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What is Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst is one of the renowned gemstones in purple color and one of the categories of quartz stone that has been in use for over two thousand years. For people born in the month of February, amethyst is considered the birthstone. Furthermore, it is used for the production of tumbled stones, faceted stones, beads, and cabochons. With a Mohs hardness of seven, it is hard to break this stone through cleavage. The gemstone is highly durable for making different types of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, and pendants. South Africa is the hub of this purple stone and available in abundance. Most people can afford the stone easily.

Amethyst Stone

The stone is also called “Fire Gem” as it is one of those stones that bear the energy of fire and passion. The origin of this name comes from the Greek word “Amethyst”, which means unethical and relates to an interesting fact and a belief of the Greek people that the characteristics of the stone makes it an ideal cure for sugar.

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About Amethyst Stone’s Colors

The vibrant and purple shade of this gemstone makes it attractive, and people often refer to this color as amethyst, along with the gem. Although the color of the gem appears bright apparently, the stone comes in various grades of the purples shade. So, you will find the dark purple color in one stone and a pale shade in another. Some of the other shades you may come across are violet hue of purple, the purple color itself, and the reddish purple color. The categorization can change the shade of purples considerably. For instance, the gemstone available in light shade is available for cutting stones in smaller calibration for the jewelry market and the dark shade is primarily used in jewelry items with intricate designs. You can get purposeful insights while studying about amethyst color and what lends the mystical hues to the stone.

Amethyst Color

The deeper amethyst color makes it more valuable than the lighter hues. Therefore, the reddish or the deep purple color with no variation makes it more valuable. However, if the shade become too deep, it starts appearing black in shady, which can lower the value of this stone. The mention of the word amethyst creates the picture of a purple-colored stone in your mind. When it comes to the lighter hues of this stone, it can appear imperceptible. On the other hand, the dark shade of the stone can make it dark and opaque. You will come across a wide range of colors as far as the stone is concerned. To explain different shades of amethyst, a few of them are dark or royal shades of purple, lavender, orchid, plum and raspberry.

Types of Amethyst

Types of amethyst

When it comes to the types of amethyst, you will come across four different categories of stones.

Amethyst Chevron

Amethyst Chevron

This is one of the most authoritative varieties of the gemstone that is effective for psychic development. Often people use this stone to promote psychic healing and improving the skills of diagnosis. The alternative name of this variety of this stone is Dog Tooth Amethyst and its origin is Brazil and the color is medium to dark purples with different layers of white or cream. There are separate layers of quartz alternating in this stone and demonstrates the evolution of Chevron.

Amethyst Red

Amethyst Red

This is one of the types of Amethyst that amalgamates the features of hermatite, smoky quartz, and amethyst itself. Due to this unique combination, wearing this stone creates a feeling of calmness and makes the wearer feel protected. Many people wear this stone to improve their personality and emerge better human beings. Moreover, the amalgamation of three stones makes the chakra system balanced and allow an uninterrupted and sensible flow. When using this stone at the other end, the third eye of the wearer becomes active, invigorated, and purified.

Therefore, an individual wearing this stone can develop new flow of thoughts and think differently. Undoubtedly, the gemstone also supports people embarking on the path of spiritual awakening. The stone originates from Minas Gerais in Brazil and comes in a reddish purple shade and the internal glass with the shade of smoky quartz and dark purple. When it comes to the appearance of this stone, you will not miss its clustered form, which is typical of the stone amethyst. The crystal faces of the stone comes encased in red hermatite. If you look at it when separated from the individual crystals, you will notice the dark shade of amethyst or smoke.

Amethyst Green

Amethyst Green

This is one of the other types of Amethyst that comes in a pale green shade. It is believed that the stone helps in strengthening the mind. It instils energy in an individual allows the mind to recover from tension. Similar to the heart chakra, it can also make your mind calm and assist the users to focus on meditation. The other belief that exists about this stone is its ability to establish between the material and religious life through the heart’s channel, making it a healing crystal on the whole. This mineral primarily originates in Brazil.

Amethyst Vera Cruz

Amethyst Vera Cruz

This is the stone for Pisceans and Aquarius. Among the other stones of amethyst, it is more passionate and energetic. The stone resonates with the third eye of Taj Chakra and suitable for people working with higher spiritual aspects or meditation. The origin of this stone is Vera Cruz in Mexico and you will find them as sets of crystals resembling a prism or as single soles.

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst

You will find an unusual combination of Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Smoky Quartz in this category of stone that come with huge vibrations. The stone originates in Namibia in Africa and filled with unique enhydros, phantoms, along with other formations that are rare and uncanny. The stone resonates with the state of consciousness, and considered a potion that promotes perfection and healing. This variety of gemstone is competent enough to restore to the etheric state to become one with the source of Divine.

