The Healing Crystals for Arm and Leg Pains

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Do you want to ease your arm and leg pains? Check out this article for the best crystals for healing arm and leg pains.

Pains in the arms and legs are usually experienced as side effects of flu, colds, and other feverish illnesses. They are the result of antibodies produced by the immune response a well as by the water and metabolic products of bacteria.

In turn, these can cause a reduction in the nutrient supply with a resulting irritation of the tissues nerve endings, accumulation of lymph fluid, and disrupted blood circulation. Typically, such pains are not dangerous or severe symptoms.

And as a rule, it can disappear again naturally. However, they can be quite unpleasant at frustrating to experience. So, to deal with them, you will need the best crystals for healing arm and leg pains.

Crystals For Healing Arm and Leg Pain

Amber + Magnesite + Banded Chalcedony


This trio of powerful gems can be very effective in reducing pain in the arms and legs. They work together to help reduce the annoying pain that you experience when you feel feverish.

Chalcedony with its light blue hues resonates well with the throat chakra and helps encourage lymph flows. Meanwhile, the magnesite wits its white and black hues helping to relax and soothe the pain. Lastly, amber with its powerful vibrational energies helps support the metabolism and promoting a good supply of energy to the tissues.

You can wear this trio as a bracelet or anklet, getting direct contact with your skin for better results.

Sardonyx + Ocean Jasper + Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Another trio of crystals you should try, moss agate, sardonyx, and ocean jasper can also amplify the characteristics of one another and help relieve the pain you’re experiencing.

All 3 crystals are members of the chalcedony group of minerals and can help in the overall healing process and the regeneration and purification of the body.

Not only that, but these 3 crystals can prevent relapses. Their cleansing effect and vibrational energies are apparent by the quick relief they provide from arm and leg pains. You can just wear them as an anklet or bracelet with direct contact with the skin.



Another great crystal for healing physical pain, malachite is a highly metaphysical stone. It is physically powerful and effective because of its influences from the mind. Malachite is strongly influenced by the Chiron energies, or more commonly known as the wounded healer.

This makes the crystal great for pain relief and helps in reducing pain on a subtle or soul level.  



As its name suggests, bloodstone is also a great pain relief crystal that helps purify or cleanse the blood and bloodstream.

Also, bloodstone is stimulating, strengthening, and calming crystal. It helps strengthen your own self-healing mechanisms, calm, and soothe the strong emotions and thinking that may be leading to physical ailments and pain and well as stimulating your cells and the body into the action of restoration and healing.

You can just carry bloodstone with you or meditate with it for faster pain relief and healing of the body.


Lastly, we have the amethyst.

Crystals for Arm and Leg Pains

Amethyst with its dreamy purple hues is mainly known for its high spiritual energies. It is mainly used to work with the higher chakra. So, how can it help with arm and leg pain?

Well, Amethyst helps in relieving stress and tension from the emotional, psychic, and spiritual planes. AS you probably know, the physical body is closely related to the other bodies. This means that any gemstone of crystal that works on other planes of being can help in relieving pain in your body.

And as we mentioned earlier, amethyst is very powerful in the spiritual, psychic, and emotional enhancement. It has a profound effect on the mind and cognitive abilities. And in terms of physical pain, amethyst can help remove tension, blockages, or malfunctioning in your spiritual, emotional body and mind, which simultaneously release tension and strain in the body.

Amethyst can help manage and reduce discomfort and pain as well as any metabolic issues. You can use amethyst as you meditate or wear or place an amethyst stone over the area f pain and let it sit for a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystals for arm and leg pain. There are many other healing crystals that you can try out there.

Use the powerful vibrational energies of this crystal to get some relief of arm and leg pains. Combine them with proper rest, some stretching, and meditating, and you are on the road to healing in no time!

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