Correspondence

Ruby in Zoisite works well with your base, crown, sacral, as well as heart chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Ruby in Zoisite is capable of transmuting negativity to positivity and get rid of any feelings of stress or lethargy. This stone can also help you with your sleeping disorders. It is also good for the circulatory system, lungs, pancreas, heart, ovaries, testicles, and acidification balance.


Much like other stones out there, Ruby Zoisite has a high as well as earthy vibration. By wearing Ruby in Zoisite jewelry you will be able to keep its vibrations close to your body regularly.

Legendary Power of Ruby in Zoisite

Legendary Power of Ruby in Zoisite

Combination crystals intertwine the vibrations of both, Ruby in Zoisite represents stone cooperation. In fact, ruby signifies all things active, hot, and passionate – sex drive, machismo, aggression, assertion, lust, vigor. Whereas Zoisite is a selfless and temperate stone.

Our descendants carried a ruby amulet in order to eliminate aggression, danger, and war. According to the Greek legend, women who preserved a lame stork kindly were rewarded with Ruby stones that lit up their rooms at night.

Furthermore, Astarte, the Mesopotamian goddess of war, fertility, and motherhood, had a Ruby stone that is illuminating her temple with supernatural light. The goddess watch through dead’s souls, noticeable as stars in heaven. That in mind, Ruby has been connected with nurturing, death, and kind, and bringing light into dark areas.

If you want to have a combination for spiritual transformation and profound emotional, then put such qualities into a Zoisite’s matrix. Ruby in Zoisite will transmute grief offering comfort to the grieving. Furthermore, Zoisite will help you in speaking your truth blocking the influences of other people. Ruby, on the other hand, will contribute the courage to speak out against prejudice.

Healing Power of Ruby in Zoisite

Chinese medicine perceives grief as affecting the lungs. Ruby Zoisite is proven beneficial especially when the grief of stress makes congestion or disease. The stone will encourage you to talk regarding your emotions as well as losses underlying lethargy and depression.

Ancients, on the other hand, utilized Ruby in curing hemorrhage, fever, and inflammation because both the patient and crystal were red and hot.

In 1584, Ivan the Terrible tells that Ruby can help in improving the brain and clarify corrupt blood and congealed blood.

Moreover, crystal healers use Ruby to detoxify not only the blood but the blood-rich organs as well. It can also invigorate the circulatory system, heart, and excretory organs. The potent amplification effects on the energetic body of the Ruby in Zoisite will strengthen your aura bringing about multidimensional cellular healing. In fact, it even promotes the will to recover.

Transformation Power of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby signifies the fires that temper the suppleness of the soul. A reagent for central soul healing, Ruby in Zoisite will activate soul memories. It will also bring emotional blocks to the surface for transformation.

By transforming self-destructive emotions like rage or anger into a confident, Ruby in Zoisite will advance your life with sympathy and care for other people.

The stone will help you see the purpose behind losses you’re experiencing in life. Ruby in Zoisite will open your sympathy for others who are experiencing the same pain. Furthermore, it will help you think positively and most importantly, live with passion.

When you’re holding Ruby in Zoisite you will experience interconnectedness All that is while growing your individuality.

How to the Harness the Powers of Ruby Zoisite

To harness its powers, consider wearing Ruby in Zoisite over your heart chakra most especially if you are grieving. The stone will bring spiritual comfort and attracts new passion to your life.

You should also wear jewelry that is made using this stone so that Ruby in Zoisite will magnify the energy fields of your body and improve your aura. With that, everybody can see how powerful and wonderful your auric field is.


Ruby in Zoisite is a stone that is ideal for mourning as well as releasing sorrow and pain after the death of loved ones. With this stone, you will be comforted spiritually and despite you might not realize it, you will start to heal gradually. At the right time, you’ll get back the passion in your life and then redevelop into a better form of yourself.  

Furthermore, with the energies of Ruby in Zoisite, you will transform negative energies into positive ones. It shows you how to have limit while allowing yourself to enjoy the joy and natural spontaneity in your life.

Without a doubt, Ruby in Zoisite is a crystal that can make an enormous effect on your life.

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