Cacoxenite with Amethyst

Cacoxenite with Amethyst

Due to the presence of cacoxenite in Amethyst, you will notice dark brown to yellowish clusters of Cacoxenite, which is a phosphate mineral and a primary element of Super Seven Crystal, with the host crystal amethyst. The exotic amalgamation lends creativity at the highest level and the emergence of new ideas that are pioneering. Besides this, the wearer of this stone feels calm when the mind stays disturbed and initiates the thoughts of spirituality in terms of the essence of creator amidst the nature’s beauty and the kindness of humans.

Rutilated Amethyst

Rutilated Amethyst

Among the other forms of this gemstone, you will come across rutilated amethyst, which is another uncommon variety and seems to contain rutile. However, in actual, the stone contains brown-colored crystals of Goethite, which is a mineral of iron hydroxide, which is also present in the Super Seven Crystal. Goethite is the stone that serves as a connection between the planet Earth and inner self. When combined with amethyst, it helps in clearing the Base and Earth chakras, bringing into line the higher mind and the system of chakra. This form of the stone not only helps in the purification of emotional body but promotes communication with angels, clairaudience, and link with the other world.  If you hold this stone with a special intention or wish in mind you can convert it to a wishing stone.



Ametrine combines Citrine and Amethyst in the crystal amalgamates the rare mixture of both energies. It also facilitates the combination of harmony and spirituality with intellect and helps in the promotion of creativity, along with new ideas and insights. If you wish to meditate seriously, this stone comes to help, provides protection during stellar travel. Besides this, the stone initiates the contact with the angel or spirit. When left in natural light conditions from noon through the night on a full moon day, the stone traps the lunar rays and bring luck for an individual in pecuniary ventures.

The Meaning of Amethyst Stone

When analyzing amethyst meaning, you will find several excerpts. However, the name of the gemstone originates from the Greek word “ametusthos” which means not intoxicated and also associated with legends of the past. According to the legend, Bacchus, the wine god became angry due to an insult and to avenge commanded that the first person he would come across will be gobbled by his tigers. However, the mortal who came in his way was a beautiful lady who was on the way to worship the shrine of Diana. When the tigers tried to devour the lady, she prayed to Diana to seek her protection, which turned her into a white and clear crystal. Bacchus, the wine god regretted later and poured the juice of grapes over the white crystal stone to lend the purple shade.

Amethyst Meaning

One of the special features of Amethyst from the olden times is the prevention of overindulgence and drunkenness. No wonder that the Greeks and Romans decorated their glasses with this gemstone as wine drunk from those goblets do not have the power to make any individual intoxicated. Moreover, they also believed that wearing this stone around the navel creates a calming effect. The bishops of Catholics also seen wearing rings made from this gemstone to prevent magical intoxication. Similarly, kissing the stone also kept people away from magical intoxication and allowed them to follow the path of spirituality. Once you know the amethyst meaning, you will develop more curiosity towards this stone.

The Properties of Amethyst Stone

While studying amethyst properties, you will come to know that the general stone is crystalline quartz and the color ranges from hues of lilac to the dark purples shade. Usually, the dark-colored stone is more valuable, and considered more valuable than diamonds in the past. The crystal contains the properties of citrine as well. Due to natural heating, the stone takes the name of ametrine and this rare combination can be seen in selected places. The amethyst properties also reveal this as one of those stones that combines serenity and spirituality. Therefore, it can create a calming and relaxing effect not only in the person wearing the stone, but others in the surroundings as well. With this stone, you can stay away from apprehensions and it can raise your hope and spirit as well.

Properties of Amethyst

If you wear amethyst, you will find a way to overcome negative thoughts and brings down impatience and anger levels. Using this stone in the workplace where you may have to deal with all kinds of visitors. Many people call it the stone of changes as it clasps the trans mutational energies and opens the path of intense spirituality. No wonder, the stone can bring different changes in your life. It can also bring consciousness in your life calmly and unwinds the old and emotional thought processes. It also makes significant changes in your psychic health or in places where changes are necessary.  

Besides this, it can keep away the feelings of self-deception and guilt, thereby assisting people in overcoming addictions. Many people use this stone for home decoration as well apart from the metaphysical properties mentioned above. When places in the family room, the stone enhances the bond between families and encourage open communication between the family members.

