The Healing Crystals for Childbirth

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Birth is a complex physical activity that involves a broad range of psychological and emotional logical experiences consisting of various demanding phases. Thus, a broad range of healing crystals for childbirth can help support both mother and child, especially if there’s any difficulties.

Take note, however, that childbirth, despite the pain and effort, is an entirely natural phenomenon and should not be considered a medical problem. Thus, the use of healing crystals for childbirth should only be needed when really needed.

Here are some of the best crystals for childbirth.

Crystals For Healing Childbirth

For Before and During Birth


Crystals for Childbirth

Carnelian evokes the fiery appearance of a sunset as well as the first flash of sunrise, offering captivating energy that brings a rush of joy and warmth that lingers to the body.

This powerful stone can help give energy and power before giving birth and instill courage and strength to overcome the pain. Carnelian can be worn up pendant or necklace or use during meditation to induce a relaxing and calming effect.

Magnesite + Chrysocolla


Magnesite is a whitish mineral that consists of magnesium carbonate, instilling deep peace during meditation, It helps bring a calming effect to your emotion and promoting tolerance for physical and emotional stress. Furthermore, it helps removes resistance or birth crises.

Meanwhile, chrysocolla being the stone of empowerment of feminine energies help teach the genuine power of women. Also dubbed as the Stone of the Goddess, chrysocolla provides enduring energies within yourself, providing a relaxing state before giving birth.

Both stones can be worn as a pendant or necklace. Or you can take at least 7 drops of combined gem essence is necessary to feel its relaxing effect.


Crystals for Childbirth

Also known as the bloodstone, heliotrope has a strong affinity to our life-giving blood. It is mainly used for improving blood circulation and healing anything related to the circulatory system. In this case, heliotrope helps soon-to-be-mothers against blood infections.

You can just take up to 5 – 7 drops of heliotrope gem essence every 2 hours in order to keep bodily infections at bay.

Biotite-Lens + Malachite

Crystals for Childbirth

Also known as Black Mica, biotite takes the shape of a lens, expanding outwardly when it becomes exposed to the sun. Biotite is sometimes called the Stone of Life since it is used for healing various diseases.

In terms of childbirth, biotite brings on labor and provide a relaxing effect. This powerful stone when held encourages an easy birth.

Meanwhile, malachite, dubbed as the Stone of Protection, personifies the deep healing green of nature. Malachite is known to be a powerful remedy for female problems and issues including menstrual cycle cramps and easing labor. In fact, malachite has been also called the Midwife Stone. This powerful stone can help in stimulating the contractions while relieving pain.  

With both stones on hand, you can have an easy and less painful childbirth. You can place both stones on your pubic bone in order to support the contractions. In order to relieve pains, you can take 7 drops of malachite gem essence, if necessary.

For After Birth

Kunzite + Blue Topaz

Crystals for Childbirth

Kunzite, dubbed as the Woman’s Stone, is a beautiful gemstone, pure in energy, and is joyful in nature. With its light violet to palest pink hues, it is a powerful stone that encourages acceptance of changes, in this case, the motherhood role.

Meanwhile, topaz brings a gentle nature and bestowing gifts of wisdom and courage as well as purpose to this new phase of your life. It is soothing and healing while also recharging and stimulating, bringing solid and long-lasting energy to keep up with this motherhood role.

You can wear both crystals as a pendant or necklace. Or you can keep each crystal on your bedside or close to you during meditation.

Blue Tourmaline + Epidote

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline as the Crystal of Spirit and Peace invites you to solitude of deep silence and tranquility. It provides deep meditation and emotional healing in cases of grief or emotional and mental crises after childbirth.

Meanwhile, epidote is a superb stone for releasing negativity while also raising your vibrational energy. In fact, its name comes from the Greek word for increase. This crystal can help for those new mothers stuck in modes of hopelessness, depression, or other negative thinking. Furthermore, it helps in regeneration whenever exhausted.

For both stones, you can wear them as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet. In addition, if deemed necessary, you can take 3 – 5 combined gem essence every day to benefit from their vibrational energies.

For Post-Natal

Rhodonite + Agate

crystals for childbirth

Rhodonite being the stone of gentle healing can be useful after childbirth since it helps in healing cuts and scratches, especially for the mothers who underwent cesarean childbirth. Its soothing vibrational energy soothes the body, relieving the pain from the cuts made.

Meanwhile, another pinkish stone, pink agate is a powerful stone for any kind of inflammation. In this case, the inflamed open wounds on the mother’s belly and reproductive organ. In addition, agate helps in returning the uterus to its normal condition and size.

You can place both stones on the affected area of the body, but not having direct contact. Also, for rhodonite, you can take 5 – 7 drops of gem essence for 3 times a day.

Moonstone + Mookaite


Moonstone, as the stone of new beginnings, harnesses feminine energies of the moon, making it one of the best crystals for childbirth since it symbolizes the new phase of life. In addition, its vibrational energies help in hormonal changes and mood swings associated with post-natal conditions. Meanwhile, mookaite is a powerful stone that stabilizes your physical health after childbirth.

Both stones can be worn as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet for long periods in order to benefit from their positive vibrational energies.

Final Thoughts

Despite stressful nights towards childbirth and the pain associated to giving birth, it is the most wonderful gift of all. It shows the power, strength, and love of every woman to bring a human into this world. And with the best crystals for childbirth, every expecting mother can have the much-needed support prior to welcoming their child into the world.

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