The Healing Properties of Amethyst

The amethyst healing properties are as abundant as the stone, although it offers protection. Due to its connection with the crown chakra, it can make your mind pure and remove the pessimistic thoughts, along with anxiety and stress. Several people use this stone for meditation to overcome darkness. When it comes to the stress you endure in the workplace, the stone has remedial effects. While it helps in relieving stress, you will find it in abundance, which leads you on the road to prosperity. Among the other healing properties of this gemstone, the capacity of communication and intuition helps in increasing work effectiveness.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Similar to opalite, amethyst provides a host of healing solutions to patients who have already undergone radiation, chemotherapy, and other kinds of treatments. It is an energizing healing option for improving your health as it increase the strength of the heart, adrenaline glands, and the reproductive organs. Besides this, the stone facilitates the treatment of all those disorders that affect the pancreas, spleen, and lungs. Furthermore, amethyst healing properties facilitates the treatment of health conditions associated with the reproductive system. The stone can improve the functioning of the immune system and allow you to recover very fast when you are severely ill.

For regeneration of cell, amethyst can work wonders. Finally, the natural form of amethyst acts as a stress reliever and acts as an agent of detoxification. When it comes to emotional health, using the stone helps you overcome grief and personal loss, and calms the painful situations of the past. The energy of this stone can sedate your mind, and enhance the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and peace. If you want to gain emotional strength and stability, it can help you stick to them. It also increase cooperation among people makes people flexible. The stone also boosts the production of hormone and fine tunes the rate of metabolism as well as the endocrine system.

Apart from this, amethyst can also make the eliminating and cleansing organs stronger, and functions appropriately for purifying and cleaning blood. Whether you suffer from emotional, psychological, or psychological stress. When you are looking forward to a solution that helps you get rid of addiction from alcohol and treats anorexic conditions, you can rely on this gemstone as well. In cases when you experience severe headache or hangover, all you need is to rub this stone on the temples to get rid of headache.

Range of Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you prefer large or small stone, do not forget to know the size of carat before buying. In the natural form, you will hardly see the color of amethyst until it undergoes proper heating. Heating is one of the commonest forms of treatment that is applicable for amethyst. When it becomes too light or dark, you will understand the actual beauty and appearance of the stone. When the stone is heated, the darkening or lightening effect can change the shade of the crystal completely.

Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry is suitable for people following different kinds of fashion trends, whether you want to stay minimalist or overdo your fashion. Fortunately, it can match with any kind of outfit. From elegant pendants to beautiful studs, bracelets and rings, amethyst jewelry occupies a special place for women. You can also use it a center piece that are ideal for large necklaces or cocktail rings.

The promise rings made with amethyst stone is the ideal option for people who are keen to express their love without entering the commitment of wedding. Even though you will come across a wide variety of promise rings, nothing can match the beauty if amethyst. What is unique about this ring is the design that comes with conventional facet, and the versatility of designs is an added attraction. Depending on your preference, you can choose from conventional, boho, or sophisticated designs. If you are on love with a person born in February, you can buy a promise as the stone is meant for people born on this month. The promise ring you buy has emerged as a stone that is a symbol of trust and holds the promise of staying loyal towards each other.

Besides, the promise ring, you can also buy engagement ring while buying amethyst jewelry, which is a lot different than the usual stones you buy. If you are trying to flaunt a different look, you can consider buying an affordable ring that is unique and beautiful. If you can get a ring in a proper setting, the engagement ring that is unique and appealing. You can team amethyst with gold top create contemporary and traditional approach at the same time. When gold combines with the extraordinary purple shade, it can set the engagement ring apart from the rest.

Here are the Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Jewelry.

Benefits of Wearing Amethyst

Accessing the Chakra

Even though amethyst ring does not stay on any chakra, but your finger, try to find out whether it is the right option for crown chakra. When the ring stays on your finger, you can access any chakra in the time of need. When you experience a feeling of anxiety or panic attack, try to rub the ring on the forehead a few times to experience the change.

Mental and Physical Detoxification

With an amethyst ring on your finger, whether it is polished or bleak, the chakras become one, resulting in physical or mental detoxification.

Minimizing Critical Illnesses

Wearing amethyst pendant in the necklace, it helps on destroying cancer cells and cures infection in the lungs. It is hard to overlook the feeling of goodness on your heart with the help of amethyst necklace.

Getting Good Sleep

The stone amethyst can make your subconscious clear, so you can wear a pendant to get peaceful sleep at night.

Final word

Whether you are planning to wear amethyst jewelry or planning to use it as a decorative object for your home and workplace, you can hardly overlook the benefits. From its healing powers, mysticism, spirituality, and affordability, you are sure to come under the grip of this wondrous stone that flaunts beautiful shades in purple color. Due to its connection with the crown chakra, you will realize the benefits of wearing the crystal close to the chakras, which is the center of the forehead and the top of the head.

Therefore, hairpins with amethyst can also get you close to the crown chakra. The good news is that the stone can be incorporated in amazing pieces of jewelry that can work with different outfits. It is another stone that works when you travel to different locations. You will stay protected and safe while traveling as well. The best option is to keep the stone close to your body so that you can soak the benefits adequately. With the vibration of the crystals, amethyst is the stone that keeps you in good health forever.

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